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AVG vs. Bitdefender | Which Antivirus Guarantees More Secure Browsing?

AVG vs. Bitdefender, which one is the best option?

The internet world today is concentrated with tons of threats, including malware and hackers. At the same time, there are tons of antivirus programs available to counter the threats. The challenge for any internet user is to get the best antivirus that fits your unique needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitdefender offers more features and is cheaper, meaning it provides better value for money than AVG.
  • Both AVG and Bitdefender have great app support and conveniently arranged interfaces.
  • In terms of support, Bitdefender took the lead because it offers human assistance for users who decided to stick with the free plan.

Bitdefender antivirus and AVG antivirus are some of the reputable and reliable antiviruses that you can find on the market. Both antivirus programs come with features that offer antivirus protection and keep other malware threats at bay.

Our recommendation: McAfee

Did you know there are other available (and better) options in the cybersecurity market? You read that right! One of the top, leading antivirus software is called McAfee! With over 18.9 billion protected ranging from home to government devices, it’s no wonder that so many people trust their security with this company. With its extensive line-up of products all built with unique security features, the protection that McAfee offers is dynamic and ever-evolving.

McAfee logo

So, between both Bitdefender and AVG , which software offers excellent malware protection?

AVG Antivirus vs. Bitdefender Comparison

As mentioned earlier, the internet today is full of threats. If you don't take the necessary precautions to protect your privacy and security, there are high chances you'll become the next victim of a malware attack.

You are probably wondering, "What can a malware attack do to your device?" Well, it can access your bank and credit card details, steal your personal data and sell it to third parties, and it can also corrupt your system. If your personal data is in the hands of malicious third parties, it can be used for committing various cybercrimes.

AVG and Bitdefender programs promise to offer the best malware detection and protection. Before you decide which one is the best (see also Norton vs AVG), it will be best to do a malware protection test to determine how best they can secure your device.

Virus detected warning on laptop

Is AVG Internet Security Antivirus Dependable?

AVG,which is now owned by Avast, comes with various payment packages, including a free plan called AVG antivirus free, which is only compatible with the Windows 10 platform. The free plan detects various types of malware, including ransomware, viruses, spyware, etc. It also scans email attachments, downloaded files, and it also helps to block dangerous links. Since it is free, you may not expect extra utilities or advanced protection features like its Kaspersky free version counterpart.

The other AVG package is the AVG Internet Security that is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms. It offers advanced protection against malware threats, including ransomware protection.

This includes an anti-spam module, advanced two-way firewall, file shredder, and an encryption utility. The encryption utility helps you to encrypt your private folders and files so that nobody can access them.

The internet security plan also includes a WiFi guard and webcam protection. You'll get an alert each time you access an unsecured network. The best thing about the AVG Web Security plan is that the antivirus covers all the android devices, PC, Chromebook and Mac in your household with a single subscription.

AVG's top-shelf plan is known as the AVG Ultimate, which is an all-in-one antivirus package. The package offers you all the features you get in the AVG Internet Security package plus other advanced features. Other advanced features you get from the AVG Ultimate package include cleaning up junk files, speeding up your device, boosting your device's battery life, etc.

A single AVG Ultimate subscription will provide one-year protection for all the devices in your household or office including Macs, PCs, and Android devices. The AVG Ultimate and AVG Internet Security packages are compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.

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Is Bitdefender Antivirus Software a Good Option?

Bitdefender offers separate security suites for Mac and Windows, but its top-shelf security suite is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms.

The company offers a free antivirus plan known as a Bitdefender Free Edition. It helps detect various malware threats, including spyware, rootkits, worms, and viruses. However, the package doesn't offer advanced security features or any extra tools. The freeware plan is only compatible with the Windows platform and it can work as a second layer of protection along with the built-in Windows Defender.

The next payment plan is the Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus 2021. It offers excellent protection against malware protection. Other features it offers include a password manager, which saves all your sensitive data and passwords in a secure vault.

Additionally, it comes with a file shredding feature that helps you to remove all sensitive files from your devices without leaving a trace. The antivirus scanner ensures you are not exposed to any threats by checking all security flaws, including outdated software. It also offers an enhanced defense layer against ransomware which is a pernicious type of malware. Plus, the hardened browser enables you to enjoy safe online shopping and banking. The plan also comes with a limited VPN.

Another payment plan includes the Bitdefender Internet Security 2021. The package comes with all the features present in the antivirus plan package. Additionally, Bitdefender Internet Security offers a two-way firewall that checks the network traffic and protects you from any malicious hacking attempts.

Additionally, the encryption feature enables you to create passwords to help you protect your virtual drives where you save your data. The plan also includes an email spam filter that blocks junk mails from accessing your inbox.

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What's more?

The internet security plan has a limited parental control module that helps you control what your kids can access online. It also offers enhanced webcam protection, which is something parents will absolutely appreciate in a gaming antivirus when trying to prevent spying on their kids.

The payment plan is compatible with the Windows platform only, and a single subscription of the plan protects up to three PCs.

The company also offers the Bitdefender Total Security 2021 that is the company's top-shelf security suite. The plan is compatible with both Windows and macOS platforms.

The payment plan comes with all the features you get on the internet security suite, plus an anti-theft utility feature that enables you to recover stolen or lost devices. Additionally, it features a full-blown parental control module. It also comes with other performance optimization features that include Disk Cleanup and OneClick Optimizer.

The total security feature can help you secure 5 macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices with a single subscription. If your household consists of more than five devices, it'll be best to go for the Bitdefender Family Pack 2021. It protects the devices using the "Total Security" suite, and it can protect an unlimited number of Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

The company also offers the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac which is a separate product for Mac. The product protects your Mac device from all types of malware threats, limited VPN, web browsing protection, and an encryption utility feature.

The Bitdefender Family Pack 2021 and the Bitdefender Total Security 2021 are also compatible with the macOS platform.

The Bitdefender antivirus comes with an intuitive user interface that helps you scan your external drives and USBs.

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Which Is Better Between Bitdefender and AVG in Malware Protection?

You can classify malware into two types, including known and unknown malware. The unknown malware, also called zero-day malware, is more dangerous and takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability.

If you want to determine which antivirus provides the best malware protection between Bitdefender and AVG, you need to conduct a malware protection test. AV-Comparatives and AV-Test are some of the reputable companies that conduct the protection tests.

An antivirus should offer the best protection against all attacks. Malware can take advantage of the slightest gap to attack your device.

In a test by AV-Test in 2018, Bitdefender proves an effective antivirus software as it blocks 100% of all the threats. The AVG also offers incredible security though not as best as the Bitdefender.

Which of the Two Antiviruses Has Less Effect on System Performance? 

An antivirus should provide the best protection against malware threats and have minimal impact on your computer performance. Some antivirus programs can affect your computer speed which is frustrating. On the other hand, lightweight programs like Lookout antivirus don't offer as many features or the same protection.

The software can affect the computer performance while carrying out tasks such as downloading and installing apps, opening websites, copying files, etc.

Both Bitdefender and AVG have negligible impact on your computer even when running in the background. You can carry out various tasks on your device without it slowing down a lot.

AVG vs. Bitdefender Comparison for the Best User Experience

Bitdefender antivirus comes with an intuitive, modern, stylish, and user-friendly user interface. It offers easy access to the main modules, including the dashboard, utilities, privacy, and protection. You also get quick access to settings, My account, notifications, and support.

The interface dashboard is the default view, and it displays your protection status and links to various modules such as the VPN, etc.

Bitdefender vs AVG logo

On the other hand, AVG comes with a basic and dark interface with green, white, and dark gray shades. The home window is the default view, and it displays various modules in a horizontal design. Such modules include privacy, hacker attacks, computer, payments, the web, and email, which still appeals more to use than Panda's interface with limited settings menu as seen in AVG vs Panda review.

Àbove the modules is a green checkmark that notifies you that everything is okay. If there is an issue that you require to address, the checkmark will turn red. A scan computer button at the bottom of the interface also offers various details, including when the last scan was.

In this category, Bitdefender comes out as the best as it comes with a modern interface that offers the best user experience.

Our recommendation: McAfee

There’s actually an antivirus that outperforms the mentioned in the article, this antivirus is McAfee! With over 1500 security patents worldwide, it’s no wonder their line-up of products come with unique and powerful features that protects any device installed with it. McAfee’s extensive knowledge in cybersecurity is championed with a database of 49 billion threat queries which are tailored to beat out multitudes of hackers everyday.

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Customer Support

Help is on hand with AVG and Bitdefender if you find you’re a bit stuck with your software.

AVG has an online form approach to customer support. You input your query and details, and someone will get in touch with you. AVG has an extensive support hub, with FAQs, a how-to section, and community advice allowing you to get support from other AVG users.

Bitdefender provides 24/7 support through its online chat and ticketing system, and you can reach a representative via phone. Bitdefender also has support on its website, with lots of solutions to help you with your query.


It’s refreshing to see simple plans from AVG, with just two premium plans and unlimited device coverages. Bitdefender’s plans, in comparison, are a little more confusing, and you’ll have to pay extra if you have more devices to cover.

That said, with no premium AVG plans for Mac and no discounted packages, it’s much cheaper to take out a Bitdefender subscription, especially in the first year.

Final Word on AVG vs Bitdefender

Both Bitdefender and AVG are reputable antiviruses you can trust to offer online protection. Bitdefender comes out as the better option as it offers various payment plans with specific features. It also comes with a user-friendly interface and offers better malware protection than AVG.


1. Is AVG or Bitdefender better?

Bitdefender is better than AVG. AVG doesn’t fall far behind Bitdefender in terms of features, however, the latter has a few more useful tools such as parental controls and adjustable profiles. Not to mention that the subscriptions are way cheaper, offering much better value for money.

2. Is Bitdefender really the best?

Yes, Bitdefender is the best antivirus solution on the market on many lists. It takes one of the top places on our list of best antivirus software and leads the market with its excellent features and outstanding protection.

3. Can I trust AVG Antivirus Free?

Independent testing group AV Comparatives awarded AVG's antivirus rating three out of three stars in 2021 tests. AVG Antivirus Free got top marks in both performance and basic protection.

4. Is Bitdefender really free?

Bitdefender Antivirus protection for Windows is absolutely free. Choose the only free antivirus software that keeps your computer running clean, fast & virus-free while shielding you from the latest e-threats.

5. Is Bitdefender as good as Norton?

Norton scored 100 percent and Bitdefender scored 99.7 percent in their online protection rates, putting Norton slightly higher than Bitdefender. Norton achieved first place out of every antivirus in this test; no other reached 100 percent.

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