With the potential to improve quality, efficiency and safety, information technology is driving massive changes to healthcare systems around the world. As medical data increasingly moves online, complex challenges abound (mobile access, real-time security demands, and HIPPA and other regulatory requirements).

Budgets often lag the rapid rate of expansion, and forecasting future network needs includes a considerable dose of uncertainty. IT teams are pressed to leverage existing tools to serve a wide range of needs and requirements, from network management to detecting and defeating security threats hidden in encrypted traffic.

The stakes are enormous: within the healthcare ecosystem, the performance, integrity and reliability of the network can literally be a matter of life and death, as a huge number of providers and administrators serve the health needs of ever larger numbers of patients.

VSS Monitoring provides healthcare organizations the solutions needed to protect the IT network against intrusion, while maintaining complete visibility into the data streaming between systems and sites.

  • Test, deploy, and manage multiple inline tools with zero network downtime, while exposing threats hidden within encrypted traffic
  • Reduce the number of network analytics, security and WAN acceleration tools required for 100% network coverage
  • Extend the life of existing tools even as network speeds increase

The Unified Visibility Plane™ centralizes the access, optimization, and delivery of network data for security systems and performance management tools. This visibility plane eliminates management complexity and ensures each tool receives the right data at the right time at the right speed - maximizing efficiency, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR), and increasing return on investment (ROI).