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AOC U3477PQU Review | An All-Around Monitor for Various Purposes and All Budgets

What is it that you look for when you want to buy a monitor for work or gaming?

There are fundamental factors to consider, including a high resolution, wide viewing angles, fast refresh rate, etc.

If you are considering buying a monitor, AOC U3477PQU will be an excellent monitor to consider. It encompasses most of the features you'd want in a monitor, including a high resolution that offers impressive picture quality. The IPS panel monitor also comes with a range of connectivity options, including DisplayPort, HDMI, etc.

It is also a perfect pick if you want an AOC monitor with a sleek design and an ergonomic stand to achieve the most comfortable view.

We took the monitor through tests to see how it performs in various aspects. Here is what you can expect from the monitor.

Does the AOC U3477PQU Monitor Come With Speakers?

When you want to buy a computer display for work, gaming, or watching movies, you must consider several factors to ensure you end up with the best.

One of the essential factors to look for is whether the computer display comes with built-in speakers. Having built-in speakers is essential as it helps to hear the action on the computer LCD (see also our 'Best Monitor With Speakers Reviews'). 

If your screen is for work purposes, it ensures you can make conference calls, hold online meetings, etc (see 'Best Vertical Monitor Reviews', as well). If it is for gaming, it enables you to hear the action on the screen, including revving the engines, the shots, etc.

It will help a lot if the computer display also comes with a jack to help you connect external speakers if you wish. This is especially helpful for gaming enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the most immersive gaming experience.

AOC U3477PQU computer display comes with built-in speakers that offer office audio which is ideal for making conference calls or conducting conference meetings.

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Is the AOC U3477PQU Better than having a Multi-monitor Setup?

If you are considering getting two 20-inch monitors for a multi-monitor setup, you can choose to use the AOC U3477PQU as an alternative. 

First, the computer display offers an incredible 34-inch display which opens to a whole lot of opportunities. It also features a 3440x1440 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio that offers incredible clarity to details and impressive image quality. As such, it is unlikely that you will miss any details of the on-screen content.

A multi-monitor setup is also a reliable alternative if you are looking for more screen estate. However, it comes with some challenges that you may not experience with a single wide-screen display.

For instance, with a multi-monitor setup, you have to contend with bezels that divide the various screens that you set up. It becomes more challenging if the individual monitors have sizeable bezels. This means you'll end up with more significant gaps between the screens.

The other challenge with a multi-monitor setup is in the calibration of individual monitors. It is a challenge trying to achieve the same image-level from different monitors, especially if they have varying resolutions.

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If you don't have the same picture quality, it isn't easy trying to use the two monitors at the same time to edit photos. With the AOC U3477PQU LCD, you can display a whole photoshop on one side of the screen and the editing tools on the other side.

Additionally, the massive screen real estate allows you to place three full-size A4 documents side by side. This makes it an ideal monitor for multitasking. And if also need a monitor to carry it with you, this AOC portable monitor may be a perfect addition.

AOC also has software that allows you to split the screen into four for various applications.

Viewing Angles 

As mentioned earlier, the AOC U3477PQU LCD features an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel.

An IPS panel uses liquid crystals aligned in parallel, which helps to produce rich and crystal colors. The panels were developed to deal with the limitations of TN panels.

With the liquid crystals' ability to shift horizontally, IPS panels offer a better viewing angle than the other panel types irrespective of the viewing angle.

As such, with the IPS panel, the U3477PQU LCD offers you a wide variety of viewing angles. That means you enjoy the same image quality whether you are looking at the screen from the sides, top, or bottom.

IPS panels are also famous for their incredible color performance. One of the most significant differences between IPS monitors and TN panels is that the colors won't shift dramatically when viewed from different angles of the IPS panel.

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Therefore, you can expect incredible color accuracy and consistency from the U3477PQU LCD.

3440 x 1440 Ultrawide Experience 

If you want to get a desktop display for any purpose, be it work, gaming, or watching a movie, the resolution is a vital factor to consider.

The higher the resolution, the better the image quality you can expect. A high resolution ensures accurate and precise colors for the most lifelike images. It is unlikely to miss any details on the screen with excellent color combinations.

A high screen resolution combines with a superb contrast ratio that offers a wide range of colors between the darkest black and the brightest whites. This also helps to end with accurate colors and lifelike images.

When the U3477PQU model runs in its native resolution at 3440 x 1440, things are optimal, and all the colors and images are crisp and clear.

If you wish, you can lower the resolution for various reasons. For instance, you can lower the resolution to connect a device that cannot support such a high resolution. You can also lower the resolution if you don't want to run the monitor at such high GPU horsepower.

However, like an LCD display, the pixels don't change in size when you lower the resolutions. As such, a scaling or interpolation process is used instead.


For instance, if you lower the resolution to 2560 x 1440, you don't get the monitor's image ratio scaling options. Eventually, the monitor will, by default, display using the 1:1 pixel mapping. Therefore, the image will display at the center of the display without any distortion. The image will cover an area of 27 inches diagonal which is equal to a 27-inch WQHD LCD with black bars covering the remaining area of the screen.

If you select the full-screen option on the graphics driver's scaling option, then the resulting image will be stretched across the entire screen. The distortion on the images will be evident whether you are playing a game or having an image on your desktop.

The other aspect ratio you can get on the on-screen display (OSD) is "wide." The option maintains the 16:9 aspect ratio, and the image is at the center of the screen, so it looks like in the 27-inch WQHD full HD LCD. It has black bars on either side of the image.

The best option will be to keep the monitor running at its 3440 x 1440 native resolution and watch your content without distortion.

Note, if you select the sRGB colour mode, you can't adjust the brightness. This is a significant downside as you may not achieve the colour accuracy you desire.

Input Lag

When considering whether to pick the AOC U3477PQU monitor for your games or other needs, it's good to consider its input lag. The input lag can refer to signal delay and pixel responsiveness.

The monitor has a moderate signal delay which can be an issue to some users, but it may not bother others.

The delay is not an issue to worry about as it is common in monitors with a resolution higher than 1920 x 1080. However, if you participate in competitive gaming, you might have an issue with the input lag.

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Note, the U3477PQU monitor features a 60Hz refresh rate. While the refresh rate may be all right for a casual gamer, it is not ideal for PC gamers who take part in fast action games. If you try to play a fast action game, the refresh rate may lead to image blurs, ghosting or screen tearing.

Setup and Flexibility

The setup of the AOC U3477PQU monitor is not the easiest due to the screw-mounting system involved. However, when you go over the handle, everything else becomes easy.

You can have an effortless time connecting all the cables you need on the monitor.

Additionally, the AOC U3477PQU 34 inch screen features a flexible adjustable stand that comes in handy for easy height adjustment. The flexible stand can also pivot to a full 90 degrees to achieve a portrait position. The AOC U3477PQU is a massive screen, and you may not need to place it in such a position.

However, the position may make it simple to reach the connections.

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The AOC U3477PQU is not a game-oriented monitor. As such, you may not get a G-Sync controller or a high-speed LCD panel.

The AOC u3477PQU monitor offers you the features of high-end monitors but at a reduced price.


If you wish to purchase a monitor for casual gaming, work, video, or movie watching, the AOC U3477PQU is an excellent option to consider. In our AOC U3477PQU review, we have looked at the monitor's image output, massive display, connection, etc., which make it a perfect choice. Plus, it is super-affordable!.

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