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10 Best Co-op Games to Play in 2023 Reviewed | The More the Merrier

The gaming industry has constantly been evolving with new and unique games getting released all the time. And while single-player campaigns are insanely popular among gamers, there is just something about co-op games that makes our gameplay experience so much more immersive.

And since the dawn of 2023 is just around the corner, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about some of the best co-op games that you should play this year. I have listed down the 10 best co-op couch and LAN multiplayer games for you to check out, most of them you can find at Gamecamp.gg.

1. Overcooked 2

Cooking games are entertaining, but do you know what's even more entertaining? Playing cooking games that you can enjoy with your buddies in real-time! Overcooked created the groundwork for many co-op games, which were popular back then. And since the popularity depends for another go, we have got the even more hectic Overcooked 2 game!

This game is all about collaborating with your pals to create some one-of-a-kind dishes under extreme circumstances, where anything could go wrong at any time, you might even end up exploding your kitchen.

Overcooked 2 game

2. Monster Hunter

Games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy are loved by millions for their widely enjoyable social aspect that encourages players to play together in groups or guilds to get the most out of the game while creating moments that last a lifetime. While these are largely multiplayer quests meant to help players make quick progress, Monster Hunter offers a great co-op single-player campaign mode, where you can slay through herds of monsters and fight colossal bosses with your favorite pals.

I love how Monster Hunter combines the best parts from other popular games to create a unique gameplay experience that is loved by many. I for one, love the fluid combat system that is just ESSENTIAL for a great co-op experience!

Monster Hunter game

3. Dying Light 2

It’s time to enter the dark and bleak world of zombies, Dying Light 2 is by far one of the most thrilling co-op games you will ever play. Dying Light 2 is equally as refreshing and fun to play as the original Dying Light game, but comes with way more tricks up its sleeve. With the latest instalment of the series, creators appear to go all-in with all they've got.

You can literally get pulled in by the quality of this game, the dark environment with catchy graphics and equally gore-filled gameplay with a ton of crazy executions, it’s just out of this world. Dying Light 2 is great if you are playing alone but playing with others is what makes the experience outstanding.

Dying Light 2 game

4. It Takes Two

A married couple's existence is full of hurdles, and occasionally people simply give in to worldly troubles. It Takes Two is a storey about a married couple on the verge of divorce who are trying to restore their shattered marriage with magical dolls who must work together if they wish to escape a world packed with mind-boggling riddles and terrible adversaries lurking around every corner.

 I like the game's idea, in which both players must work together to solve the ever-changing difficulties of an unknown environment. Every problem you solve feels completely different from the one before it. If you ask me, this is a must-play co-op game!
It takes two game

5. Haven

It's time to take a vacation from all the wicked monstrosities of the dark world and explore a wide, unique world full with fascinating animals that are magnificent to observe but equally hazardous to meddle with.

This two-player cooperative game puts you in the shoes of a young couple attempting to establish a new life. But their new existence is not without challenges; the land they have chosen is filled with difficult riddles and a wide range of foes. To preserve your life, you must work together to explore this uncharted cosmos and engage tactical fights with creatures.


6. Portal 2

Portal is an award-winning highly popular puzzle game that has put even the sharpest minds to test but the next entry in this seemingly growing series Portal 2 just pushes the limits of puzzle games. Portal 2 puts you in the shoes of some futuristics robots trapped in futuristic world, where you both have to work together in order to solve some highly challenging puzzles.

With each puzzle the game begins to grow even more harder to solve and sometimes even frustrating. But that’s what portal is all about, solving puzzles with your partner to escape this unknown world.

Portal 2

7. Valheim

When it comes to Co-op games, one genre that always seems to rise to the top is open-world survival games. We have played a lot of open-world survival titles lately and many of them are so good that they demand you to be highly invested in them but not all of them offer a great co-op experience like Valheim.

This game, developed by Iron Gate Studio, is currently in early access, yet I have never encountered a game that is more polished from the start. Valheim provides everything from crafting to world-building for the low price of $20 and you can just team up with your mates, build your own villages, create an army and just blow away all those who stand in your way.


8. Back 4 Blood

I am a HUGE fan of open-world zombie survival shooters because there is nothing more thrilling and heart-pounding than fighting through hordes of brain-dead zombies limping around the dark alleys of your neighborhood, waiting to jump on you from every corner and crevice of the world.

For years, Left 4 Dead has been at the top of everyone’s list, but it's about time we said farewell to it and hello to another EPIC entrance into this dark zombie-infested universe. Back 4 Blood expands on the original premise, emphasising horrific murders with a plethora of additional weaponry. This is a game I'd want to play with my buddies because, believe me, co-op doesn't get any better than this!
Back 4 Blood

9. Sea of Thieves

Based on one of the most popular Hollywood movies till date, Sea of Thieves take you on a wild adventure from the deep seas to the high mountains, where you have to fight with other deadly pirates in order to grab the hidden treasures around the world.

This game is full with anarchy, from violent skirmishes with fellow pirates on land to unleashing large cannon balls at opposing ships at sea. Unlike any other game I've played, Sea of Thieves allows you to go on expeditions with friends to locate hidden treasures, pilot gigantic ships to explore and seize other islands, and defend your country with some really spectacular make-shift weaponry. A must play for those who crave to have a wild adventure as a pirate king!

Sea of Theives

10. World War Z: Aftermath

Speaking of games based on popular Hollywood movies, we have yet another epic title World War Z: Aftermath! Based on one of the popular post-apocalyptic zombie survival movie, it is a great choice for those who enjoy survival games with a touch of blood and gore. Aftermath is situated in a setting similar to that of the original film, but developers have been hard at work extending its universe to include new maps!

Although it provides everything that the majority of other games in the category provide, Aftermath is far more chaotic than the others. And I'm not sure whether that's a good thing, since while killing zombies is enjoyable, it's not all I want to do all the time. Nonetheless, it is a deserving title to be included on this list.

World War Z: Aftermath


The list for the best co-op games can go on and on with all the amazing games coming out from indie developers to highly renowned game studios. We also haven't included But I believe this list would give you a nice start for you search of coop games to play on PC!

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