Types of Malware | Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, Trojans and Worms Explained

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Malware, short for malicious or program, is a blanket term for worms, Trojans, adware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, just to name a few.An attacker uses these malicious programs to steal user sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, plus cause chaos.The good news is, there are programs specifically made such as this top …

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What is Malware? | How to Scan, Detect and Remove This Malicious Software?

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The common types of malware include ransomware, worms, spyware, Trojan horses which I will discuss in detail in this guide.They are created by cybercriminals to gain access to someone else’s computer and cause chaos, steal sensitive data, etc. You can protect your PC, files, users’ account, and other computers on a network from all types of …

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How To Tell If a Computer Is Hacked? | What to Do in Case of Fishing, Ransomware, Identity Theft or Cryptojacking

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Are hackers likely to gain access to your computer and got access to your personal information?There is a definite possibility of hackers gaining access to your device.The truth is that hackers want to access your personal data, credit card information, and online activities. Hacking is a serious issue of cybersecurity today. Especially since various antimalware software …

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What Is a Keylogger? | How to Detect and Remove a Keystroke Logger?

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Imagine losing money from your bank account or any other sensitive data because a malicious hacker monitors every stroke on your computer?Well, that is what can happen if a keylogger or keystroke logger is installed on your device. A keylogger is one of the cyber threats that date back. The use of keyloggers is to …

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What Is A Trojan Virus? | How to Get Rid of a Virus on Your PC or Phone!

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Have you ever downloaded and installed an application on a computer or mobile device that looks legitimate but ended up being a problem?A trojan is a type of application that disguises itself as legitimate, but it is not. Trojans are used by hackers, cuber-thieves, and other online criminals to take control of your device. The …

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What Is Spyware? | How To Detect and Remove This Malicious Software

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If you are a jealous spouse, you must have thought the best way to monitor what your spouse does with their phone is by using spyware. Employers can also use spyware to track what their employees do on computers at work. This helps to boost productivity.Some nations will also track the activities of their citizens.But …

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What Is a Worm? | All You Need to Know About This Type of Malware and Its Removal

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Has your computer system or have some tasks stopped operating? Is it possible that your computer is suffering from a worm infection?The term computer worm has been in use since 1975 when it was first used in the novel “The Shockwave Rider.” In the novel, the protagonist came up with a worm that would collect …

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Backlight Bleed Test | How to Fix Light Leaks Around the Edges of the Display Frame

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The last thing you want on your monitor is light leaking around its edges. This is referred to as backlight bleeding.  The backlight bleed test will help you determine if your monitor has this defect or no. In many cases, you will not notice that your screen is suffering from backlight bleeding until you use it …

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Is HDR Worth It? | Should You Invest in High Dynamic Range Displays for More Realistic Images?

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If you are after the best image quality your display or screen can produce, then HDR is worth it.  Most high-end monitors support this technology. It improves the experience of a monitor; gives the optimal gaming and viewing experience.Is HDR display worth it?  I am sure you have seen this query on social media. I …

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The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Reality

1 The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Reality

Introduction Virtual reality allows you to travel anywhere around the world, into space, inside your favorite movie, and even into a possible real estate purchase before you buy it. This simulation of real world events and places can be accessed simply through an electronic device, and all you need is some sensors and a headset …

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