How to Tell if Monitor Is VESA Compatible | This is a Must Read to Choose the Right Mount or Stand for Your Display

monitor, keyboard and mouse on the desk

Placing monitors on mounting stands or arms is common for most modern workspaces. The monitor mounts help save a lot of valuable space on your desk that you can use to put other stuff, such as your coffee cup or family pictures.Mounting your monitor also allows you to adjust the height and viewing angles to …

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Neo QLED Vs QLED | Is It Worth to Upgrade?

TV screen

If you’re shopping for a new TV this year, you’ve probably heard about Samsung’s QLED TVs.It can be confusing to keep track of all of these names and acronyms, but we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll answer all of your questions. What is QLED? What is Neo QLED? And which is better?Here’s everything …

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QLED vs. OLED | What’s the Difference & Which to Go For?

two TVs

As televisions have become ever more extensive and more high-resolution, the two main types of TV technology have become increasingly important: QLED tv and OLED tv. The two are pretty different, but it’s essential to understand before purchasing.QLED uses a layer of tiny LED lights to create the image on the screen. Each light is …

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Microsoft Azure Certification and Its Types | Get Detailed Knowledge on the Configuration of Virtual Networking, Storage, Computing, and Monitoring

A woman reading form a computer

It is not a secret that in today’s century, cloud-based computing technology is gaining worldwide recognition. It is developing fast and gradually; almost all companies are opting for it to increase the quality of the services delivered to their clients. IDC has published a report that states that the money spent on Cloud computing is …

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What Monitor Do I Have? | How to Tell the Brand, Model and Specs

a monitor detail

Most tech manufacturers use model numbers for different tech devices with various specs. For instance, phone manufacturers have a name for a line of phones and then a model number for different phones with various specifications within the line.When you purchase a monitor, you might want to know various monitor specifications, including the monitor model …

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