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AVG vs. AVG Protection | What Can You Expect In Terms of Security?

AVG Company offers antivirus software that helps you detect and block various types of malware, including ransomware, spyware, adware, etc. The various types of destructive programs attack your device and leave you prone to identity theft. It will also help you perform deep scans on websites for malware and potentially harmful links.

AVG antivirus program - see full AVG review - works in the background when you put your device on. If the antivirus program discovers any cyber threat, it notifies you and sends the malicious file on quarantine, ensuring you don't open it accidentally.

Here, we'll have a detailed AVG antivirus review and a comparison of the various payment plans and the features they offer.

Our recommendation: McAfee

Did you know there are other available (and better) options in the cybersecurity market? You read that right! One of the top, leading antivirus software is called McAfee! With over 18.9 billion protected ranging from home to government devices, it’s no wonder that so many people trust their security with this company. With its extensive line-up of products all built with unique security features, the protection that McAfee offers is dynamic and ever-evolving.

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Is AVG a Reputable Antivirus Protector? 

AVG antivirus program is one of the most reputable antivirus programs you can find in the market. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to recognize malware warning signs and operating patterns online and on your computer.

The AVG antivirus program offers top-notch internet security, including ransomware protection and other malware protection. However, it has a limited impact on your device's performance in terms of the speed of performing other tasks such as launching apps, etc.

It also has an effortless and straightforward download and installation process, which will take you a few minutes to complete. The easy-to-use interface also makes it effortless to operate, even for beginners.

So, why is AVG antivirus a good software, and why should you trust it for your antivirus protection?

The AVG antivirus offers free antivirus software and a paid AVG Internet Security option. The options come with various features that ensure your device is free from any malware attack while gaming online, streaming or working.

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Such features include:

A free tool for PC, iOS, Chromebook and Android devices: You can download the AVG free app on Google Play, Apple, or Microsoft stores. The apps are an excellent option if you don't want to pay. The free version doesn't offer advanced security features. If you want to enjoy enhanced security, you have to upgrade to the AVG Internet Security suite.

One advantage of going for the internet security option is that it offers an enhanced firewall. When you enable the firewall, it helps you monitor your network for any intrusion, which keeps hackers at bay.

AVG is also reputable for offering behavior-based detection. It will look for malicious signatures and look out for suspicious behaviors that can lead to cyber-attacks. This helps to prevent malware, identity theft, etc. The antivirus does an excellent job of identifying viruses, even the most concealed ones.

What's more?

The AVG antivirus also stands out from the rest for offering a money-back guarantee. While the money-back guarantee is not available for all of its options, it is commendable that it is available for most of them.

As mentioned earlier, you can go for the AVG antivirus free or opt for the paid AVG Internet Security. Going for the paid AVG Internet Security package enables you to cover more devices.

What Does AVG Protect Against?

AVG antivirus protects against various types of cyber threats. However, the kind of malware it protects against can depend on the security suite you choose. For instance, if you go for the AVG antivirus free, you may not receive protection against ransomware attacks, web protection, etc.

On the other hand, the AVG Ultimate security suite offers advanced and real-time protection against various malware attacks, which we highly recommend as business antivirus package of choice.

Is AVG Antivirus Free the Same as AVG Internet Security?

AVG antivirus protection offers two payment plans for you to choose one depending on your budget and requirements.

AVG Software Free 

AVG free software offers basic protection features such as real-time updates. This ensures your device has protection against the latest types of malware. It also offers a performance scan. However, the payment plan doesn't provide enhanced security features. To enjoy advanced internet security features, you need to upgrade to the internet security suite.

AVG Internet Security Payment Package

The AVG Full Security costs $69.99 per year. The plan comes with all the features of the AVG antivirus free plus other advanced features, including ransomware protection. Ransomware is one of the most notorious types of malware. The hacker steals your data, holds it, and then asks for some money to reaccess your data.

Other features of the internet security feature include fake websites protection, webcam protection, and an enhanced firewall.

AVG Ultimate 

AVG Ultimate is the top-shelf package by AVG, and it offers the top security features. The package is the best choice for households as it allows you to cover up to 10 devices. Thus, you'll cover all the devices of the members of the household at no additional cost.

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You also get a file shredder that lets you get rid of all sensitive data without leaving a trace that hackers can use.

Other features of the AVG Ultimate plan that ensure your online security include an enhanced firewall and remote access shield. The online security software also helps to strengthen the performance of your device, which includes speeding up your device, boosting the battery life, and a software updater that ensures your programs are up to date.

The plan helps fix minor issues in your device before they become real problems and clean out any junk to offer you more storage. The secure VPN enables you to browse privately and securely. Besides securing your WiFi network, the VPN also hides your address, ensuring no one can know your location. It also enables you to access geo-restricted content.

AVG Antivirus pros & cons


  • Security evaluation by a third party
  • Numerous features on a simple interface
  • Affordable prices (including a free version)
  • Support via phone and chat


  • Inadequate defense
  • Inadequate knowledge base

Avast vs. AVG: Which is the Better One?

AVG logo
avast logo

Both Avast and AVG antivirus are products of the same company, and they share the same antivirus technology. Both antiviruses offer similar payment plans, including a free version, a basic paid plan, and a pricier plan. The costly options provide advanced features, including a virtual private network (VPN) and other device optimization features.

You'll find some differences between the two antiviruses. For instance, although they come at the same price, the AVG antivirus option offers discounts for the first two or three years of subscriptions. Additionally, Avast offers another antivirus solution known as Omni that protects your smart home/WiFi networks.

The features you enjoy with the AVG paid version include the silent modes and do not disturb modes, link scanner, toolbar remover, turbo scan, behavior shield, etc. Additionally, the AVG secure browser is safe as it is fine-tuned by a team of privacy and security experts.

Other features you can enjoy on AVG at an added cost include an anti-track, driver update, express install, BreachGuard, etc.

Is AVG antivirus safe?

The antivirus is safe as it will not impact your system in any way as it runs in the background or as you conduct a virus scan.

On the other hand, all products by Avast support various devices, including macOS, Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

Is AVG Antivirus Better than Defender?

AVG logo
Windows Defender logo

Microsoft Windows Defender has seen various improvements over the years in terms of cybersecurity capabilities, and it has become a decent free antivirus. It includes cloud-based malware detection and sandboxing, making malware detection more effortless and boosting overall threats protection.

Some of the features you may like about Windows defender include:

  • Blocking phishing sites
  • Parental controls help you regulate what your kids can access online
  • System performance reports
  • Network protection and enhanced firewall
  • Real-time malware threat protection
  • Hardware protection

Windows Defender also offers a system performance and health report. The parental control comes with location tracking, content filtering, and usage limitations.

On the other hand, AVG antivirus offers most of the features you get from the Windows Defender antivirus. Additionally, it provides superior security features, including a file shredder that enables you to delete all your sensitive data and remove all traces to prevent unauthorized recovery. Additionally, it comes with a toolbar remover that helps eliminate all potentially harmful or unwanted extensions and toolbars that may have been installed without your permission.

Another helpful feature of the AVG antivirus includes the turbo scan feature that shortens your scanning time by skipping files that it knows are not harmful.

So, which one is better between Windows Defender Vs. AVG antivirus?

Both Windows Defender and AVG antivirus are effective antiviruses and come with features that help protect your device. The Windows Defender has a free version, while AVG offers some paid options. AVG antivirus software comes out as the better option as it provides some superior protection features that you may not get in Windows Defender.

Our recommendation: McAfee

From phishing scams to malware attacks, security threats grow increasingly by the day. Although the products we mentioned are very good, it cannot beat the likes of McAfee. With McAfee it has protection on all sorts of devices ranging from phones to even cars! It’s extensive product line-up has protected over 18.9 billion devices to this day.

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1. What is the difference between AVG Antivirus and AVG protection?

They are both identical products. AVG Internet Security for Windows is different in that it can only be installed on one Windows device. Ten devices can have AVG Internet Security (Multi-device) installed (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS).

2. Is AVG full protection worth it?

AVG Antivirus is a decent option if you're seeking for antivirus software, yes. It provides real-time protection by identifying questionable downloads, links, and items that can endanger your machine. It's a great option for security-conscious customers because it offers superb all-around protection.

3. Is AVG virus protection legit?

AVG is one of the most reputable names in antivirus for good reason, with a 99.8% malware detection rate. Strong antivirus protection is now more important than ever for the wellbeing and security of any Internet-connected device.

4. Does AVG slow your computer down?

AVG scans each application that runs to help safeguard your computer against threats such as viruses, worms, and other malware. According to AVG, this kind of screening doesn't typically make your system slower.

5. Is AVG or McAfee better?

In conclusion, both McAfee and AVG are trustworthy antivirus programs. However, McAfee is just marginally superior. It had an almost perfect 99.8% success rate against malware, and its performance and protection ratings were both 6.


When looking for an antivirus, AVG antivirus is one of the most reputable options you can consider. It comes with various features that help to detect malware attacks and also remove them from your device. The software comes with multiple payment options, allowing you to choose one depending on the features you want and your budget. The free version offers basic protection features. However, you'll have to upgrade to either AVG Internet Security or AVG Ultimate security suite to enjoy advanced security features.

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