VSS products may be used in a variety of different ways to address challenges in different industries, or specific IT use cases. Learn more about how financial services companies, healthcare companies, government organizations, education providers and service providers are deploying our products and the benefits they gain. Find out how VSS Monitoring and our technology partners provide solutions that help address network challenges such as cyber security threats. Read about how monitoring tools and security systems benefit with increased visibility and efficiency, with the deployment of our products.

VSS powers network visibility for large organizations around the world, including 80% of Tier 1 Service Providers, top Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Our innovative solutions help them get the most out of their monitoring and security infrastructure, and operate faster and with greater insight.

The Unified Visibility Plane provides you with a global network view that delivers the right data in real time and as needed to your monitoring and security infrastructure, enabling every one of your tools — whether active or passive — to operate dynamically, regardless of physical location and without the need for manual intervention.

The Unified Visibility Plane is composed of a number of interlocking components — both hardware and software-based enabling you to get exactly the visibility that you need without being locked into a single network design. Components of the Unified Visibility Plane include:

  • Flexible and scalable TAPs and Network Packet Brokers — for both active (inline) and passive (out-of-band) tools, as well as virtual networks.
  • Traffic Optimization Suite™ — customize the data and metadata each tool receives.
  • vMesh™ — software-defined architecture for dynamic delivery of data to tools — globally.
  • vMC™ management application — giving you single-pane of glass visibility.

Wherever real time visibility is needed, VSS provides right-sized solutions that give complete network visibility, enabling organizations like yours to maximize management tool efficiency and return on investment (ROI), reduce response time and risk, and leverage the network to their competitive advantage.