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Asus mb168b Review | A Great Portable Monitor for Various Purposes

Do you find it difficult to read, work, play games or watch movies on the small screen of your phone or tablet? ASUS MB168B 15.6" WXGA 1366x768 USB Portable Monitor might have just been the product for you.

When connected via a cable, it will allow you to use its large 15.6-inch LCD display. We received this monitor from ASUS to test, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own in this Asus mb168b Review. 

ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor Specifications

Screen Size

15.6 inches

Screen Resolution


Refresh Rate

76 Hz



Panel Type



1.76 pounds

Special Features

Blue Light Filter, protective sleeve, Automatic Lighting, supports multi-monitor setup

Connectivity Options

USB port

ASUS MB168B 15.6

Get Extra Screen Space

If you find yourself squinting at your phone or tablet screen while doing work, watching movies, playing games, or even reading emails, then you're in luck.

ASUS has just announced its newest portable monitor, the MB168B. Sporting a screen size of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, this USB-powered monitor conveniently allows you to view whatever is on your phone or tablet on a much larger screen with ease. Perfect for traveling, watching movies, and even business presentations on the go. On a related note, some of the models in our portable monitors reviews come with in-built speakers, too.

For instance, you can view multiple documents, such as PDF files or spreadsheets, side by side on one screen while working on another, without having to constantly scroll from one page to another.

Its Compatibility

The ASUS MB168B is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and notebooks featuring a USB 3.0 port, including the latest ultra-slim ASUS Zenbook series (see also 'ASUS ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT Portable Monitor Review') and other popular models, smartphones. However, it is not compatible with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

ASUS MB168B Monitor Review: A Portable, 15.6-Inch, USB Powered, HD Monitor

ASUS mb168b portable monitor is suitable for users who are looking for a portable, easy-to-carry computer display with good quality at a good price (see also these affordable monitors). It is the perfect device solution that enables you to connect two different devices simultaneously using a single micro USB cable.

I like that it is lightweight and portable, so I can take it with me anywhere. I've used several different monitors before, but for the money, this one can't beat.

ASUS MB168B portable

It is Ideal for College Students

I do recommend ASUS mb168b to college students who need something small and lightweight for moving from their dorm room to the library or wherever else they may want to study.

It’s A Great Choice for Business People

It's very easy to take your ASUS MB168B 15.6" WXGA 1366x768 USB Portable Monitor with you wherever you go, and it's a great choice for business presentations. The compact, lightweight design fits easily into your laptop bag or briefcase, so it's always ready to go when you are.

It's a great travel companion. Because it's small and portable, you can easily slip the portable USB-powered monitor into your bag when you're on the road. It's perfect for all kinds of presentations - from product demonstrations to sales pitches - because it connects to your laptop for quick setup.

One of the Best Portable USB Monitors for Home Working

It is one of the best portable USB monitors for home-based businesses that need to connect with clients via video chat software such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

Whether you're collaborating with colleagues at work or family members at home, this monitor makes staying in touch easier than ever before. And because it offers full HD resolution, you'll enjoy crisp images and sharp text every time you use it.

Is Asus a Good Brand?

Yes, ASUS is a good brand. ASUS is one of the most well-recognized computer brands in the world. They are committed to the manufacture of electronic products that improve life for everyone.

Its complete PC solutions include desktops, notebooks, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, computer displays, and more. ASUS also produces a range of tablets and smartphones designed to deliver the best user experience possible.

Tried-and-true PC manufacturers like Dell and HP have started to feel pressure from ASUS as well; in 2018, ASUS ranked 7th in worldwide PC shipments, beating out HP and Dell. And with their entries into the gaming monitor market, they've begun to challenge most brands in their own game.

Asus logo

Has Good Image Quality

ASUS MB168B is one of the portable monitors that I really enjoyed using. Its good resolution allowed me to watch HD movies, play games, and browse the web without straining my eyes. The 1366x768 resolution of this monitor is good as it offers sharp images.

The resolution of a screen is a measure of the number of pixels that can fit on a monitor. The higher the screen resolution such as this USB monitor, the more detail you will be able to see on your screen. This is particularly important if you are working with fine details in your work, such as photo editing or creating graphics for print publications.

Also, this USB monitor has a foldable stand which allowed me to place it anywhere I wanted without having to worry about a stand getting in the way or damaging my desk.

ASUS MB168B portable monitor and the backside

It is a USB-Powered Monitor

The ASUS MB168B USB-powered monitor delivers high-quality images from your connected device, and this is made possible by its USB 3.0 port. The higher bandwidth of USB 3.0 ensures that you will get a good performance when using it.

It is worth noting that the monitor is backward compatible with devices such as desktop PC and notebooks with a USB 2.0 port.

USB Cable

This portable USB Monitor uses just one USB cable for both video and power, making it easier than ever to use at home or on the move. Also, with a single USB 3.0 cable connecting the display to a host computer, users can enjoy a dual-monitor setup that adds more space for work, play, or entertainment -- without the hassle of external power adapters.

It will show up as a second monitor if you have a compatible system and it does not require any additional software for installation. Simply connect it up to your computer, and it will be ready for action.

With this 15.6 inch HD monitor, you will also get support CD ROM, a quick start guide, and a smart case.

Asus mb168b Review usb connection

This ASUS Monitor has Eye Care Technologies

Most portable USB monitors like these are designed with eye care technologies such as a blue light filter and flicker-free, which makes your eyes feel more comfortable when using a Monitor. Those features could also lower the risk of getting sight problems.

Blue Light Filter

You can have a great time on your computer monitor, but you need to take care of your eyes. Computer screen emits blue lights, which are harmful to your eyes and they cause eye strain and even headaches.

A blue light filter for eyes in a computer monitor is a great tool for people who spend long hours in front of their monitors. These apps filter out blue light, which is harmful to your eyes.

This application is available for both Mac and Windows computers, and if you want to download it, you can go to the developer's website. Luckily for you, this monitor comes with this feature, so no need to download it.

Has Ambient Light Sensor

This is the MB168B's latest innovation, AI Light, that automatically adjusts the display brightness according to your surroundings for a comfortable viewing experience. Like a human being, the screen’s brightness will change according to the lighting conditions and thus reduce eye fatigue.

It Features an ASUS Smart Case

As the name suggests, its smart case is not only a protective sleeve but also acts as a stand for your ASUS tablet. It allows you to use your ASUS portable monitor in a variety of different positions; portrait and landscape modes are making it very versatile and convenient to use.

ASUS MB168B 15.6


  • The Asus 15.6-inch Monitor is an affordable solution for anyone who wants bigger and better viewing, whether they're browsing the Internet from their sofa or watching a streaming video.
  • This portable monitor is super lightweight at just 1.76 pounds, so it won't add much weight to your bag, either. It's about the size of a paperback book, so you can slip it into your bag with no problem at all if you're planning on working outside of the home
  • ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor has a USB 3.0 port for easy file sharing and quick connection of devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or digital camera.
  • And thanks to the high definition resolution of 1366x768 pixels, it’s perfect for watching movies or viewing documents while on holiday or in the office, without having to carry around bulky hardware.
  • Its USB-powered design means that no extra power cables are required, making it convenient for use anywhere you go.
  • With a slim profile, it can be folded flat against the wall to save space when not in use, making it perfect for use in hotels, schools, or for outdoor events where space is limited.
  • You can also lay it flat for easy use on a table or desk. The screen also has an auto-rotation feature, allowing you to rotate your images into portrait mode or landscape mode.


  • It is not touch screen enabled
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