Visibility at Scale

How NETSCOUT is different

Hardware-accelerated performance: NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switches are equipped with programmable hardware, enabling them to perform at line rate with no bottlenecks. This high-performance packet processing resource provides hardware acceleration, where the advanced functions are performed, rather than on a CPU, which limits throughput and introduces variable latency.

Unique packet conditioning capabilities: nGenius Packet Flow Switches offer functionality not found elsewhere, such as de-duplication and micro-burst measurement and mitigation. nGenius performs de-duplication at line rate, greatly reducing the load on the backhaul network and the monitoring systems. Likewise, micro-burst measurement and mitigation ensures that no packets are ever lost—even when networks are 100 percent utilized.

Security optimized: With nGenius you don't have to worry about active security systems disrupting the network or returning false negatives. Full application health checks and conditional triggers ensure that your security systems perform as designed and that your monitoring infrastructure, including the visibility fabric and the security systems themselves, can automatically respond to any contingencies.

Inline security systems chaining: The nGenius software-based tool chaining allows you to place your security systems into a customizable virtual chain. This reduces the port requirement by 50 percent, freeing up ports to connect more systems. At the same time, each system in the chain receives only the traffic of interest, increasing their efficiency.

Density and capacity: nGenius product family offers the highest density on the market for 100G/40G/10G applications, resulting in space- and cost-savings. Up to 7Tbps throughput ensures that even the most demanding monitoring infrastructures will find their match.

Ease of expansion: With its self-organizing mesh architecture, nGenius Packet Flow Switches deliver easy expansion of the visibility fabric, by simply adding modules and blades. The growth of the system does not require re-engineering your packet flow switch deployment. Neither does NETSCOUT require separate licenses and add-on modules to enable advanced functionality.

Part of the NETSCOUT family: NETSCOUT products are used by over 20,000 enterprise customers, including 92 of the Fortune 100 and more than 150 top service provider customers. nGenius Packet Flow Switches integrate seamlessly with the NETSCOUT nGeniusONE® service assurance platform and are supported by the company’s business processes, including its award-winning customer care program.

nGenius Packet Flow Switches are deployed world-wide for the most demanding security and service assurance applications. When security-optimized capabilities and value really matter, enterprises and service providers alike trust NETSCOUT to deliver the critical visibility they need. .