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AVG Vs. McAfee | Which Antivirus Provides Better Internet Security?

AVG and McAfee antivirus are some of the most reputable antivirus software in the market today. But which one offers the best internet security and protection against widespread malware?

The internet today is full of threats, including malware threats and the possibility of hacker attacks. As you choose your antivirus software, you need to ensure it offers top-notch PC or Chromebook security and malware protection. Besides providing the best internet security, it will also help if the software can enhance your Windows 10 or any other system performance.

Our recommendation: McAfee

The internet has been accessible to the public for over 25 years, did you know there is an antivirus program that’s been there for just as long? We are sure you’ve heard of McAfee, a program that has been existing for over 20 years! With a strong foundation of cybersecurity, McAfee has protected over 18.9 billion devices to this day.

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We have already cross-reviewed AVG vs. Bitdefender and Norton vs AVG, so now we'll see which one comes out as the best in the battle between AVG Vs. McAfee? Which one offers the best features at the most affordable prices?

What Is McAfee Anti-virus Software?

McAfee has been in operation since 1987 under its founder John McAfee. The United States company is one of the most reputable brands in the antivirus market, and it offers protection to millions of devices globally.

What Is AVG Antivirus?

The AVG antivirus has been operating since 1990, and it is McAfee's rival in Eastern Europe. Since its inception, the company has offered top-notch malware protection making it one of the most trustworthy antivirus companies.

McAfee Vs. AVG: Side by Side Comparison 

As already seen in our 'AVG vs. Kaspersky' comparison, the two are reputable antivirus companies that come with varying features and pricing, which you should consider before making your choice.


Malware protection for your device comes at a cost. McAfee and AVG offer a range of pricing options allowing you to pick the best plan depending on your budget and the package's features.

McAfee offers a wide range of pricing options, with the McAfee total protection for a single device going for $79.99 per year. The McAfee total protection for five devices goes for $99.99 per year, and the full protection for 10 devices costs $119.99 annually.

The company also offers McAfee total protection plus a VPN package - see other top antiviruses with VPN - for five devices worth $99.99 per year. Additionally, the McAfee Live Safe payment package for unlimited devices costs $119.99 per year. Sometimes, McAfee offers generous discounts on your first year of use. For instance, there is an $80 discount on the company's total protection for 10 devices. Thus, you'll only pay $39.99 for the first year.

On the other hand, AVG has slightly fewer options. Unlike McAfee, AVG antivirus offers a free basic antivirus package for users who need basic malware protection for a single device. The basic package includes the AVG TuneUp, which helps to enhance your device's speed and protection against phishing attacks, ransomware, internet threats.

The AVG Internet Security offers comprehensive coverage at $69.99 that enables you to enjoy better malware protection. But it covers a single device. The comprehensive package includes features such as a file shredder and enhanced webcam protection, which is something parents will absolutely appreciate in a gaming antivirus when trying to prevent spying on their kids.

AVG tune up

You can use the AVG Ultimate package to protect the whole household, covering up to 10 devices (see 'AVG Ultimate vs. Internet Security' post, too). The company also offers discounts on the first year. For instance, they offer a 44% discount on the AVG Internet Security package, meaning you'll pay $39.48 for the first year.

Impact on Your Device’s Performance

The last thing you'd expect from your antivirus program is for it to slow down your computer or other devices. Even if an antivirus offers excellent malware protection, it will be frustrating if it adversely affects your device's system performance.

You should check the impact of the antivirus program on your disk utilization, CPU, and memory.

If you carry out a quick scan, McAfee and AVG have the same impact on your memory utilization and CPU. AVG may utilize more of the disk while carrying out the rapid scan, but it will take less time.

AVG is also the quicker option when carrying out a full scan. On the other hand, McAfee has a more comprehensive scan, and it will scan double the items that AVG scans. Therefore, although McAfee will take a longer time to scan, it will offer a more comprehensive scan. However, McAfee is more taxing on the CPU when doing a full scan. Both antivirus programs will affect memory utilization, especially if they are used simultaneusly with Windows Defender, which is, actually, quite decent itself.

McAfee will not slow down your computer when the programs are running in the background, as it uses a negligible portion of your CPU. AVG can be a little more taxing on your CPU while running in the background, which we already noted in our 'Lookout vs. AVG' review.

McAfee anti-virus comes out as the winner in this round. It offers a more comprehensive full security scan though it takes a longer period. However, since the full scan is not a daily occurrence, the slight lag may not be an issue. McAfee has the same results as the AVG antivirus when carrying out a quick scan.

McAfee on a laptop

Sign Up and Installation

Installing some software can be unnecessarily difficult. Ideally, installation and set up of your antivirus software should be an effortless and straightforward process.

McAfee features a straightforward and swift sign-up process, and it highlights the savings you'll make in the first year at the checkout. It has a 30-days free trial, and unlike other companies, McAfee sends you an email at the end of the free trial to confirm you want to continue with the service.

AVG also offers you a free trial, but unlike McAfee, it doesn't inform you when the free trial is up. Thus, you need to ensure you cancel the service if you don't wish to continue with it.

Additionally, buying an antivirus program and having difficulties using it due to a clunky interface can be frustrating. It will be best if the software comes with a user-friendly interface to ensure you can easily use the features.

AVG logo next to the opened laptop

McAfee comes with an intuitive user interface that is modern, clean, and easy to use. The interface enables you to toggle the main features of the software on the left-hand-side bar. You also have access to tabs that allow you to adjust individual settings.

Its homepage also consists of live updates of the background processes, web connections, and apps that the software protects. Thus, you can see what you are paying for.

AVG also comes with an intuitive interface as already explained in our 'AVG vs Panda' review. It will allow you to carry out a " smart scan" with just a single click.

Effectiveness in Dealing With Malware 

Malware can come in various forms, including spyware, ransomware, etc. Your choice of antivirus should come with advanced protection-related features to defend your device against various online threats, especially if you use the antivirus for business. In order to determine if the antivirus is effective, it will be best to run a malware protection test. You can use testing websites such as AV-Comparatives and AV-Test.

Both McAfee and AVG antiviruses come with advanced features that will help block malware threats from attacking your device. In this aspect, both antiviruses score the same.


Both antiviruses come with various features that perform multiple tasks. For instance, McAfee comes with various features, including:

Password manager: Password manager ensures that all your passwords are saved in a secure location which provides optimum security for your personal information.

Encrypted storage: this feature uses 256-bit AES encryption to add an enhanced layer of protection for your devices

File shredder: the file shredder feature helps to delete files without leaving any trace. This is especially useful for users with sensitive information on their devices.

Other features include multi-device compatibility, home network security, safe web browsing, online support, and security experts.

On the other hand, the features that stand out for the AVG antivirus include:

AVG Secure VPN: the VPN enables you to hide your location as you surf the internet, which ensures you can access geo-blocked content.

Webcam protection: some types of malware can attack your webcam and monitor everything that you do. The webcam protection feature secures your webcam, ensuring nobody watches what you do.

Data shredder: this feature lets you permanently delete your files without leaving any trace that hackers can use.

Other AVG antivirus features include the behavior shield, real-time updates, AI detection, password detection, advanced antivirus, etc.

PC protected green screen on a monitor

Customer Support 

When you purchase software, it's convenient when you can get the help you want if something goes wrong.

McAfee performs excellently in this aspect as it offers 24/7 customer support. The quick response ensures you don't have to wait for extended hours to get an answer to a simple question. You can also consult the website's support team if you want help to resolve an issue yourself.

AVG only offers a contact form to help you with any issue. It doesn't offer a phone line for technical support. Additionally, the software offers an online support hub where you can check out some responses to common problems.

Our recommendation: McAfee

Although the program we mentioned in this article is a decent option, McAfee is the antivirus program that you should really be looking at. With a secure database of 49 billion threat queries, the program’s extensive knowledge is capable of detecting and deleting any sort of threat that may come to your device. In addition to the protection, there is a 24/7 support tech line to help with all your needs.

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Final Thoughts 

In the battle between McAfee Vs. AVG, which one should you choose for your online protection? Both antiviruses come with advanced features that help protect your devices against malware attacks and other malware threats. Similarly, Avast and other top-notch antiviruses offer different features worth looking at, too.

However, McAfee comes out as the winner as it offers enhanced security and peace of mind as you surf the internet. It has a free version, notifies you when it ends, and provides a range of payment packages to choose from. Additionally, the software offers a comprehensive scan, although it takes longer. It also doesn't affect your computer performance as it runs in the background.

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