Avast Vs ESET 2020 – Review & Comparison

Is it Avast or ESET that you believe will win this head-to-head comparison battle?

Make an informed decision by going through the ins and outs of both of the antivirus software – pay heed to this highly comprehensive “Avast VS ESET Antivirus” battle for the same.

The Internet is a great place to find information for educational purposes, but there are some people who might take advantage of your data for a wrong purpose. Therefore, on the one hand, the Internet is a good source, on the other hand, it is an exception, too.

Since it’s a digital era, the hacker can easily get into your system and spy on you without letting you know about it. Hence, while browsing a website today or doing your important work on your personal computer, you’re not as safe as you used to be before.

In spite of hackers being everywhere, you can follow some data protection tips and stay ahead in the game. And, do you know how many attacks AV-Test receives every day? Well, the number is beyond your imagination – i.e. 350,000 malicious programs after registered by their systems.

If you’re thinking of using a “Free” antivirus, let us tell you that it won’t suffice. For the ultimate protection, you will need a high-end package so that you could be at ease and do your important work without any sort of interruption.

No matter how sophisticated the malware attack or cybercrime is, good antivirus software will always make sure that you get peace of mind. With that in mind, we’ve considered this “Avast Vs ESET” so that we could get our mind to the ins and outs of the features of the antivirus software and reach the final conclusion.

Key Note:

We’ve reviewed more than 100 suites of different antivirus giants available on the market today, the best-fit we could get our attention to is “BitDefender” because no antivirus could outshine it in terms of features, malware protection, usability, user-friendliness, and pricing as well.

But don’t just take our word for it – take a glimpse at the evaluation done by AV-test and AV-comparatives. You will get a clearer picture of why BitDefender is a better option. This year, the BitDefender has ranked 1st, leaving the rest of the antivirus software behind. However, if you still want to compare other options compared to Avast then you’ll find these helpful:

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In addition, whether your purpose of using the antivirus is individual, businesslike, or familial, BitDefender has got you covered, meeting all of your needs in the first place. The best thing about it is that you can use it on all of your devices (i.e. multiple OS) if you choose to purchase the license for the “Total Security” suite.

Before jumping to the in-depth comparison, let’s first think through the nitty-gritty features of both of the antivirus software: Avast and EST. This should be helpful in differentiating one antivirus from another one and give you a hint of which antivirus software you should be investing in.

Avast Vs ESET 2020: A Quick Comparison

This is a category-wise comparison between ESET and Avast and this quick rundown has been designed for those who don’t have time to read the full, comprehensive article.

We’ll do the evaluation category wise. Let’s begin with the first category:


Considering “Avast vs ESET” in terms of features, Avast is richer as compared to ESET as it offers better productivity and utility, and brings more security-related features to life.

Winner: Avast

Malware Protection

Avast draws users’ attention to its state-of-the-art malware protection that ensures that your data always stays private and away from the reach of the attacker.

Winner: Avast

System Performance

An ideal antivirus software never lets your system down – i.e. it boosts the performance of your device while running in the background or foreground. In this area, both software is good.

Winner: Tie


Which software comes handy? Is it ESET or Avast? Well, having a look at the theme of the software and used it, we realized that both Avast and ESET offer a simple and intuitive user interface (UI) for the convenience of the user who purchases the license.

Winner: Tie


Avast or ESET, which one is more reasonably priced?

Having compared both, we found out that ESET’s suite is slightly cheaper as compared to the packages of Avast.

However, that’s just a slight difference and if you can neglect that, our experts’ suggestion would be picking up “Avast”.

Winner: Tie

Customer Satisfaction

How verified customers are satisfied with the product matters a lot. If they’ve not been fully happy with the service, it may mean you won’t also be content while using the services.

In this category, the award goes to “ESET” because its customers are happier than the customers of Avast.

Winner: ESET

Avast Vs ESET Short Conclusion

Nevertheless, it was a close call made by ESET, it could not surpass the out-of-this-world, security-related features presented by Avast. Not just that, Avast puts a minimal impact on the system performance, plus it is reasonably priced. However, ESET is also considered as “Best value for money” insofar this comparison is taken into account.

Our Recommendations!

If you’re on the lookout for best-on-earth antivirus software, not Avast, not ESET, that frontrunner is “BitDefender”. The reason why you should invest in BitDefender using our link is that it will allow you to get up to 50% off on the new purchase.

With a single license, you can protect up to 5 devices at the same time – simultaneously. And, if you want protection for more than 5 devices, you could opt for the “Family Pack” that will enable you to enjoy the seamless experience on up to 15 devices altogether.

If you’re a Mac user, you could dig-into the mac-specific packages.

Avast Vs ESET 2020: An In-depth Comparison

Let’s begin the detailed comparison, starting with the “Features” for the fact that they are the major priority to be kept in mind while looking for the best antivirus software.

So, do both of the companies bring best-in-class features to the table or one of them lacks some great features?

That’s for you to find below!

Which Antivirus offers more Security-related Features?

Since this comparison battle is about “Avast vs ESET”, we will need to consider the features of both companies.

But let’s start with Avast first:


Avast All Suites and package options

Avast’s Free Antivirus:

This is a good option for those who believe in being accustomed to the basics of the antivirus. It is the company’s limited edition that comes with limited features, but it won’t ask you to upgrade it to a paid plan because it is not a trial edition.

Since it is freemium, you won’t find the premium features in this suite, but it does offer basic protection from attacks like malware attacks. The UI is intuitive and offers a simple-to-use interaction to the user, allowing you to reach the destination page in next to no time. The free edition can be downloaded and utilized on Windows, Android, and Mac.

In the free edition, you can protect your Wi-Fi connection and secure your passwords by locking them in your vault and use with just a single click.

Free Edition

Avast Internet Security:

Speaking of the “Internet Security”, you can block the attackers via the Firewall and put an end to the spam and phishing emails that are getting together in your Email inbox. Apart from protecting your device from malware, this suite also features “Protection from ransomware” which has been newly added to this package.

You may also see this suite by another name – “Premium Security” depending on your region. It comes with a next-level edition, having more features added to it. For example, you can run suspicious apps without any worry, stop the attacks from spying on your webcam. Over and above, you will get automatic updates.

Buy Now

Avast Ultimate (Premier):

The “Ultimate” or “Premier” is a full-fledge suite that doesn’t miss any feature and, therefore, gives you complete peace of mind. With this package, you can entry all of your web traffic using the “VPN” service. Keep an eye on the illegal use of your password with the help of “Password Premium” that will keep you informed every time there your password is leaked.

Remove junk files and make your system faster than you could ever imagine. On top of that, you could now browse the Internet safely with the help of a VPN and get access to the geo-restricted websites in next to no time. And, if you’re not satisfied with the services offered in the suite with 30 days (from the date of subscription), you can always step back and get your money back.

Avast Security for Mac:

What if you’re not a Windows user? In that case, what you might be interested in purchasing the license of Avast antivirus for Mac system (if you’re a Mac user).

You will come across two types of Mac-specific antivirus: Free and Pro. All free edition offers is the fundamentals which may not be sufficient for you to stop a high-level attack. And, that’s when you need to consider the paid plan which would add an extra few perks.

Buy Now

Since this through the guide is about “Avast vs ESET” and we’ve already discussed different plans or suites of Avast, it’s now to pin your ears back to “ESET”.

eset packages

Just like Avast offers a free edition for its customers that can be used for lifetime, ESET offer a free edition, but it does feature a 30-day trial version that which means after downloading the antivirus, you will only get a period of 30 days to decide if you’d like to activate the key with a purchased license.

If you’d like to download a 30-day free trial, feel free to make use of the following link:

Download Now

ESET NOD32 Antivirus:

You’ll be offered the coverage of ground level. This is an entry-level package that will have your back by protecting you from all types of attacks, be it malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. You will be having next-level protection against cyber-attacks. Get simple yet effective protection that you can count on and receive state-of-the-art system performance.

With a single license, you will be able to protect your Windows device. Get ultimate protection no you get involved in doing your most favorite task on your device. There’s another feature called “Game Mode” that will help you stick to your business – i.e. nothing will create a disturbance while you’re playing your much-loved game offline or online.

Buy Now

ESET Internet Security:

If you’re willing to get an around-the-clock cyber guard, the “Internet Security” is what you should be investing in. It brings multi-protection to the table i.e. you could get the best of it on many platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Android. No matter how important your banking transaction is, you can make sure that no one misuses your private data and you’re always in the safe hands.

In addition, protection IoT and webcam has never been easier, courtesy of “Internet Security”. This suites removes all possible vulnerabilities and keeps you completely secure from all cyber-attacks happening around the world and near you. Block all types of unauthorized access to your system’s webcam and get rid of the fear of being spied on. Find out other fascinating features below.

Buy Now

ESET Smart Security Premium:

Looking out for a full-fledged suite that offers top-of-the-line security for your devices? If that’s what you’re after, this package i.e. Smart Security Premium will make your day. Get a safe place to store all of your passwords and get rid of the worry and take advantage of encryption. If you are not sure of paying, you could use the 30-day free trial and get the ins and outs of it.

Buy Now

If you are not a Windows user, you could make the most out of their other suites available for Mac-specific and Android-specific users. If you’re into “Business Models”, perhaps, you should head over to this page that lists security from cyber-attacks for up to 5 devices. If you’re not sure, you could begin your journey with the “Trial” that will give you a basic understanding of how the antivirus works.

Which Antivirus offers Better Malware Protection?

Protection from the zero-day attacks should be the primary concern because that’s what puts your device at high risk, and that, unfortunately, will lead to the data loss. Defense from malware must be your top priority or you won’t be feeling safe anymore.

On the basis of “Avast Vs ESET”, we will be having a neck and neck comparison by categorizing different aspects. To have the final conclusion, we’ve considered the tests conducted by AV-test and AV-comparative. That means we will be taking a look at the scores to figure out which antivirus gets a perfect rating – i.e. 6 out of 6 which one doesn’t.

Apart from “Malware Protection”, we will also take a look at scores obtained by each antivirus in other categories: Usability, Performance on System. But, let’s first be familiar with the score that each antivirus software has scored in this category:

Avast Malware Protection Score:

avast protection

ESET Malware Protection Score:

Eset Protection chart

The evaluations for Avast were conducted in Jan-Feb of this year i.e. 2020 and the assessment for ESET was done in Nov-Dec of the 2017 year.

As a result, the ESET turned out to be a good competitor, however, it could not surpass Avast.

Winner: Avast

Which Antivirus Software Puts Minimal Impact on System?

On the one hand, safeguarding your loved ones from malware is critical, and, on the other hand, you can’t let the matter rest when it comes to the “System Performance”.

If your PC is slowed down during running the antivirus, it will be suffocated to death and that’s not a good thing. Therefore, to make a difference, AV-test conducted tests on the performance that a system is affected by.

That’s what you should see – i.e. which antivirus impresses you more comparatively. Having examined, the results were crystal clear to us and quite surprising. Again, in this comparison, Avast got ahead of ESET as it got 5.5 out of 6 and ESET could only make it to 4.0 out of 6.0.

See the score yourself below:

Avast Performance Score:

Avast performance in charts

ESET Performance Score:

Eset performance chart

The performance test was conducted during performing dissimilar tests on the system, such as surfing the Internet, downloading files, installation applications, and copying the data.

So, it’s all clear to conclude that Avast is the antivirus that gets ahead in this category as well.

Winner: Avast

Which Antivirus Software is More User-Friendly?

An antivirus that has a cluttered menu or navigation should not be your choice; rather what you need is a software that has clear-cut options presented right when you open the software, removing all avoidable steps to reach the destination source. The user-interface (UI) appreciation by the user is merely possible if they got what they wanted.

Avast’s UI:

Avast user interface showing icons

Speaking of Avast’s user interface (UI), it brings a lot of values to the table when it comes to user-friendliness. It offers a dusky-colored interface and the navigation has been designed with “Not-very-literate people” in mind so that any novice could get their head around the options available there.

The shortcoming of using Avast’s UI is that it shows some ads, however, that only happens when you’re using the “Free Edition” of the software.

See’s Avast’s UI underneath:


ESET Internet Security software

Is ESET’s UI out of complexity? No, it’s not a coming with a bad UI, however, having them in this comparison battle, the things get clear. To help you get the clearer picture, we’ve laid out the UIs of both of the software. See which color is the background and what are the color of links, do you need to strain your eyes, and more.

See’s ESET’s UI below:

Both software takes the same space on the screen when loaded for the first or second time. The dashboard of both antiviruses are intuitive and stylish, and, therefore, it is a “Tie”.

Winner: Tie

Which Antivirus is Reasonably Priced?

This is the concern that people get most fascinated about. This is because they do not want to spend more than what is required. You cannot invest in software that is breaking the bank and therefore, what you need to look out for is an antivirus that offers the bang for your bucks.

The pricing gets differentiated based on different factors like for how long do you need the service, are you purchasing the suite for a single device or multiple users.

Let’s see which antivirus brings more value to the table in terms of “Pricing” of different suites.

Avast’s pricing:

Avast Antivirus Suites Prices
Avast Pro Antivirus Latest Price
Avast Internet Security Latest Price
Avast Premier Latest Price
Avast Ultimate Latest Price
Avast Security for Mac Latest Price
Avast Business Products Latest Range

ESET’s pricing:

ESET Antivirus Suites Price
ESET NOD32 Antivirus Latest Price
ESET Smart Security Premium Latest Price
ESET Internet Security Latest Price
ESET Multi-device Security Latest Price
ESET Cyber Security (Mac) Latest Price
ESET Business Products Full Range

Winner: Avast

Which Antivirus offers Better Usability?

Which antivirus software sheds light on more features and offers serviceability? It refers to the impact of security software on usability. Many aspects were taken into consideration while testing this category for both software like “False Warnings” or “Blockage” while logging on to the websites. The highest samples were used for “False Detection of Legitimate Software” – i.e. 1,605,917 sample as per the report.

The Avast got 6 out of 6, whereas, ESET could only get 5.5 out of 6 which makes “Avast” the winner.

See the score below to see yourself:

Avast Usability Score:

avast usability chart

ESET Usability Score:

eset usability chart

Winner: Avast

Customer Satisfaction

Are the customers happy with the services provided by the company you’re going to invest in the product of? If its customers have been struggling through the hard times, you need to find the alternatives or you will also be going through the same.

With that in mind, we comprehend how much customers are satisfied with the service. Did they face any issue while using the service due to some technical problem? Well, that’s what we will find out below.

To rank each of the software in terms of offering better customer service, we used BBB aka Better Business Bureau to get a clear picture of the rankings or ratings.

For the ranking procedure, the BBB keeps the company on a scale of A to F (best to worst). Let’s see which company performed exceptionally and which one didn’t.

On BBB, both ESET and Avast get the same rating – i.e. A+. And, insofar Comsumeraffairs.org (which uses a 5-star grading scale) is considered, Avast only got 2 out of 5 whereas ESET performed much better, getting a 4 out of 5.

Final Thoughts for Avast Vs ESET

Undoubtedly ESET is a famous antivirus, but speaking of the out-of-this-world cyber-security, it can’t get ahead of Avast since it offers more security-related features that you won’t find in ESET. On top of it, Avast won more rounds of the test conducted by AV-test which is why it should be your top priority.

What if you could get the best-in-the-world security?

Is it possible without having to break the bank?

Of course, it is! All you need to do is subscribe to a premium (paid) plan of BitDefender. Yes, we believe you’re already heard of “BitDefender”, haven’t you?

It’s the antivirus giant that is capable of protecting up to 15 devices at the same time, hence, not only is it good for an individual but also for a big family.

What’s even great is that you will get your money back if you’re not satisfied within the 30 days (after you’ve purchased the suite one of the suites that have this offer).

Protection all of your devices on different platforms – iOS, macOS, Android, or Windows and get up to 50% off on the new purchase and have your day made! If you still have any queries pertaining to “Avast Vs ESET”, feel free to reach out to our experts.

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