EKSA E910 5.8G Wireless Gaming Headset Review | Gameplay Audio at Its Best

Eksa headphones

If you’re like me, you really got into gaming recently, and the original headset you purchased as you first got started, isn’t quite cutting it any more. Maybe your audio connection speeds have too much lag, or your headset’s battery life has degraded so much that you’re considering getting replacement batteries.  Whatever the reason you have, …

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Avira Free Mac Security | Is This Antivirus Software Enough for Your PC Protection?

Avira sign on a laptop

Today, the popularity of the Mac OS encountered malware is an everyday thing. So Avira Free Mac Security is designed to protect you and your device. This is one of the software being evaluated effectively as today’s best antivirus and is great for businesses. Avira Free Mac Security is intelligent software that detects malicious software on your …

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100% Disk Error | How to Solve it on Windows 8 and Windows 10

screenshot of antivirus

Will be really upset when the computer runs slow. There are several causes and one of the causes that is 100% Disk Usage in task manager Windows 8/10 today. Here are four ways to help you solve that problem.Causes and Ways to Fix Full Disk Error 100% In WindowsSearch agents consume hard drive performanceFirst remember tasks like …

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How To Use Gamecaster XSplit? | A Concise Guide in 4 Simple Steps


Gamecaster XSplit helps you classify and manage images taken during games easily. You can easily pick out the best play videos to share with friends and other gamers, provided you have the right equipment. These are likely to have a great gaming graphics card to make sure the streaming laptop can display properly.How to transfer …

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Panda Cloud Cleaner | Software to Detect and Remove Viruses

Panda cleaner window

Panda Cloud Antivirus Cleaner is an application using the cloud (Cloud) to detect and destroy all threats, which is slightly different from Avira and Avast. The scanning process will be automated, users do not need to manipulate manually. With this feature, all of them can use Panda Cloud Cleaner easily. How to Download Panda Cloud Cleaner?Once …

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