Avira vs Windows Defender: Which Antivirus is Better in 2020?

Which is the ultimate choice – Avira or Windows Defender? Do both of the software live up to your expectations or one is better than others? It’s time for you to enlighten yourself by getting every single aspect in mind because you can’t skip any characteristic.

This is a real battle – Avira vs Windows Defender – that will have you boosted with the knowledge highly required when picking up the perfect fit for the next-level security of your system or device. A wrong decision could hurt you financially.

If we ask, “Who among you lives in the digital world”, we know what you’d reply. It’s really hard to deprive yourself of the internet when everything is now available online on the website. And, this isn’t individually about the use of websites, people have also become the slaves of social media and can’t help themselves but use every morning and night.

While you log on to websites or download applications and use them in accordance with your needs, the chances of vulnerabilities also increase and that’s where you get entrapped by an attacker or spammer or hacker. So, it turns out when you visit a website or use an app, your information could potentially be at risk.

There’re a large number of malware attacks that take place on a regular basis and no one knows who is going to be the next victim of this cybercrime. Sitting back relaxed won’t help you out, you have to do something about the security of your privacy, identity theft and a lot more.

The methodologies used by the attackers is being advanced so that they can get to have access to your systems. The attacks are increasing at a high rate. The communication between the users can be affected through MITM and it can also be monitored or changed, not to mention you will be kept an eye on after you become a victim of this type of virus. Or worst-case scenario, your computer could be injected with a malicious code that will do all of the bad to your device or data residing in it.

Can an Antivirus Software be a Solution?

Whether you’ve been a victim of Adware, Spyware, Computer Virus, Worm, Trojan, Keylogger, Rootkit, Botnet, or Ransomware, or if you’ve not been a “target”, you definitely would like to get rid of the threat in advance because if you don’t do something about it in advance, odds are you will eventually hurt yourself bad from the data-breach perspective.

In this digital era, hackers are evolving faster than technology and this is what concerns us and so should you be about the safety of your personal information. You will need to be skeptic so that when someone or typically an app asks you to provide information, you could effortlessly say “No” to it.

What is the Best Choice Avira vs Windows Defender?

Since the market is overcrowded with loads of “Antivirus” program, it might not be a child’s play for you to pick up the best option. To do that, first you need to know what your requirements are – are you purchasing antivirus license for personal use or you want to protect every single member of your family?

Both situation state different necessities and would, for sure, trigger the needs for different antivirus suites. Though this wide-ranging battle is about “Avira vs. Windows Defender”, since you’ve questioned about the best of all, we’d like you to pay attention to our Editor’s Choice – BitDefender (the ultimate protection).

Yes, we can’t get enough of BitDefender as far as the malware protection, great system performance (meanwhile the software runs), customer satisfaction, usability, intuitive user interface (UI), etc., are concerned. Since BitDefender offers a premium service, it would easily get the upper hands over Windows Defender.

What about Avira? In case of the best antivirus, the Avira can’t get anywhere near of BitDefender (BD) because BD is a game-changer and no other software can mess with it. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step comparison based on the different features and services offered by each antivirus software.

Our Top Choice:


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Windows Defender vs Avira: An in-depth Comparison

If hackers are getting smarter, we will need to stay one step ahead of them – that’s the only way to make sure our data is safe. Both Windows Defender and Avira offer a variety of features in terms of malware protection.

But, no one wants to buy two software, right?

Absolutely! That’s why you need the best antivirus software that will live up to your expectations in the first place.

The first very aspect that we’re considering here is “Features” of each product:

Here we go!

Which Antivirus Software offer Advanced Features Avira vs Windows Defender?

When cyberpunks are advanced, how you can left be behind? That’s bad because that’s how you put your sensitive information at risk. According to the latest statistics, every 39 seconds, a hacker attack takes place and Russian attackers are considered to be the fastest hackers in the world.

We will begin with the “Windows Defender”:

Windows Defender


You’ve have heard the name of “Windows Defender” certainly because it is a freeware – i.e. you get it for free on Windows-based systems (be it your PC). If you’re running Windows 10 on your machine and you don’t get your hands to “Windows Defender”, it is because it has been turned off and will be needed to be turned on to work.

There’s no method to uninstall it, however, it gets automatically turned off when third-party antivirus software is installed on the machine. You’ll be offered the next-level, comprehensive security protections from all types of malware attacks, thanks to the unparalleled firewall brought into life by Windows.

It gets automatically updated (works like a charm for those who use the Internet all the time) i.e. receives latest definitions so that real-time protection can help you deal with the suspicious files on the local disks. Or if you want the Windows Defender to update during a certain time, you can set your active hours.

There’s nothing you need to install Windows Defender on your system – it comes as built-in software that eradicates the fear of unwanted subscriptions and nagware. We don’t if you noticed but there is a new feature known as “Cloud-delivered protection” as well in the WD.

What will make your day is the “Family Protection”! We know that you wouldn’t believe, neither did we when we first came to know that it also has got different options for the “Parental Control”. To assure that everything is as okay as it should be, you can take a look at the family’s devices and be out of worries.

What if your Windows 10 device is lost or stolen? Have you done something about it in advance? If not, it is time to make the most use of “Find my device” feature accessible for the Windows 10 users. You can find your device and then ring, lock, or erase the personal data stored on the device to avoid getting in the wrong hands. This service is also available on mobile devices.

Windows Defender Security Center


avira all packages

While the WD is only available for Windows PCs, Avira can be downloaded and run on Mac, Android, and iOS as well which makes it a multi-platform software. Furthermore, Avira has been a multi-award winner and gets a 4.5 rating out 5 on most-trusted and renowned reviewing website like TrustPilot.

Are there many suites offered by Avira?

As a matter of fact, it does!

Avira Free Antivirus:

Are you craving for the best malware protection for your device? If affirmative, you should be headed towards the “Freeware” presented by Avira. The good news is that it is available for all platforms, whether you’re using iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows, you will see the unparalleled performance.

Avira is made in Germany and is a member of IT Security there. No matter what you do, they won’t ever monitor you or share your data with the third parties whatsoever. The Avira is powered by AI which will help you take your data security to the next level. Get top protection with minimal system impact that won’t become the hindrance in the overall performance.

Avira Antivirus Pro:

If you are not interested in the “Freeware”, this suite will definitely have amazed as it features ransomware protection, ultimate control over your device (also scan removable devices), gets away from the infected website, gets rid of all types of threats and botnets and secure your identity, and so on.

Is it all? Not really! Smart technologies have also been added to this suite like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Repair, and Self-defense, however, you won’t get the features of Optimization and Total Security suites. This is what makes it the cheapest plan as compared in all of the premium packages.

Avira Internet Security:

The Internet Security can be bought for 1 to 3 years and is useable on up to 5 devices only. Protecting your online accounts has been made easy with the help of “Internet Security”. Not all but most of the features of the “Pro” plan has been added to this suite. If you’re suffering from the software flaws, you can effortlessly fix them in this package.

We’re all busy in this technological world, therefore, it could be a little hard for you to keep track of the latest updates of the software. But you don’t have to worry about that since all of the definitions are automatically updated as long as your device is connected to the Internet.

Avira Prime:

What if the user’s requirement is to make use of the software on more than 5 devices simultaneously? Is it possible to do that or the company doesn’t offer such facilities?

Well, we know that Avira has never let the people down as it is geared toward helping them to secure their sensitive and all types of data (information). This suite allows the user to use it on “Unlimited” devices and that’s what makes is apart from the rest of the suites. If none of the suites interest you, you can choose the “Standalone Premium Solutions” that will give you wings.

Who’s the Winner in Avira vs Windows Defender?

We hope you’ve got the understanding of both Avira and BitDefender and if you still have no idea who the winner is, you should know that it is “Avira” because it features more security-related features that allow it easily surpasses Windows Defender (WD).

Avira vs Windows Defender: Malware Protection

Which software do you think is capable of offering better protection from all types of malware? Is it Avira or Windows Defender? It’s no wonder malware can put your system at risk, which means your system is vulnerable and that’s when a hacker finds the leak into the system and gets unauthorized access to it with a wrong intention.

It, therefore, it is critical to understand which software offers improved malware protection. To determine this, we’ve used the results from AV-Test (an independent IT security lab) that will help you get a clearer picture of the final evaluation. These security tests were run taking both of the antivirus software into consideration. Let’s see what we have got:

Avira’s Malware Protection:

avira protection

WD’s Malware Protection:

windows defender protection chart

Winner: Avira

Windows Defender vs Avira: System Performance

Which software has a minimal impact on system performance? Is the Winner Windows Defender or Avira? Always remember, a better-fit software won’t even slow down the performance of your system while it is running in the background.

What if a software slows your device down instead of boosting its speed? Well, in that case, the user will think of that software as a “Virus”. So, will the company want it to be like that? Of course, not! The company’s motive is to keep you satisfied by keep on improving the services and products.

So, our experts’ suggestion is that you should choose an antivirus software that has the capability of running the program smoothly (i.e. without any sort of interruptions whatsoever). Let’s figure out what the score of each product says about the system performance.

Avira’s Malware Performance:

avira performance

WD’s Malware Performance:

windows defender performance

Winner: Avira

Windows Defender vs Avira: Manageability

Is the program user-friendly i.e. does it offer as good accessibility as it should? That’s one of the questions you should be asking yourself if you’re on the lookout for an intuitive user interface. Since you’ll be utilizing the software on a daily basis, it should offer an easy-to-understand approach to the user.

Each software offers a different UI but you’ve to choose the one that offers suitability right in accordance with your needs. A good design offers fewer efforts i.e. you would be able to get your hands to a specific function with a couple of clicks whereas, a bad software, on the other hand, will require a large number of clicks that will waste your valuable time and efforts.

Also, color also matters. The UI of the software must be soothing to eyes or you will end up straining your eyes while looking at the screen (or the software).

Let’s take a look at the User Interface (UI) to differentiate between both software:

Avira’s User Interface:

Avira Interface

WD’s User Interface:

windows defender user interface screen

Winner: Avira

Avira vs Windows Defender: Which is Less Expensive?

Do you want to purchase an antivirus software license that will break the bank? We know that you have a habit of burning holes in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying extra when you can get the services at the affordable price.

Since the Windows Defender is completely free and doesn’t charge anything, it’d be easy for us to reach the final outcome.

Speaking of Avira’s packages, it costs you a decent amount of money, however, it won’t be a problem if you are fascinated about the affordability.

As each suite of Avira is priced differently and the cost of the software might also change as new features are added to the products, our experts’ recommendation is that you should keep yourself updated with the “Latest” pricing table that we’ve laid out below:

Avira’s Pricing Model:

Avast Antivirus Suites Latest Price
Avira Antivirus Pro Latest Price
Avira Internet Security Latest Price
Avira Optimization Suite Latest Price
Avira Total Security Suite Latest Price
Avira Business Products Latest Range

Winner: It’s not possible to mark the difference between both software as Windows Defender comes free and Avira is a Premium software.

Avira vs Windows Defender: Which Antivirus provides more Usability?

What about Usability? Does the antivirus software that you’re interested in lives up to your expectations? You can make sure of it through two ways – either you can use the software (that will require you to purchase the software) or you can experience the outcome by taking a look at what’s already been tested. The former process may not guarantee full satisfaction, however, speaking of latter one, it will definitely give you the satisfaction you crave for as you will get to hear the stories of many people who have used the software before.

But you don’t need to do anything as we’ve furnished the AV-Test scores that make it crystal clear which software offers better usability. When we took a look at WD’s usability, we saw two false detections (1st in March and 2nd in April) and we already know that lower values indicate better results and higher values don’t. We couldn’t find anything bad in the overall result of Avira’s usability.

But don’t just take our word for it – you can have a glimpse at the subsequent score:

Avira’s Usability:

Avira Usability

WD’s Usability:

avira performance

Winner: Avira

If you’d like to see the results, you can easily do that for both Windows Defender and Avira yourself. We’ve added the links because the different tests and run on a regular basis and no one really knows when there could be a modification in the score.

Final Thoughts for Avira vs Windows Defender

Both Avira and Windows Defender offer great features to meet the basic requirements. Nevertheless, a freemium software can’t be compared with premium software and we know that. Since WD is a free antivirus, it is definite that it won’t feature all of those characteristics that you will get in a paid software – that’s why you pay for it.

Our Recommendation!


If you’re still confused after reading this comprehensive article on “Avira vs Windows Defender” and antivirus that beats all of the software on earth, surely we can help!

We strongly have faith in the fact that BitDefender is that antivirus software that will give you a hassle-free experience. On top of that, you can save up to 50% off on the suites brought to life by BitDefender.

What’s more, it is currently protecting more than 500 million systems around the world. It’s time for you to become part of their family by signing up for one of the available suites as discussed above.

People hesitate when they invest money on software purchase because they are not sure whether they will get the service they are promised or not. But that’s not a concern as premium customer support of BitDefender offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

If you’d like to run a comparison between Avira vs Avast Antivirus, you should definitely read that out for more knowledge for your final decision.

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