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AVG vs. Kaspersky | Which Should You Get for Malware and Computer Viruses Protection?

AVG and Kaspersky are excellent antivirus software that helps to deal with various malware and computer viruses. But which one is the best option for malware protection?

Today, it is risky to have your personal and sensitive data on a system without an antivirus program installed on it. This puts your information at risk of virus attacks. Additionally, there are various malicious programs, including ransomware, adware, spyware, etc. Thus, your choice of antivirus program should be capable of dealing with various malicious programs.

So, which one between AVG and Kaspersky is the best in dealing with the various types of cyber threats?

Our recommendation: McAfee

We care about the security of your tech devices, so you should know that there is an antivirus program that continues to evolve and is a standard in the cybersecurity market. That program is McAfee! The integrated antivirus program optimizes for all-around security that a lot of antivirus programs are missing. It’s no wonder that government agencies and business enterprises rely on their programs! 

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Which Is Better AVG or Kaspersky?

Kaspersky and AVG - see also AVG or Bitdefender - are both reputable companies in the provision of protection against online threats. The antiviruses come with various features that help to protect your device against threats. But which one is better?

Which Antivirus Program Is Better than Kaspersky?

Kaspersky has been in operation since 1997, and it is a trusted multinational antivirus and cyber threats protection provider. It offers various protection features that help in various aspects, such as parental controls. The feature is popular for families as the parents can regulate what the kids can access online and how much time they spend there. 

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Is AVG Antivirus a Good Program?

AVG, which is now owned by Avast, stands for Anti-Virus Guard, and it is a product of the AVG technologies. The AVG antivirus software is available for various devices, including Windows 10, macOS, and Android. AVG products come with performance, security, and privacy features.

The privacy products include the AVG secure browser, AVG safe VPN available for Mac and desktop. You also get the AVG anti-track for PC. The safe VPN feature secures your WiFi network to ensure you are safe as you carry out online tasks such as banking, surfing, and making online payments.

Which Antivirus Software Is Better than Kaspersky? 

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To find out which antivirus is better, you can check how the programs perform in various aspects. These include:


The features included in an antivirus program determine its overall value. The best program should be feature-packed to help you deal with various issues.

AVG (see also full AVG review) offers you a free program known as the AVG Antivirus Free. The package includes various features such as primary malware defenses and blocking unsafe downloads and links. 

The package only offers essential device protection. If you want better security, you have to upgrade to paid AVG products.

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The first paid AVG security suite is the AVG Internet Security. The package includes all the features you find in the free version. Additionally, it offers some enhanced security features, such as an enhanced firewall that protects your device against spyware, antivirus, and ransomware attacks. It also comes with a smart scan feature that will notify you if your device has a performance issue. See also how it stacjs against AVG's top payment package in our 'AVG Ultimate vs. Internet Security' review.

The other features that you enjoy with this security suite include:

  • Real-time security updates.

  • A file securing feature that helps save your sensitive files.

  • A fake websites detector that prevents scammers

  • Webcam protection that protects you from spies

The AVG Ultimate is the company's premium security suite. It contains all the features in the AVG Internet Security package. Additionally, you get the AVG tune-up package that enhances your device's performance. You also get a live phone and chat support. The AVG Ultimate package also comes with apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The AVG antivirus for Mac offers spyware and malware defenses, a lightning-fast scanner, and automatic security updates. AVG antivirus business edition is also available - see what sets it apart from other top business antiviruses.

What does Kaspersky offer in terms of features?

Kaspersky offers a free package with some valuable features that include checking USB drives for viruses. It is also capable of protecting you from phishing sites. However, its firewall is not able to protect you from most malware threats.

The company's first paid package is the Kaspersky antivirus. It comes with some advanced features, such as the vulnerability scanner that notifies you of any security lapse in your device, leading to a malware attack. It also offers a comprehensive firewall.

If you don't want disruptions while you gaming or watching a movie, the security suite has a silent mode that suspends all notifications. Multilayered ransomware protection is also part of the package.

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The next tier is the Kaspersky Internet Security, which is like other top internet security programs available for Macs, Pcs, and your mobile device. The package offers you features from the previous packages plus an enhanced two-way firewall. It also comes with a hardened browser that is more secure than a standard browser. Therefore, you can surf the internet and shop online without risking your personal details.

Also included in the package is the anti-spam module that blocks ads on your emails. It also prevents junk mail and spam from slowing down your device. The parental controls feature enables you to prevent your children from accessing specific sites, and it also allows you to check the web traffic.

The Kaspersky Total Security is the company's premium package. Besides the Internet Security Suite features, this plan offers you other features, including a password manager that helps to secure all your passwords and sensitive data. Plus, the file shredder feature gets rid of all your sensitive data without leaving a trace.

The Kaspersky Security Cloud is a variation of the premium package. It uses adaptive technology to implement security changes on some of your features, depending on your computer use and internet surfing habits. It is available in personal and family versions.

Kaspersky wins in this category as it offers more comprehensive security features.

Malware Protection 

The primary purpose of any antivirus is malware protection. As such, your choice of antivirus should perform well in this regard.

You can use independent testing organizations to determine which one performs better. In this category, Kaspersky is the winner as it offers better malware protection.

System Performance

Good antivirus software should add extra protection to your PC along with the built-in Windows Defender, and offer mobile security without affecting the day-to-day running of your device.

Both AVG and Kaspersky antivirus programs will offer antivirus protection without affecting other tasks such as file downloads, word processing, etc. In addition, we concluded the same thing after reviewing Lookout vs AVG.


User-friendliness refers to how easy or challenging it is to use an antivirus to perform various tasks such as scanning your device. An intuitive user interface enables you to take control over multiple aspects of the software.

AVG's top-rated antivirus software has a basic user interface with a gray background and white and green texts, which is not on par with attractive interface from Norton, for example. It is easy to see all the buttons and texts, making it a perfect pick for you if you don't like cluttered user interfaces.

Kaspersky also features a simple interface with white and green colors. On one row, you'll get all the essential buttons you require to perform various operations. This makes it effortless even for newbies to use the software.

One frustrating design of the Kaspersky interface is that the icons you can't access due to paying for a lower tier are not missing but are gray. It is a method by the company to show you how much you are missing by not upgrading.

Both companies offer simplistic user interfaces that make it straightforward, even for beginners to navigate. However, it can be frustrating as it shows you what you are missing by not upgrading to the other packages.


The best antivirus is affordable and should offer value for money by ensuring it delivers the expected features. Therefore, you should ultimately compare the pricing models to determine whether it is the right software for you.

The AVG Antivirus free won't cost you a thing. However, you won't enjoy the advanced features that you get from paid software. The AVG Internet Security costs $79.99 per year, and you'll get ten licenses for a single subscription. This makes it ideal for families, but it still doesn't match Panda's offer as seen in our 'AVG vs Panda' review.

The AVG Ultimate package goes for $99.99 per year and offers protection for an unlimited number of devices. This is ideal for families where everyone has a few devices. Although the upfront cost is high, it provides the best value for money. AVG products are available for particular mobile devices, PCs and Chromebook. If you have a Mac, you have to get the Mac-specific software from the company. The Mac software by the AVG company goes for $79.99.

On the other hand, the Kaspersky antivirus software costs $29.99 per year, offering three PC licenses. The Kaspersky Internet Security costs $39.99, and it also offers three licenses, but you can use the licenses for mobile devices, PCs, or Macs. The Kaspersky Total Security goes for $49.99 and offers three licenses for all types of devices.

Is Kaspersky Antivirus Free Better than AVG Antivirus Free?

Both Kaspersky and AVG-free antiviruses offer essential protection against online threats. Kaspersky's protection is instant as it stops malicious files during the downloading process. Therefore, it offers better protection than the AVG and many other free antivirus software.

Our recommendation: McAfee

We care about the security of your tech devices, so you should know that there is an antivirus program that continues to evolve and is a standard in the cybersecurity market. That program is McAfee! The integrated antivirus program optimizes for all-around security that a lot of antivirus programs are missing. It’s no wonder that government agencies and business enterprises rely on their programs! 

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Both AVG and Kaspersky are reputable antiviruses. You can trust any of the two to protect your device from malware attacks. Kaspersky comes with more comprehensive features making it a better choice. Even its free version helps to block files during the download process, ensuring instant protection.

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