Network Access


vAssure® is a VSS proprietary technology for tapping Gigabit copper links so that the failover/switchover of the network connection from a tapped state to a directly-connected state (in the event of TAP power-off, power-on, or link state change) registers under 150ms (typically 30 to 60ms). This feature is critical to the continuous operation of outage-sensitive networks. Without vAssure, the normal time to re-establish a link (in standard auto-negotiation mode) is between 1 to 3 seconds, where anything over 200ms will cause the link to drop.

The VSS patented vAssure feature proves to be invaluable for protecting links when conducting active (bypass) tapping of gigabit copper network links.


Tapping of gigabit copper links, using TAPs and/or NPBs not manufactured by VSS, creates potential points of network failure known to prevent the operation of redundant routing – such as spanning tree – in critical networks. Actively tapping fiber links, of any speed and media type, can also create the same potential points of failure.

Typically, gigabit copper and active fiber TAP port-pairs are designed to link to each network element (each side of the network segment) separately. Any failures occurring on one side of the link (one port) are invisible to the other side. This leads to a state of failure, when one side of a TAP's link is up and the other side's link is down.

The VSS patented LinkSafe™ feature employs an intelligent controller that enables link failure to be observed by network elements on both sides of the TAP, thereby enabling routers and switches to execute redundant links appropriately. This removes the potential point of failure from any inline deployment making this gigabit tap the only true fail safe network TAP for gigabit copper environments.

LinkSafe also proves invaluable for connection to dual-port active inline security tools.