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VSS Monitoring is now part of the NETSCOUT family. Please visit the Support & Service section of the web site.

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VSS Monitoring is now part of the NETSCOUT family. Please visit Education section of the web site.

EOL Notices

To assist with transition planning for discontinued products, VSS Monitoring provides the following information for products that are approaching or have reached the end-of-life phase in the product lifecycle. For more information on transition planning and new product migrations, please refer to the notices below or contact us.

Part Number End Sale End Support EoL Notice
vBroker 110 Modules1/31/20171/30/2021
Fiber v16x8 Distributed Series11/1/201610/31/2020
v24 Expert Distributed Series11/1/201610/31/2020
vBroker 110 Chassis11/1/201610/31/2020
Select vBroker 120 Modules11/1/201610/31/2020
vBroker 41011/1/201610/31/2020
vBroker 52011/1/201610/31/2020
XFP and CFP Pluggables11/1/201610/31/2020
v1x2 10/100/1000 Aggregation TAP5/31/20165/30/2018
TAP Rackmounts5/31/20165/30/2018
TAP Power Supplies / Adaptors5/31/20165/30/2018
TAP Power Cords5/31/20165/30/2018
1G Regeneration TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
10G Regeneration TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
10/100 Copper TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
10/100/1000 v1x1 Copper TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
1G Converter TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
v1x1 Fiber TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
v1x2 10/100/1000 Filter TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
v1x4/v4x1 SPAN Tools5/31/20165/30/2018
10/100 Port Aggregators5/31/20165/30/2018
v8 Distributed TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
v12x4 Distributed TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
v2x16 / v4x24 Distributed TAPs5/31/20165/30/2018
80:20 and 90:10 optics5/31/20165/30/2018
60:40 and 70:30 optics: 40G/100G5/31/20165/30/2018
Non-PTP v24 and vBroker Chassis5/31/20165/30/2018
Non-PowerSafe Fiber Modules5/31/20165/30/2018
VB312 and VB3205/31/20165/30/2018
v24 Expert models with partial port activation5/31/20165/30/2018
v16x8 Advanced Edition Distributed TAPs8/1/20157/31/2017
v1x2 10/100/1000 Aggregation TAP (Gen I)8/1/20157/31/2017
Protector Series7/1/20156/30/2017
5VDC 20-Output Power Supply6/1/20152/28/2017
v2x16, v4x24 Advanced Edition Distributed TAPs4/1/20152/28/2017
v1x4/v1x12/v1x16 1G Optical Regeneration TAPs2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x8 SC Connectors for 1G Optical Regeneration TAPs2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x4 10G Optical Regeneration TAPs2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x2 Fiber Aggregation TAPs and Aggregation Filter TAPs2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x2 Media-Converting Aggregation TAPs and Aggregation Filter TAPs 2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x4 Media Converting Span Port replicators2/18/20152/17/2017
v2x1 Aggregation TAPs2/18/20152/17/2017
v4x1 Span Port aggregators2/18/20152/17/2017
v6x6, v12x12 High Density 10/100 Copper TAPs2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x2 Copper Combo TAP2/18/20152/17/2017
v1x1 and v2x2 Passive All-Optical TAPs2/28/20152/17/2017
v1x3 10/100 Aggregation TAP, v1x6 10/100 Replication TAP5/1/201410/31/2016
vInspector SSL 100, 200, 3009/1/20148/31/2016
v2x2-v4x8 10G Distributed TAP9/1/20138/31/2015
v24 Standard non-Hotswap Distributed TAP9/1/20138/31/2015
v24 Hotswap Standard Distributed TAP1/31/20141/31/2015
Protector 2020, Protector 4016, Protector 8008 Hotswap1/31/20141/31/2015
v6x6 / v12x12 Optical TAP1/1/201312/31/2014
v18x18 All-Optical TAP1/1/201312/31/2014
v8x1, v8x2 Optical Switch TAPs8/1/201210/31/2014
v1x3 / v2x1 / v4x1 / v12x4 Injection TAPs11/1/201210/31/2014
ObjectFinder non-Hotswap SPAN Tool10/1/201210/30/2014
Protector 2020 non-Hotswap1/1/20123/31/2014
v24 Expert non-Hotswap Distributed TAPs10/1/201112/31/2013
v8x8 10G Distributed TAP5/1/20116/30/2013

EOL Notices
Warranty and Support

Warranty and Support

VSS Monitoring is now part of the NETSCOUT family. Please visit the Support & Service section of the web site.

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