Optimizer 2400

Gain intelligent and optimized network packet visibility and access

Maximize the return from your network intelligence infrastructure. Using our Optimizer 2400, make better use of your monitoring and security tools, simplify operational complexity and realize a higher ROI from additional cost savings and service quality improvements.

The Optimizer 2400 solves a variety of network-related IT challenges in your network and data centers, including improving the link-layer visibility and data access of monitoring and security tools, accelerating the time to diagnose performance problems and security incidents, and making sure CapEx and OpEx costs remain stable as network size and speeds grow.

With the vMesh™* architecture, you get the flexibility and modularity to deploy just the appliances you need. Scale link-layer visibility and data access to a system-level architecture with over 250 devices and 4,000 ingress ports, globally. The business benefits include more flexible capital requirements, higher tool utilization and ROI, and lower operating costs.

Product Description

The Optimizer 2400 redefines the economics of monitoring infrastructure without requiring administrators to reinvent network operations. It supports line-rate performance and packet conditioning features at the price point of dedicated SPAN port aggregator switches. The Optimizer 2400 bridges the gap between Gigabit and 10G networks. Each model has four fixed 10G Fiber LC ports and 20 SFP+ ports. The fixed media ports are factory configured with SR/SX optics.

VSS Optimizer 2400

Figure 1. Displays input/output flexibility of SFP+ ports

Hardware-based, user-independent filtering allows traffic to be distinguished according to source and destination MAC/IP address as well as by specific protocols, such as HTTP, VoIP, and others. A custom filter offers more granular specification of a filter, specifically within the payload of a packet. Filters can be ingress, egress, and overlapping.

Session-based, flow-aware load balancing increases user control of traffic distribution to monitoring tools, increasing output capacity while maintaining session integrity. For example, a 10G network can be captured and automatically balanced across multiple Gigabit monitor tools based on user-defined session criteria. Session-based, flow-aware load balancing can operate in tandem with hardware-based filtering or independently.

The Optimizer 2400 supports intelligent stacking technology, vStack+™, which enables traffic capture devices to be deployed in a redundant, low-latency mesh for total, dynamic, fault-tolerant visibility. The Optimizer 2400 can also fully interoperate with nGenius Packet Flow Switches as a part of Mesh architecture.

The Optimizer 2400 provides automated event driven monitor output traffic direction and responses (Syslog messages, SNMP traps, light front LED, deactivate ports) with five user-definable trigger event types. Redundant power supplies allow for seamless transitions between power systems and ensure uptime. Field software updates can be done for additional features and performance enhancements.

v16x8 Distributed TAP

The v16x8 supports line-rate performance and packet manipulation features at the price point below dedicated SPAN port aggregator switches. The v16x8 is a high-end, scalable product that bridges the gap between 10/100, 1G and 10G networks. Each model has sixteen fixed 10/100/1000 Copper UTP ports and eight SFP+ ports. The fixed UTP ports support failsafe tapping between each port-pair, utilizing VSS patented vAssure™ technology. This device can be locally managed via a serial console and remotely managed via HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, and SNMPv3. A filter option enables users to select, at the packet level, what traffic is forwarded to the designated monitor ports.


  • Gain intelligent and optimized network packet visibility and access
  • ƒBuild unlimited and dynamic monitoring coverage
  • ƒSet automatic responses to changing network equipment and bandwidth conditions
  • ƒReduce capital and operational costs
  • ƒPlug and play installation
  • ƒCentrally, remotely, and/or locally manage network intelligence and access
  • ƒLow latency throughput to monitor output
  • ƒNetwork to monitor tool media and speed conversion
  • ƒShield monitoring devices from intruders
  • ƒComplete data access at full line-rates
  • ƒBoost efficiency of analytic tools


  • Supports 1G and 10G access at full line rates
  • ƒFiltering: hardware-based, user-independent on OSI layers 2-7(includes custom offset, ingress and egress, and overlapping filters)
  • ƒSession-based/flow-aware load balancing
  • ƒvStack+™ Network Intelligence Optimization System building (stacking)
  • ƒSelective Aggregation (any-to-any port mapping)
  • ƒPorts configurable (I/O) for network access or monitor output
  • ƒLocal, remote management: API, CLI, and GUI (HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet/SSH, SNMPv1-3)
  • ƒAAA security (RADIUS, TACACS+)
  • ƒMulti-user access with defined privileges, unique screen views, and management accessibility restrictions
  • ƒPolicy-based event triggering and actions
  • ƒVLAN tagging

Specification Table

Fixed Ports SFP+ Ports Maximum Throughput Speeds Media Hardware Features
Optimizer 2400 4 20 240 Gbps 1-10 Gbps Pluggable: SFP+
Fixed: SR/SX, LR/LX
selective aggregation & replication, custom offset/ ingress & egress/ overlapping filters, session-based balancing, port tagging
v16x8 16 8 96 Gbps 1-10 Gbps, 10/100/1000 Mbps Pluggable: SFP+
Fixed: Cu
selective aggregation & replication, custom offset/ ingress & egress/ overlapping filters, session-based balancing, port tagging