vBroker Series

The vBroker Series provides you with flexible and advanced network visibility by accessing, optimizing, and delivering traffic from multiple networks to multiple network monitoring and security tools – both passive and active (inline).
vBroker systems allow you to choose the technologies and hardware you need to get the right network visibility to all of your tools. Modular vBrokers enable you to deploy, swap, and scale ports and capabilities to keep pace with the network and all of your tools.

Policy-based triggers, health checks, and fail-open/fail-closed options for inline tools combine with filtering, traffic optimization, and other special features to provide redundancy and high availability for inline and out-of-band visibility.

Combined with the patented vMesh™ architecture, vBrokers deliver a flexible and scalable unified visibility plane that gets your network monitoring and security infrastructure the data it needs to operate at its best.

Specification Table

Model Product Brief Datasheet Per Chassis Ports Per Chassis Module/Blade
Chassis/Blades Ports Network Bypass
Maximum Throughput Speeds Media Custom Tool Health Checks 1G 10G 40G 100G HW Optimized Features
VB120 N/A 4 28 14 64 Gbps 1-10 Gbps SFP+, SFP, LC, UTP Y 8 4 n/a n/a Y
VB220 4 24 8 240 Gbps 1-10 Gbps SFP+, LC Y 4 4 n/a n/a Y
VB420 4 64 32 640 Gbps 1-40 Gbps SFP+, QSFP+, MPO/LC Y 16 16 4 n/a Y
VB6000 10 600 n/a 6 Tbps 1-100 Gbps SFP+, QSFP+, CFP2 N 36 60 6 6 Y