Computer Turns On But No Signal to Monitor – We Have the Solution in Simple Steps

Woman in the office with no signal on her monitor

Whether you have a top-rated budget monitor or premium display, everyone knows the feeling of sitting down in our computer to do work or play a game only for the monitor to display a frustrating message: no signal to monitor. This is incredibly frustrating and it’s one of the harder technical difficulties to solve. Without …

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How to Install Spectrum Internet | Should You Order a Self-Install Kit or Hire a Pro?

internet cable plugged into the router

Are you searching for the best internet service provider, and are you considering Spectrum internet as an option? Or you have already made your Spectrum internet service, and you are looking for ways to install it?Are you better off buying your own Spectrum internet equipment, or renting them from the company will be a better …

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Desktop Window Manager High CPU | Troubleshooting Guide To Solving Problems With Your System Configuration or Hardware

the graphics card

What is Dwm.exe, why does it cause high CPU usage, and how can you fix it?System processes are an integral part of the operating system, and they have various responsibilities. The system processes control everything whether you use Linux, Mac, or a Windows device. They control the device processes, including coming up with a user …

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Your Computer Is Low On Memory | Our Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve This Issue

Microsoft Windows notice on the screen

Have you ever received a low memory message on your computer?Computers make our day-to-day life effortless and straightforward. However, they sometimes have issues that can be frustrating for the user, including the inability to connect to the internet.Besides the inability to connect to the internet, another common issue you can encounter with computers is low …

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Using an Antivirus | Online Protection is a Must!

a bisiness woman typing on laptop

Even as new web browsers and operating systems have a better ability to stop viruses, cybercriminals have equally devised new forms of attacks. Cybercriminals currently use sophisticated malware to counter advanced browsers and exploit undiscovered vulnerabilities. As such, your business isn’t safe with the basic protection offered by web browsers and operating systems without the …

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Is a 240hz Monitor Worth It? |What Are the Benefits and Will You Have to Upgrade Your Graphics Card As Well?


If you’re shopping for a gaming monitor and someone from the store recommends a branded 240hz monitor, you’re probably wondering: “Is a 240hz monitor worth it?”It may be an attribute found in higher-spec displays, but this shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. This post should clear your 240hz monitor dilemma for you and help you …

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How Many Mbps Do I Need for Gaming? |All You Need To Know About Bandwidth, Upload and Download Speed

gaming joystick

“How many Mbps do I need for gaming?” is an often asked question. So, let’s talk about what speed you need to enjoy the best gaming on the internet?The internet is home to all the information we require in our everyday lives. It is especially useful for various people who work from home who require …

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Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration | Our Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve This Issue

Ethernet cable and Error button

Have you ever received the message saying, “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”? What does it mean? Were you able to reaccess the internet after that message?An IP (Internet Protocol) address is an address that identifies your computer when you connect to the internet. Your device uses an IP to connect to the internet …

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