How to Install Windows 10 on External Hard Drive | Proven Installation Methods

hard disk

You can install Windows 10 on an external hard drive by following the steps in any of the methods listed below.Method 1ConnectingPlug in your external hard drive to the computer.Back up your data found in the drive. Have your external hard drive formatted to NTFS.Go to Start, and on the search bar, key in This PC. This …

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Desklab Monitor Review | Portability and High-Class Features at a Low Cost


Are you searching for a portable monitor? If you are, our Desklab monitor review will be very useful so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to get one..To prepare this review, I have tested the product thoroughly. Important features of this monitor that you will be interested in include resolution, its …

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Auzai Portable Monitor Review | Perfect On the Go Screen for Various Viewing Purposes

Auzai monitor with color explosion

I am very excited to present to you Auzai portable monitor. It is a computer monitor that can be taken anywhere due to its compact design and lightweight.In this Auzai portable monitor review, I will tell you all about AUZAI’s portable computer monitor. I will discuss its features in detail, such as its refresh rate, …

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What are the Best Brands of Monitors? | Top 15 Manufacturers Compared

Two monitors with headphones on a table

It’s not easy to choose a monitor because, well, there are so many brands and models, and each of them is good for something. So we’ve taken the time to test popular brands.We chose these computer monitor brands because of their longevity, good performance, high resolution, size, high resolution, color definition, wide viewing angle, and …

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Ultrawide vs Dual Monitor | Is Widescreen Better Than Multiple Monitors?

blue screens

Should you go for an ultrawide or a dual monitor setup?For years, dual monitors have been the choice for gamers who wish to build an extensive battle station. However, they have challenges like the ugly bezels in the middle. As such, ultrawide monitors have become a worthy alternative. Instead of having two monitors side-by-side separated …

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Display Monitors for Advertising | A Guide to Screens Used for Marketing

a businessman making notes at his workplace

It does not matter what type of business you run, staying current is important. Sourcing and learning how to use the latest tech and tools to enhance your customer offering is a relatively easy way to give yourself a competitive edge.Take digital signage displays as an example. Practically any type of business will benefit from …

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