Want to save money on your monitoring and security tools? It's time to look at a revolutionary approach with Network Packet Brokers.

Traditionally, security and network monitoring tools were directly connected to SPAN/mirror ports and external taps. This approach is no longer effective because the volume and nature of the data keeps growing, and more and more tools are being used to secure and monitor the network. The result is overloaded tools, risking security breaches, failing SLA's and unpleasant security audits.

Whether you already know about Network Packet Brokers or are just learning about them for the first time, this book provides practical, useful information to help you to make the right decisions to save you money and best leverage your network monitoring and security investments.

Learn To:

  • Understand the differences between TAPs and NPBs
  • Catalog your feature requirements and select the right NPB vendor
  • Optimize the effectiveness of your network security and performance tools while reducing costs

For Service Providers:

  • Using NPBs to ensure a smooth customer experience
  • Deploy and maintain tools with no network down time
  • Minimize the problems caused by the change to all IP network

For Enterprises:

  • Deploy passive or active security tools with ease
  • Extend 1G tool life when migrating to a 10G network
  • Filter traffic to increase tool efficiency

Download copy of:
Network Packet Brokers for Dummies (E-BOOK)