Achieve Complete Visibility and Reduce Security Risk

Deliver cost-effective and complete visibility while simplifying and streamlining your monitoring architecture and reducing risk to the network.

Monitoring plane for the connected world

You need a unified packet plane that allows multiple IT groups to access packet flows without creating disruptions. With NETSCOUT, there is no off. That’s why you need the ability to make dynamic connections from any TAP point in your network to any tool.

Simplify and streamline your monitoring architecture

The packet flow switch architecture enables unified visibility that scales and operates dynamically, regardless of infrastructure modifications or changes in the source of network traffic. With packet flow switches from NETSCOUT, enterprise service assurance and monitoring tools can be physically anywhere and logically everywhere.

Ready for anything

As your traffic volume grows, so too should your readiness to respond to issues as they arise. The NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switch (PFS) and TAP family enables multiple IT groups to aggregate, replicate and manage the flows of traffic throughout the network, whether it is for application performance monitoring, Unified Communications (UC), or security. Traffic management and security enablement capabilities ensure risk-free deployment of inline security and threat detection systems.

Key features of an enterprise performance management visibility solution:

    1. Provide ubiquitous and global visibility across the network to monitor the performance of your digital business
    2. Offer a flexible common visibility architecture that serves the various organizational silos with on-demand visibility into the entire network
    3. Maximize performance management and monitoring with customized traffic flows to each tool and allow tools to act on traffic from multiple links simultaneously
    4. Enable minimal manual intervention and IT workload with tool location independence and remote configuration
    5. Offer ability to deploy, swap, and scale network monitoring switches, with capabilities to keep pace with the network and all of the attached monitoring systems
    6. Enable event-based triggers for automatic modification of traffic policy and notifications based on system and tool conditions