Tool Applications

Your monitoring and security infrastructure has become increasingly specialized. Some tools are designed to analyze specific applications, such as VoIP or VoD. Others are designed to block malicious traffic. Still others gather data and anticipate threats.

Architecting a global solution in which every tool has access to the right links and right data can be a considerable challenge. Managing the ongoing delivery of traffic to each tool without re-cabling or pulling up multiple screens can seem impossible. But this level of agility can be achieved – by decoupling the monitoring and security infrastructure from the network.

VSS network packet brokers and the Unified Visibility Plane serve as a monitoring abstraction layer, enabling your tools to function independent of location, and even time, which gives you the power to control network visibility to all of your tools, in real time or as needed, regardless of changes occurring on the network.

VSS partners with top network monitoring and security vendors to bring you robust solutions so you maximize the value of each of your tools and ensure that they are operating as expected.

Application and Network Performance Management (APM / NPM)

Data center virtualization, consolidation, and cloud computing, as well the upgrades in speeds to 10G and beyond, have driven network complexity to a new level. This complexity problem is exacerbated by the massive volumes of diverse personal and business data traversing across networks, resulting in unpredictable growth and variable use of your network resources. Maintaining a high quality network and application experience for customers and employees requires continuous end-to-end visibility into all the traffic in your network. No dropped packets. No blind spots.

Unfortunately, your network and application performance tools cannot be everywhere.

VSS solves the problem of tool placement and pervasive network visibility by giving every one of your tools access to any and all network traffic, regardless of where you choose to place the tools.

The Unified Visibility Plane decouples your network and application performance tools from the network, enabling them to have access to any network connected to any network packet broker within the VSS fabric.

VSS network packet brokers can intelligently optimize and then deliver only the traffic you want your tools to see. Monitoring tools operating at speeds lower than the network (for example, 1G tools monitoring 10G traffic) can have the network traffic balanced across multiple ports – ensuring no traffic is lost.

All optimization of traffic, such as time-stamping, packet slicing, de-duplication, reassembly of IP fragments, and deep packet filtering are performed at full line-rate. These powerful packet processing capabilities optimize the network and application monitoring infrastructure, improving efficiency, lowering mean time to resolve network and application performance issues.
Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection and Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems

Traditional security models no longer work when multiple security tools – whether inline or passive – are required to protect your network. Scaling network security architectures in modern data centers, campuses, and operator networks is an immense challenge, especially when performance expectations are high.

To help you address these challenges, the VSS Security solution decouples the security and monitoring plane from the network plane, giving you an impact and disruption-free security-in-series architecture.

Security is powered by VSS vBrokers with Active Protection Suite. These devices enable you to deploy groups of inline or out-of-band security tools on a single or multiple links – without impacting the network. If you need to make changes to the security infrastructure – for example, reordering the tools or reconfiguring the type of traffic each receives – you have complete control, without concern over network disruption or change windows.

VSS security enables:

  • Virtual inline chaining of active (inline) and out-of-band (passive) security tools
  • More efficient use of physical ports with logical port assignment
  • Aggregation and load balancing of traffic to support large scale traffic inspection
  • Seamless "plug-and-play" operation without network impact
  • High availability and fail-safe operation with fail-open/fail-closed options

Unlike traditional "bump-in-the-wire" security architectures, VSS Active Protection Suite helps you build a scalable, objection-proof security and monitoring fabric that optimizes every one of your network security tools.

Latency Analysis

For organizations like yours that rely on the network for competitive advantage, minimizing latency and ensuring continuous performance are top priorities. Identifying and reconciling issues across multiple systems and geographies can be a considerable challenge, especially since performance is measured in fractions of a second.

VSS Monitoring enables latency analysis tools to scale across your global network, without losing the granular data the tools need to give you a true picture of your network performance.

VSS network packet brokers (NPB) provide precise nanosecond resolution time stamps at the point of capture, so your tools can see and analyze latency and other key indicators, without the need to deploy tools physically on the network.

VSS solutions also support optimization of traffic, so your tools can operate efficiently and with complete visibility at all times.

Latency Analysis