Packet Visibility at Scale

Deliver cost-effective and complete packet visibility while streamlining your monitoring architecture and reducing security risks.

Our visibility appliances optimize the flow of traffic from the network to the security systems and monitoring tools. These switches collect and organize packet flows—creating a unified packet plane that logically separates the network layer from the tool layer. Optimize and scale both your service assurance platform and cybersecurity deployments so that you can spend less time adding, testing and managing your tools.

    1. Enable dynamic connections from any point in the network to any tool
    2. Take advantage of advanced packet conditioning, which simplifies network engineering, lowers costs, and offers better scalability of features
    3. Scalable, modular architecture provides seamless growth with investment protection
nGenius PFS 6010
Massive scale and density
up to 6Tbps at line rate
nGenius PFS 4204
Line-rate performance
up to 640Gbps and inline security-optimized
nGenius PFS 2204
Line-rate performance
up to 240Gbps and inline security-optimized
Line-rate performance
for active security
Optimizer 2400
Line-rate performance
for 1/10G packet flow switching
Pervasive and cost effective visibility
into the network
Please note that most VSS Monitoring products are now sold under the NETSCOUT brand. Please visit for product information.