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Enabling Comprehensive Security with Active Protection

The Need for Comprehensive Network Monitoring:

A network, like a home, cannot be secured if there aren't 'eyes' on every point of entry. Piecemeal solutions that, when grouped together, might appear to defend the whole edifice, but have several drawbacks:

  • Limited visibility
  • Complex Inline Security Deployments
  • Short Security Solution Lifetime
  • Security Tool Oversubscription
  • Suboptimal Tool Efficiency

Benefits of using Network Packet Brokers for Security:

Network Packet Brokers (NPBs), such as the VSS vBrokers with Active Protection, can address the challenges previously outlined and provide security tools with an aggregated view of all network traffic, so these tools can effectively and efficiently monitor, detect and mitigate threats. These benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Visibility
  • A Layered Approach to Security
  • Extended Security Solution Lifetime
  • Avoid Oversubscription
  • Increased Tool Efficiency

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