vMesh™ is a resilient, highly available architecture that gives global visibility to your network monitoring and security infrastructure, enabling it to scale and operate dynamically, regardless of changes on the network. vMesh connects your VSS network packet brokers (NPBs) using the VSS patented vStack+ technology.

The connections that form the vMesh can be created at the level most appropriate for the underlying network infrastructure:

  • Layer 1 – connection via direct cable between vStack+ ports of NPBs
  • Layer 4 – TCP tunnel connection between vStack+ ports at any point in the network, whether in the LAN or across the WAN, with optional encryption

vMesh provides multiple benefits:

  • A Unified Visibility Plane for all of your network monitoring, security and intelligence tools
  • Logically links tools to the network, so you can place the tools anywhere and better leverage legacy infrastructure.