Financial Services

Complex IT environments are the backbone of nearly every large Financial Services enterprise, and the health, security, and performance of the network is critical to your organization's success and competitive advantage.

With exponentially larger volumes of data, increasing regulatory compliance, and geographically dispersed traffic-plus rapid advances in online banking, high-speed transaction processing, mobile payments, and cloud-based services—the stakes have never been higher to ensure that the entire network is "always on" and operates with minimal latency.

The current threat landscape also demands constant vigilance against malicious traffic that could be used to compromise performance, gain unlawful entry into systems, or exploit other weaknesses in the IT or business infrastructure.

VSS Monitoring gives Financial Services firms complete visibility into their IT networks, so they can discover and make sense of the streaming data that shows customers, applications, and IT infrastructure interacting together in real time. Beyond passive network visibility that allows the network to be monitored, VSS provides the failsafe infrastructure needed to create proactive (inline), security architectures using advanced threat protection devices and other security tools.

VSS can help your organization:

  • Achieve complete network visibility, regardless of location, speed, or the applications streaming over your links
  • Build an inline security architecture that can be implemented and reconfigured on the fly - with zero network impact
  • Prevent tool over-subscription in high-load and bursty environments - so you never lose visibility
  • Apply nanosecond resolution time stamps (and other metadata), and use advanced filtering to strategically optimize network and application performance analysis, as well as security and risk mitigation functions
  • Identify and access proprietary protocols flowing over the network using deep packet inspection (DPI)

The Unified Visibility Plane centralizes the access, optimization, and delivery of network data for security systems and performance management tools. This visibility plane eliminates management complexity and ensures each tool receives the right data at the right time at the right speed - maximizing efficiency, reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR), and increasing return on investment (ROI).