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VSS Monitoring is a world leader in network packet brokers (NPBs), providing a visionary, systems approach for optimizing and scaling the connectivity between network switching and the network intelligence universe of performance and security tools. VSS Monitoring NPB's improve tool usage and efficiency, simplify IT operations, and greatly enhance ROI from tools.

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  May 20, 2015
VSS SANS webcast
The Evolution of Network Security, and how Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) enable the Layered Security Era

  Apr.30, 2015 | Edinburgh
Scot-Secure: Cyber Security Conference
Cyber security has been steadily climbing on the public agenda, thrust into media prominence by a long list of high profile attacks.

  Apr.29, 2015
A Safari Tour of Layered Security Deployments: Motivations, Issues and Solutions
Listen how enterprise customers deploy an inline layered security infrastructure that provides multiple lines of defense against the bad actors.

  Apr.20, 2015 - 4/24/2015 | San Francisco - #S1121
RSA Conference 2015
Join us at the RSA Conference, April 20-24, 2015 in San Francisco, at the Moscone Center, South Hall Booth #S1121.

  Mar.30, 2015 - Network World
SDN management battle: TAPs vs. network packet brokers

Network management is a sticky issue when it comes to implementing software-defined networks and network virtualization.

Lack of visibility into the underlying infrastructure has been cited by vendors and consultants as an inhibitor of SDN adoption. Traditional tools were designed for legacy networks, not the software overlay abstraction that SDN critics say shields operators from network behavior and anomalies.

  Mar.18, 2015
High Performance, Cost Effective Visibility Plane for Enterprise Networks
As data centers grow and adopt virtualization technologies, service-assurance tool costs and security system costs can sky rocket.

  Nov.11, 2014
Optimize your trading infrastructure - See, understand and act fast
Join Corvil and VSS Monitoring in discussing the challenges and methodology of monitoring high volume, multi-asset markets, hop-by-hop in real-time.

  Nov.6, 2014 - Network World
Improving performance and security with a visibility plane
SDN promises numerous benefits, but adding layers of network abstraction comes at a cost: visibility into the traffic traversing the links at the physical layer

  Nov.3, 2014 - Network World
New products of the week 11.03.2014
The new system addresses one of the major problems enterprises face today – namely, the lack of end-to-end visibility due to the huge investment required to monitor all network links.

  Oct.28, 2014 - TechTarget
VSS Monitoring offers midrange network packet broker
VSS Monitoring is offering a cheaper version of its network packet brokers to address an expanding market of enterprises that want to use packet-based analysis to monitor network performance and security.