About Us

Complete visibility for active security and rapid insight into enterprise and service provider networks.

VSS Monitoring, a business unit of NetScout Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTCT), enables the most capable, scalable and flexible Unified Visibility Plane for network-wide intelligence, security and control. The vBroker and Optimizer lines of network packet brokers (NPB) supports dynamic and friction-free visibility for performance management, monitoring and advanced security system approaches. Deployed and trusted globally by 80% of the world's Tier 1 communications service providers, Fortune 500 corporations and major government agencies, NPBs from VSS Monitoring offer continuous and ubiquitous visibility across the entire IT organization with reduced risks to network downtime, impact on network operations and costs.

As organizations increasingly digitize various portions of their business and the network serves internal and external users, protecting that network and ensuring its performance are paramount. VSS Monitoring provides the right visibility solutions for networks or all sizes and levels of complexity.

VSS solutions enable you to maximize the efficacy of your network analysis and security tools, so performance issues can be resolved faster and threats can be prevented or eliminated quicker.

The VSS architecture for unified visibility

VSS network packet brokers(NPBs) form a Unified Visibility Plane, enabling network operations to scale efficiently and allowing them to operate dynamically because monitoring systems are separated from the physical network. This separation is enabled by the vMesh™Architecture, making the systems effectively location independent, giving them global visibility while minimizing manual intervention and IT workload. This abstraction of networks from monitoring systems also allows IT Ops, Net Ops and Sec Ops teams to dynamically test, deploy and configure tools, the traffic received by each tool and the speed at which tools receive that traffic to align with business needs and network requirements. VSS Monitoring enables organizations with an Active Protection Suite and unified visibility for Enterprise Performance Monitoring and service provider service assurance.

  • An Active Protection Suite helps organizations accelerate advances in cybersecurity posture, capabilities and responses. It employs multiple security systems to create a pervasive defense architecture for a broad range of attacks and enables active security tools, to be deployed quickly and without network impact.
  • Enterprise Performance Monitoring becomes challenging as network traffic escalates in speed and volume and as the rate of network change increases. A Unified Visibility Plane enabled by VSS Monitoring network packet brokers provides a self-organizing and agile architecture that provides continuous and ubiquitous network visibility without disrupting the network.
  • Service providers are facing growing numbers of connected subscribers and devices leading to increasing data rates and the variety of data. Service providers need to maintain quality of service while discovering, deploying and monitoring value added services for continued growth and profitability. A Unified Visibility Plane enabled by VSS Monitoring provides visibility to monitor, assure service, secure and help monetize service provider networks and the data traversing them.

Founded in 2003, VSS Monitoring pioneered network packet broker technology to help organizations get the most from their network management and security tools. Since then, other companies have introduced NPBs, but VSS has the only solutions that enable network-wide and link-layer visibility, access, and offload for all types of network monitoring and security tools from just about any vendor.