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Avast vs AVG Antivirus: Comparison Review for 2021 (Free)

There’s no denying that we’ve reviewed loads of Antivirus software and have assisted many people in choosing the best antivirus that works for them. We want to make sure that all your unlimited devices, like Android devices and mobile devices, are safe and secure from all sorts of online attacks. Today’s comprehensive article is dedicated to the head-to-head comparison between Avast and AVG Antivirus  with a purpose to guide those who are choosing between these two software options and their free versions.

Key Takeaways

  • AVG outperforms Avast in real-time protection and detection scores but laggs in other areas, particularly ease of use.
  • Avast hosts a powerful firewall and features like “Real Site” that make it a solid antivirus.
  • AVG’s malware scanner is better at detecting viruses and providing real-time protection.
  • Overall, it is a close competition, with both contenders going neck to neck in most categories.

Data breaching is a serious crime and the only way to truly solve this issue is by installing a best antivirus software. There are millions of dangerous websites that people visit and therefore their devices are susceptible to getting hacked at any moment because in that pile of websites there are some malicious websites too. These attacks are so dangerous because it can cause your personal data to leak with just one click. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even realize that you are getting hacked until it’s too late.

There has actually been an increase in malware attacks by  61%, according to this report by CIS Security. Based on the malware breakdown, the most common attack is the Emotet, which is the Trojan malware that has takes up 20% of all malware issues. The least common malware attack is Pushdo which takes up about 4% of attacks, this too is a very complicated attack that can happen in offline situations. These attacks are very diverse and flexible, due to the increase in complexity of how hackers are developing these viruses. So it’s important to keep your multiple devices safe from all types of malware and other viruses.

In addition to these attacks, you can find other hazardous viruses that are designed to delete all the information on your device and may even require you to pay for your personal information to be retrieved. These types of attacks are being targeted at smartphone and other hand-held devices, so it therefore indicates that no one is safe.

In accordance with research from a renowned security firm, AV-test, more than 10 billion attacks were discovered this past year and it’s likely to increase this year.

We have analyzed both software with different antiviruses. You can check out the other articles of product reviews below:

This article will take into comparing different features that make up both antivirus programs. We will be able to determine which software gains the upper hand by the end of the article.

We will be going through a general overview before we get to the nitty gritty details. Let‘s check out the short Avast & AVG comparison below, supposing you already went over our AVG / Bitdefender cross-review!

About Avast

Avast Antivirus was founded in the Czec Republic in 1988 by Pavel Baudis and Eduward Kucera. In 2016 it actually bought AVG Technologies although the two companies still operate separately and maintain their own antivirus software.

In 2019 it was found out that Avast was tracking user data such as browsing history and were reselling this data through a subsidiary company, Jumpshot. Avast closed Jumpshot in January 2020 over data concerns from its users.

About AVG Technologies

AVG Antivirus is made by AVG Technologies and was founded by Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer in 1991 and was also founded in the Czech Republic. AVG Technologies is most famous for its LinkScanner and AVG Online Shield programs. As we mentioned previously, AVG Technologies is now owned by Avast.

AVG Controversies

AVG has had several controversies in the past few years.

  • From 2012-2014 when, once installed, it was very difficult to remove the AVG Toolbar (see our AVG uninstall guide). 
  • In 2015 AVG started tracking and selling user data to advertising companies
  • 2015 their AVG We bTuneUp Google Chrome Extension had several vital security vulnerabilities

Avast and AVG Antivirus: Short Verdict

In this short comparison, we will go briefly go through all the categories that we will thoroughly analyze later on in the article.

Having compared both Avast and AVG - see also Norton and AVG comparison -  depending on their characteristics, we found out that Avast wins between the two. The system performance delivered by Avast software is flawless and unbeatable when it comes to keeping your information private at all times.

Avast versus AVG Short Verdict


Comparing both Avast and AVG, we got to understand that Avast is a better choice than AVG for the fact that you’re going to get more network security related features within a variety of best antivirus suites to choose from - see also our AVG and Panda comparison.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Malware Protection:

Having malware protection is the most important part of having an antivirus software. Between these two software, Avast does a better job in securing your computer and in data protection. It’s ability to perform at industry standards is something that AVG cannot keep up with.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo


How well your antivirus product can detect threats can be measured by how many false-negatives can result in. In this category, both do well making the result of it as a draw.

Winner: Tie

Avast Internet Security logo
AVG antivirus logo


Your device shouldn’t be lagging if you have antivirus products installed in your device. Your device should have performance optimization because antiviruses are suppose to detect and remove anything that could be hindering your files. Using AV-tests, it’s clear that Avast is able to beat AVG due to the ability of having a variety of security complex features ensuring peak productivity. However, in our AVG vs Lookout post, we concluded that a lightweight security solution that doesn't hampers your device's performance is better, unless you need thorough protection.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo


The pricing model of the antivirus needs to be designed in a way that meets the requirement of the user in the first place, and have a decent pricing point. You should be able to get maximum benefits of what fits your needs. As it turns out, with Avast, you’re receiving maximum quality in security and paying a good price for it. AVG antivirus is slightly cheaper compared to Avast, but you’re not recieving the best service out of it. Therefore, Avast is the deal you need to get!

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Short Outcome

Having compared both AVG and Avast, it’s clear that Avast is the better option out of the two. The ability to have a wide range of suites and virus protection proves that it does better than AVG. It’s security features come unmatched in comparison with AVG and therefore performance optimization will be ensured on all your multiple devices that have Avast installed.

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

Avast vs. AVG Antivirus: Which software offer more Features?

Features are what’s going to make and break an antivirus. There are a lot of tools that a good antivirus must possess to be an optimal security program. From detection, to automatic software updater, to pay safeguarding, excellent antivirus programs should offer a variety of features that customers are able to utilize. Let’s check out how both software compare with each other in all the features, but also make sure to look at our earlier AVG vs Kaspersky review for more insight.

All Computer Suites for Avast

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avast all suite

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Compare Packages (Avast)

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Avast Free Version

Avast offers a free antivirus that can be downloaded on any device. Keep in mind that, since it’s free version, there will be a limited amount of features that are going to be implemented in this program. This type of software is similar to what’s already pre-installed in your device, so it’s not the best option in receiving all-around care for online and offline threats. This free version is available on different operating platforms.

Get Here

Avast Protection for Home

Avast has many security suites that are available for different usages in personal protection.

  1. Internet SecurityThis first premium offers protection for mostly online browsing purposes. This suite comes with the ability to filter out spam, infected traffic, and pop-ups from any incoming online attack. This extra layer of antivirus protection also provides boot scans and ransomware protection which allows you to avoid any instance where hackers will make you pay for your data to be retrieved on your device.
  2. PremierYou will get the same features mentioned above with Avast Premium security. What’s different about Avast Premium Security is the option to have hardware protection. Hardware protection revolves around webcam protection, as it prevents hackers from taking over your camera to spy on you. There’s also a file shredder feature that will securely delete any junk files which prevents others from recreating your deleted files.
  3. UltimateWith this suite, you will get full-fledged online and offline features. With this suite, there is a feature of SecureLine VPN, Password Premium product, and Clean up tool. Avast SecureLine VPN prevents your hackers from getting into your Wi-Fi network. With Avast Passwords Premium security, it monitors all your online accounts to prevent any of your information getting leaked. With the Cleanup feature, you will get optimal device performance as it removes any unwanted and malicious files which will therefore increase your productivity.
  4. Avast Security for Mac ComputersIf you need ongoing antivirus protection to your macOS and iOS products, Avast has specific suites for this platform. This has all the similar features mentioned above, making it a solid choice for mac users.

Avast for Business

Avast also has suites for small to large businesses, which will help protect your businesses from getting hijacked by online hackers. Each suite varies with features, and can be utilized to all different-sized businesses.

There are overall 5 packages available for businesses:

  1. Business AntivirusThis plan works on different operating platforms like Windows and macOS. Keep in mind that this suite is applicable to only one device. This suite offers you an enhanced firewall without any obstruction or slow-down in the process of your connected device (see also AVG Internet Security package). Furthermore, there is a file management equipped with  a feature called “Cybercapture” which will delete any unrecognized files and reports will be sent to Avast’s experts to prevent suspicious files similar to it from being downloaded on your device.
  2. Business Antivirus ProIf you’re considering more antivirus options for your business needs, you can also think of this buying this bundle as it offers more features. You get an addition of an anti-spam and file shredder feature. Anti-spam filters mitigate the risk of dangerous links and dangerous phishing attempts via emails in all your employees’ inboxes. The data shredder allows you to securely delete confidential documents that may contain employee and customer information.
  3. Business Antivirus Pro PlusThis is a great suite for the businesses as it offers a wide range of all the features similar to the Avast Ultimate protection for home users, making this one option of the premium security suites.  With the password manager encryption feature, you can secure your employees login details which also comes with an easy-auto fill feature. This suite also comes with a webcam protection which will prevent any webcam attacks to prevent any sort of spying.
  4. Avast Business Patch Management This suite offers business owners their own work dashboard organized with deployment schedule features. Business owners also get the ability to continuously update any third party software.

Avast Maintenance Tools

To learn more about the features that Avast offers in their suites, check thee links below to have a more in-depth explanation on them. These tools are aimed to gain more speed, fine tuning, and online freedom whenever you log on to your device:

After purchasing any of aforesaid products, if you are not satisfied, you can get your refund as you are backed by the “30-day money-back guarantee”. With over 400 million devices with Avast, you will for sure have customer satisfaction!

All Computer Suites for AVG


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With AVG, there are about 17 different suites to choose from, which may overwhelm most users. Some of these suites offer free trials, and some of them don’t. Having a variety of suites can be confusing to AVG customers as there is an overload of options to choose from. With AVG, there aren’t specific features that are labeled, as each suite just states what each suite can do. So everything mentioned from the above list is self-explanatory. AVG Internet Security and other suites are meant to prevent from any malware threats, ransomware, and virus attacks. To add extra features like customer support, anti-tracking, and unlimited VPN, they are additional purchases you will have to make. Each suite is catered to either business or personal use, and it also varies in operating systems. AVG does an okay job on laying out each suite, but it’s just too overwhelming and too customizable to choose from. Having to pay for additional features for total AVG internet security in AVG Ultimate defeats the purpose of making a suite.

Avast Antivirus vs. AVG Antivirus: Which Antivirus software offers better Malware Protection?

Malware protection should be your biggest priority when purchasing an antivirus product. The whole point of an antivirus is to protect your device from these types of attacks, as these are the most dangerous attacks that can retrieve your sensitive data to never be seen again. Comparing the excellent protection between the two antivirus programs will be tested by AV-test and AV-comparatives, which are two IT security companies that are known to test antivirus to their limits. Tests are done by analyzing how well antivirus can detect and remove infected files over the course of a period of time. These tests are rated with percentages to make up a score. 1.0/6.0 being the worst, and 6.0/6.0 being the best. We have posted the results of tests taken back in the past few months of this year, so let’s see how well both Avast and AVG do against each other!

Avast Protection:

avast protection

Avast scores a 5.5/6.0, which is not a perfect score, but it’s quite close! It does better than industry standards, meaning it’s able to do it’s job well. With Avast, you’re ensured that real time protection from these attacks will be keep your device and files safe.

AVG Protection:

AVG Protection

With AVG protection, it also scores a 5.5/6.0. Like Avast, it does well but it’s not perfect. But there is a difference between both Avast and AVG, if you take a look at the percentages, AVG doesn’t hit industry benchmarks from 0-day attacks which indicates that your device may be susceptible to these type of attacks. It’s important to keep y our device safe from 0-day attacks, because these are freak viruses that will take your data and you may have to pay a ransom to the hacker to get your data back.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Avast vs. AVG Antivirus: Which Antivirus software delivers better Performance?

Your device should still be running at optimal performance with an antivirus in the background. A good antivirus will not lag your device, which means it should not take up a majority of your device’s CPU unit because that will therefore decrease your productivity. Similar to how we tested malware protection, we will utilize the AV-test and AV-comparatives to compare how well these antivirus programs are able to handle other applications being open.

See the data below that we collected from the AV-Test for the final verdict:

Avast Performance:

Avast performance in charts

Avast scores a perfect 6.0/6.0, meaning that it’s able to have your device run smoothly without any hindrances in performances. You can see it does a bit better than industry standard benchmarks, so it ensures customers that their device will not experience any lag. Avast does it’s job as a good antivirus by being able to prioritize system processes and safety of your device.

AVG Performance:

Avg Performance

AVG does a good job too by scoring a 6.0/6.0, but again, there is a slight difference between their score and Avast. AVG offers a score only a little higher than industry benchmarks that Avast seems to surpass in results. Nonetheless, it still does a good job at keeping your device running smoothly.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Avast and AVG Antivirus: Which Antivirus software is more reliable?

Like any software, there will be chances of results being false-negatives. False-negatives meaning that the software detected a virus that wasn’t actually there. False-negatives are important, because it proves how complex these known and unknown viruses have become and an ideal antivirus should be able to truly detect any issues if any. Again, we will be showing results from both Avast and AVG using the AV-test results and compare how well they are reliable to customers.

Avast Reliability:

avast usability chart

Avast is able to score a perfect 6.0/6.0, as it’s ability to truly detect infected files comes unmatched. Having detected over a millions files, and only having a false-negative of one file is a pretty good job. The reliability of Avast is ensured as that was the only issue that makes up a very small percentages of actual error.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

AVG vs. Avast Antivirus: Which Antivirus software is less expensive?

A good antivirus should not be expensive, and should be able to fit the pricing point in features that you’re in search for. Prices vary due to specific features, operating systems, how long you’re looking to purchase it for, and how many devices you may want to connect.

We suggest you check out the current pricing table for each of the suite that you are interested in. We’ve added the links to the pricing table that will walk you through that.

Avast Pricing Model

Avast Antivirus SuitesPrices
Avast Pro AntivirusLatest Price
Avast Internet SecurityLatest Price
Avast Premium SecurityLatest Price
Avast UltimateLatest Price
Avast Security for MacLatest Price
Avast Business ProductsLatest Range

AVG Anti-virus Pricing Model

AVG Anti-virus SuitesPrices
AVG Internet SecurityLatest Price
AVG UltimateLatest Price
AVG Business ProductsFull Range

With a variety of suites offered by Avast, it’s clear that Avast has the better bargain in this category. Avast is able to offer more security features, and specify their suites to help you understand what exactly you’re purchasing.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Final Words:

After thoroughly going through all the categories, it’s clear that Avast wins this competition. As internet safety becomes as growing need to take care of, you need to quick install some sort of safety net that will keep your device safe. With Avast, you will be able to get a bargain for your security! There’s a reason why over 400 million devices are connected to Avast.

Our recommendation: McAfee

From phishing scams to malware attacks, security threats grow increasingly by the day. Although the products we mentioned are very good, it cannot beat the likes of McAfee. With McAfee it has protection on all sorts of devices ranging from phones to even cars! It’s extensive product line-up has protected over 18.9 billion devices to this day. We are sure that you will come across a package that is perfect for you, to check out their line-up, click here!

Customer Service

Customer support for services that have a free version is generally a mixed bag. More often than not, you'll find it lacking. It's no exception that in this case, the situation is somewhat similar.

If you need responsive and faster customer support lines, Avast and AVG customer support is available for premium users only. In other cases, you'll be left to read FAQ sections and forums. That's the burden of free version, and neither Avast nor AVG is an outlier.

Money Back Guarantee

Both contenders provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all their paid plans.

Avast makes it surprisingly easy to claim your full refund. You fill out a form on Avast’s website containing your name, mailing address, email address, order ID, and reason for refund.

While AVG took less time to provide a refund, the entire process was not as seamless as Avast’s. We prefer a hassle-free and transparent refund process, even if it means getting a refund a few days later.

Comparing Avast With Other Options

Avast vs Avira

Avira is a decent anti-virus but pales in comparison to Avast. Both have a free version but we compared the paid versions. The biggest con about Avira is that it is an antivirus only for Windows users so if you're looking to protect multiple devices Avira is definitely not the one for you.

More about AVG

AVG Antivirus Review

As a solid antivirus with decent market share, this company deserves its own dedicated review so that readers like you can learn more about its features, effectiveness, and more about the company itself.

Windows Defender vs AVG

Windows Defender and AVG isn't really a great comparison considering there are a number of stark differences. For example, Windows Defender is a free antivirus and only available on Windows Devices. AVG has both free version and a paid suite, but can be used on all types of devices, making AVG a better choice than Windows Defender for those who are trying to protect multiple devices.


1. Which is better Avast or AVG?

Avast antivirus is the overall clear winner due to its superior system performance in the competition's rounds, although AVG puts up a good fight. In terms of anti-malware security and system performance, both companies are neck and neck. Avast antivirus outperforms AVG in terms of features and user interface because it is user frendly, but AVG products has a more competitive pricing structure.

2. Is AVG anti virus the same as Avast?

AVG and Avast are both anti-virus programs, but they are not the same. AVG is a more basic antivirus protection, while Avast antivirus has more features.

3. Can I run AVG and Avast together?

No, you cannot. If you run two anti-virus programs concurrently, they may detect and disable each other's background processes. Programs that do not run background processes are exceptions to this rule. However, because both AVG and Avast are constantly running, they would conflict on the same system.

4. Can I trust Avast free antivirus?

Yes, Avast antivirus is an excellent program that offers adequate antivirus protection. Although the free version users get a plethora of useful features, it does not include ransomware protection. If you want premium security and real time protection, you must choose one of the paid versions.

5. Does Avast slow down your computer?

You should be aware that Avast may slow down your computer due to its background updates. While the PC is running and you want to check something on the Internet, Avast may begin downloading the latest version. This behavior can cause the computer to slow down.

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