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Owners of large networks choose wisely

They choose NETSCOUT packet flow switching

Find out why—download the IHS report on the network monitoring switch market


NETSCOUT packet flow switches solve the problem of visibility into your packet flows, whether you are a network architect or a security professional. No matter whether you need packet flow visibility for service assurance or cybersecurity, choose wisely. Choose NETSCOUT.

Unlike other solutions, NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow switches are equipped with programmable hardware, enabling them to perform at line rate with no bottlenecks. Learn about the value of this high-performance packet processing resource in the video below:

Performance with No Bottlenecks

Performance and security leader

NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow switches perform advanced functions in hardware, rather than on a CPU that limits throughput and introduces variable latency. Your monitoring systems will see the exact same traffic that comes in—without packet drops or extra latency.

With nGenius you don not have to worry about active security systems disrupting the network or returning false negatives. Full application health checks and conditional triggers ensure that your security systems perform as designed. Your monitoring infrastructure, including the visibility fabric and the security systems themselves, can now automatically respond to any contingencies. Learn more:

10 things to ask your security visibility vendor

10 things to ask your security visibility vendor

IHS 2016 Report

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service providers

Tool Chaining Video

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advanced tool chaining

Optimize your monitoring infrastructure

Packet flow switches create a unified packet plane, allowing your systems to be physically anywhere and logically everywhere. They greatly simplify adds, tests and changes to your security and service assurance infrastructure—imagine being able to do a pilot of a new system in hours or days, vs. weeks—and without touching the network. Pick the nGenius packet flow switch that’s right for your environment:

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 4204

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 4204
Line-rate performance up to 640Gbps and inline security-optimized

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 2204

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 2204
Line-rate performance up to 240Gbps and inline security-optimized

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 6010

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 6010
Massive scale and density—up to 6Tbps at line rate

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