Hibernate Vs Sleep | Power Consumption and Speed of Rebooting Compared

apple monitor

If you use a laptop, you need to be power-conscious, especially when running on a battery, which is always the case, even with the best travel laptop. Some people choose to turn down their computers the moment they step away. For others, they prefer to leave the machine running 24/7.Whichever option you take, whether hibernation …

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Trend Micro Maximum Security Review | Top Protection for All Your Devices and Needs

A woman with cellphone, laptop and tablet

Hunting for the best antivirus? I would recommend Trend Micro Maximum Security.  It provides comprehensive protection for your Mac, iOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Android devices. In addition, we also give you a separate look at the best antivirus for mac options and recommend these antiviruses to protect your Android cell.When I last tested Trend Micro, it …

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Does Linux Need Antivirus? | Is Your OS 100% Safe From Cyberattacks?

linux screen

Linux systems have gained a reputation for being resistant to many malware. This is because they are securely designed and maintained hence are safer than other operating systems such as windows.So, does Linux need antivirus? Not really though you should know that malware for Linux does exist. For more information on why Linux is resistant …

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Can Chromebooks Get Viruses? | Do Their Advanced Security Features Provide Enough Protection?

acer chromebook

Chromebooks are known for their advanced convenience, simplicity of navigating the user-interface, and incredible browsing speed. They are also famous for their advanced security features with a principle of “defense in depth.”With that, if exploit or malicious code by-passes one layer, it will be dealt with by other layers. The advanced Chromebook security features are …

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How to Fix Unable to Connect to the Proxy Server | Our Super-Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Two persons in front of the laptop

It is very distressing to get an error message like this when you’re trying to access the internet.If your browser will display “unable to connect to the proxy server”, any website that you will try to access will also bring the same error.  I have worked in the tech world for over 7 years hence I …

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Curved vs Flat Monitor | Which One Is Better for Work, Gaming and Entertainment

monitors on blue and purple background

Curved vs flat monitor, do you know which one is best suited for your needs? Whether you want a curved or flat screen, there’re many benefits and drawbacks to both monitors, but honestly for most people having a curved monitor is ideal (especially if you’re a gamer). However, it always comes down to specific pros …

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Monitor Connection Types | VGA, HDMI, Display Port, DVI, Thunderbolt, and SDI


It’s important for you to know and understand the different computer monitor connection types so you can choose the best for your monitor.  They include VGA, HDMI, Display port, DVI, Thunderbolt, and SDI.The type of connection cable you need will depend on its compatibility with the port on your computer and display devices or graphics …

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