The network intelligence ecosystem defines the broad set of tools used to make today's IP networks high performance and highly secure. These tools can be broadly categorized into four groups: passive performance, passive security, active performance and active security.

Product Categories in the Network Intelligence Ecosystem

VSS Network Packet Broker can optimize all the specific product types within the four groups of tools listed below:
    Optimize Passive Performance Analytics Tools
    1. Service Assurance Analyzers
    2. Application Performance Analyzers
    3. UC/VoIP Analyzers
    4. Web Monitors

    Optimize Passive Security Analytics Tools
    5. Network Discovery Analyzers
    6. Flow Data Analyzers
    7. Metadata Analyzers
    8. Data Recorders
    9. Network Forensics Analyzers
    10.Lawful Interceptors
    11. Data Loss Preventers
    12. Compliance Audit Monitors

    Optimize Active/Inline Network Security Tools
    13. Firewalls
    14. Intrusion Prevention Systems
    15. DDOS Protection Systems
    16. Web Filters

    Optimize Active/Inline Bandwidth Management Tools
    17. Packet/QoS Shapers
    18. Compressors/Cachers
    19. Application Accelerators
    20. Web Load Balancers
So Many Tools, So Little Access

You are probably using many of the aforementioned tools to make your IP network highly performing and highly secure. But each of these tools needs to passively or actively attach to the network links. In some cases, multiple tools need access to the same critical network links. This 1:1 access approach is viable when your network is small. But as your network expands and a rising number of these tools is needed, the 1:1 access approach is limited, inefficient, and complex. Ultimately, it's a big strain on your CAPEX and OPEX budgets.

Visionary Approach to 100% Visibility

VSS Network Packet Broker provide a visionary, systems-based and highly scalable approach to optimizing the connections between your network switching and your network intelligence tools, creating almost unlimited scale, simplifying operations, increasing efficiencies and improving ROI though greater, accelerated cost saving. The IntelliScale Architecture is the differentiating technology behind VSS systems.