How to Choose an Antivirus Program to Protect Your Writing Files | Keep Your Work Safe

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Research plays an important part in the writing process and the deeper we go online in search of information the greater the risk of online threats. The internet is full of unsafe websites, fraudulent links, and malware that could jeopardize our data. Antivirus software can help us protect our information and our work from cybercriminals …

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Who Invented the First Computer Monitor? | Various Types Developed Over Time With Pros & Cons

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The first computer monitor was invented by Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897.Karl Ferdinand created the cathode ray tube as the first computer monitor. The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube that has one of its ends coated with phosphors. CRTs work by emitting light when electrons strike them. They were mainly used to …

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What is an LED Monitor? | The Benefits of Light Emitting Diode Screens Explained

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An LED monitor is an advanced LCD screen that uses light-emitting diodes to display images, as opposed to the cathode ray tubes used in older-style monitors. The technology is used by many flat-panel monitors.These types of computer monitors are ideal for gaming, multimedia applications, and even office work. They’re also perfect for playing games at …

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What is LCD Monitor? | A Full Guide to the Technology Behind IPS, VA & TN

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LCD monitor, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, is a flat display screen commonly used in laptops, desktop computers, and television screens.These LCD displays are the most common among others, mainly because they are lightweight, produce the best images, and use less power. The display is composed of millions of pixels that form images.If you …

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What is OLED Monitor? | A Detailed Guide to Features and Benefits

black monitor

OLED or Organic Light-emitting diode is a type of flat display technology that uses self-lighting pixels to create images. It does not need a backlight; hence these displays are thinner and efficient. In terms of features, OLED outshines LCD on almost every parameter, making it a better choice over LCDs for portable gadgets.In this article, I …

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What is Computer Monitor? | Our Full Guide to Types, Features, and Benefits

black Acer monitor

A computer monitor (also called a computer display) is an electronic visual display for computers. It is used to display the output of the computer’s CPU,  hard system drives, etc. It is usually connected to the PC via VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB.In this article, the VSS Monitoring team provides explanations of what a …

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What are the Types of Monitors? | Various Screen and Panel Technologies Explained

apple screen

Monitors are the most important components of a computer. Without them, you could not read this article, play games, or even watch movies. So, what are the types of monitors? There are basically 6 types of monitors currently being sold by major manufacturers. They include LCD Monitor, LED Monitor, OLED Monitor, Plasma Monitor, CRT Monitor, and …

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