TAP Series

VSS Monitoring Copper TAPs

Product Overview

VSS Copper TAPs provide packet flow switches/network packet brokers and network monitoring devices with full and reliable access to network traffic. VSS Monitoring Copper TAPs can be placed on any strategic network link for comprehensive, always-on monitoring of the IT infrastructure.

A VSS Monitoring TAP provides transparent access to network traffic. The TAP is invisible to devices on both ends of the link causing no disruption to data flows or protocol translations – down to the lowest link level control protocols.

VSS Monitoring's TAPs provide monitoring devices with an exact view of all packets on the monitored link, thereby enabling accurate packet analysis and capture. Compared to the use of a network device’s traffic mirroring capabilities, a VSS Monitoring Copper TAP avoids any potential limitations in the device’s architecture that might cause packet header loss /alteration or packet loss under heavy load.

Finally, VSS Monitoring TAPs provide the most accurate view of application transaction times since they avoid any added latency variation that might be introduced by a network device's mirroring process. This improves the accuracy of performance evaluation and modeling.

Conserves Switch and Router Ports

VSS Monitoring TAPs allow the systems architect to keep network device ports to actual service usage, thereby extending the longevity of network devices at a given location, and simplifying capacity planning for future growth.

Resilience to Power Failure

VSS Monitoring copper TAPs are powered by redundant power supplies with non-disruptive, automatic failover in case of power loss or power supply failure. In case of total power loss, the copper TAPs feature rapid failover to passive, pass-through mode in order to minimize disruption to the monitored link. For maximizing availability, system architects can also utilize copper TAPs with built-in battery backup, which maintains active operation and avoids disruptions to the monitored link until TAP power is restored.

Sample Deployment Scenarios

In networks where there is a prevalence of 10/100/1000 Ethernet copper links, VSS Monitoring copper TAPs may be deployed in a variety of locations. For instance, at the network border where Internet/WAN connectivity speeds and link densities are lower than those in the aggregation /coper, the 1-/8-link 10/100/1000 Ethernet copper TAP can be used. With densities up to 3 or 8 links per rack unit, the VSS Monitoring copper TAPs are an ideal fit for monitoring flows crossing the network border.

Enhancing Monitoring with Intelligent Packet Flow Switching/Network Packet Brokering

VSS Monitoring TAPs associate monitored links to monitoring devices in a one - to-one mapping, thereby supporting basic load distribution. For advanced monitoring scenarios, a VSS Monitoring TAP can be used in conjunction with a vBroker Packet Flow Switch / Network Packet Broker which provides intelligent flow filtering, aggregation, and distribution to multiple service delivery management devices, intrusion detection systems (IDS), malware protection systems (MPS), and forensic devices.


  • Full and Transparent Access to Network Traffic
  • Conserves Switch/Router Ports
  • Supports Service Delivery Management, Performance Management, Security, and Forensics Deployments
  • Supports Packet Flow Switching/Network Packet Brokering
  • Redundant Power Supplies