VB6000 Blade & Chassis Network Packet Broker

Non-blocking, high density performance management for large-scale environments

Service providers, private clouds, and large enterprises must contend with aggregation and processing of traffic from a high number of network segments, while addressing space and power constraints in the data center and managing the migration to 40 and 100Gbps network infrastructure.

Network professionals today face increasing network speeds and the pressure to optimize the cost of security and performance management tools—challenges especially acute in large-scale environments.

High-density, flexible visibility solutions that reliably support high speed links are critical to enabling cost-effective, large-scale network monitoring, regardless of throughput or tool processing capacity.

The Solution

The VB6000 is a massively scalable blade & chassis network packet broker that redefines the economics of the data center, allowing network owners to aggregate, monitor and secure traffic at hyperscale.

Serving as the aggregation backbone for centralized network tools, the VB6000 is scalable to up to 6Tbps of throughput and 600 ports at speeds of 1G to 100G. The VB6000 offers redundant management modules and a highly available architecture, ensuring line rate and full throughput performance at 6Tbps, regardless of traffic and processing load.

The density of the VB6000 reduces the space and power consumed by the monitoring infrastructure, while significantly lowering per port costs and streamlining management and support.

Using the VB6000 speed conversion, filtering and load balancing features, tools designed to process traffic at 1 and 10Gbps can continue to operate across 40 and 100Gbps networks. Efficient mediation of network traffic enables tools to operate more efficiently—extending their life span and increasing ROI.

The VB6000 is compatible with the VSS vBroker series of network packet brokers. The vBrokers are an intelligent, modular suite of products designed to provide persistent, flexible visibility to network tools and security systems, optimizing their functions and enabling them to scale as networks grow and usage increases.

The VB6000 can be deployed as part of a redundant, flexible, and highly scalable architecture of vBrokers, providing a Unified Visibility Plane. The vMC central management system offers an easy-to-use GUI and web UI, options for integration into standard management systems and workflows.

A Unified Visibility Plane enabled by the VB6000 and vBroker systems delivers maximum performance, scale and flexibility across both distributed environments and hyper-scale data centers. Carriers, private clouds, and large enterprises now have solutions that can match and grow with their network densities and performance.

Specification Overview

  • ƒ15 rackmount units
  • ƒƒUp to 10 blades
  • ƒƒUp to 600 ports (1G-100G)
    • ƒƒ360 1G
    • ƒƒ600 10G
    • ƒƒ60 40G
    • ƒƒ60 100G
  • ƒƒUp to 6Tbps throughput
  • ƒƒLine rate speed conversion; aggregation; replication; filtering; load balancing; port tagging; time stamping; deduplication; protocol stripping; and conditional slicing
  • ƒƒHighly available performance at 6Tbps throughput
  • ƒƒHot-swappable blades
  • ƒƒRedundant management ready
  • ƒƒRedundant fabric
  • ƒƒCentral management with vMC™
  • ƒDesigned for NEBS III compliance


  • Lower per port CAPEX and OPEX for large density deployments
  • ƒƒIncreased tool efficiency and extended tool life span
  • ƒƒSmaller physical footprint in data center
  • ƒƒReduced power consumption
  • ƒƒEnsure highly available monitoring coverage for fast, comprehensive issue remediation and business insight

Specification Table

Model Product brief Data Sheet Line Cards Ports Max Throughput Speeds Media 1G 10G 40G 100G HW Optimized Features
VB6000 10 600 6 Tbps 1 Gbps – 100 Gbps Copper, Fiber, SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, CFP2 36 60 60 60 Y