The Most Secure Browsers of 2021 | Is your Information Safe & Private?

9 web browsers old and new

With cybersecurity and threats an evergrowing concern, it’s important to know if you’re being as secure as possible. Understanding which browsers are the most secure is important so that you can consider using the best and safest and can even impact internet speed. Although there are some awesome browsers, you’ll want to make sure you …

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ActivTrak Review | Is It the Right Software Suite to Monitor Your Employees?

Employee tracking software

Employee tracking software is becoming an everyday essential for millions of businesses of all shapes and sizes worldwide. One of the most popular software suites currently available being ActivTrak, which claims to cover all bases and budgets from top to bottom. A claim confirmed in most ActivTrak reviews published online, which in the vast majority of …

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FreshBooks Review | A Great Time Tracking Software Tool

Meeting in the office

FreshBooks is an excellent accounting management program that helps you keep track of invoices, expenses, tax reports, and client relationships at the tip of your fingers. This is the latest in our collection of time tracking software reviews, and our FreshBooks review will help you understand the key features and selling points of this system.With …

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How To Tell If a Computer Is Hacked? | What to Do in Case of Fishing, Ransomware, Identity Theft or Cryptojacking

black hoodie

Are hackers likely to gain access to your computer and got access to your personal information?There is a definite possibility of hackers gaining remote access to your device.The truth is that hackers want to access your personal data, credit card information, and online activities. Hacking is a serious issue of cybersecurity today. Especially since various antivirus …

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PRTG Review – A Must-read Guide to Paessler Network Monitor

PRTG software

The Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is one of several options available on the market for network monitoring services. PRTG network monitor provides many industry-leading features and expert-level security at a price point that is affordable and technical features that are accessible to users of all knowledge levels. Our PRTG review covers all the major aspects …

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myFICO Review | Credit Analysis, Monitoring and ID Anti-Theft Services

myFico features

Getting your credit score higher has never been easy. You can’t do it alone, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge. The solution? Well, it’s to use a trusted credit monitoring service. Forget about searching for a good service provider on the web. Today, we’re going to present to you one of the best credit …

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How to Close a Laptop and Use a Monitor | Simple Steps for Various OS Options

solving the problem

As a result of advancements in technology, most laptops have ports that connect to an external monitor. There are several helpful tips to connect your computer display to an extra external monitor (see Best Portable Monitor Reviews). HDMI is the standard default port we use for connecting to any regular TV or screen. Thunderbolt, Mini-DVI …

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