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9 Best PC Case Under $100 Reviews In 2022 | Top-Rated Models Plus Buying Guide

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When building a gaming PC, the PC case will be the first thing that comes to every gamer’s mind. For any PC builder who has a low budget, the best PC cases under 100 will be an ideal choice. However, there are a lot of good cases on the market and each item has its specialty. So the problem is now how to get a suitable product?

3 Top PC Cases Under $100

1. [Best Modem Router Combo Overall]

  NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-BR


Since the case is equipped with one 4.7/2 x 5.5 inches fan at the front, two Aer 4.7 inches fans (one front and one rear), and one 4.7/1 x 5.5 inches fan at the top, your PC will receive the most powerful airflow to avoid overheating, even when it runs many heavy applications for hours!

  • Two powerful Aer (4.8 inches) fans to keep your PC running cool and smoothly
  • Ejectable radiators’ bracket for super easy mounting
  • Seven slots for expansion for easy upgrades

In detail, the case is designed with smooth curved edges, and a Corsair logo at the front, so that it will look fantastic next to your playing screen! 

It can support up to six 4.7 inches (or four 5.5 inches) fans at one time. 

  • Smooth curved edges for brilliant aesthetics
  • Asus, Gigabyte, MSI motherboards supported for great compatibility
  • Six 4.7 inches or four 5.5 inches fans supported

3. [Best For Durability] Thermaltake S100 CA-1Q9-00S6WN-00


With a 15.2 x 9.1 x 14.9 inches dimension, the case is suitable for any small room gamer. Also, the case is just 1.06 pounds heavy, so you can hold and carry it around without a problem!

  • Lightweight of 1.06 pounds if you need to move it around effortlessly

  • Steel and durable plastic materials for sturdiness and long-term use
  • Magnetic dust and air filters to keep it clean for a long time

In this article, we’ll share with you our top 9 picks of PC cases under 100. Additionally, we also help you with an ultimate buying guide. Therefore, just read it, and you will be able to buy the right PC case!

Buying Guide - How to Pick a Good PC Case Under $100 

Do you wonder why we can pick those best PC cases under 100 above? In fact, to determine if a computer box is good or not, we have to base on some criteria the most important of which is: 


Size plays an essential role in buying a PC case. Because the computers have many different sizes, you will need to find the right case size for it. Typically, the sizes of a computer box are divided into four categories, as follows:

Small form factor

Mini tower


Full tower

We'll cover more features which matter if you want to pick the right case below the reviews. Here's our up to date line up!

Best PC Cases Under $100 Reviews

[Best Overall]


If you want to build a powerful computer for playing massive games, this NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-BR will be a good option! 

Since the case is equipped with one 4.7/2 x 5.5 inches fan at the front, two Aer 4.7 inches fans (one front and one rear), and one 4.7/1 x 5.5 inches fan at the top, your PC will receive the most powerful airflow to avoid overheating, even when it runs many heavy applications for hours!

Besides, the air filters and the PC radiators' bracket allow you to take them out easily for cleaning. Due to this reason, the cooling system of the case will be able to function well, as it has no dust or stain inside!

On the downside, the fans at the front of the case do not have much area for the air intake. Therefore, if you require strong airflow, we advise you to mount an extra filter to these fans' top slot. That will increase the air pressure!


  • Two powerful Aer (4.8 inches) fans
  • Removable air filters
  • Ejectable radiators’ bracket
  • Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX supported
  • Seven slots for expansion


  • Less air intake area for front fans


Do you need a gaming PC that looks beautiful? Or you only need a computer system that works efficiently? Well! You don't have to answer because this Corsair Carbide Series 175R RGB CC-9011171-WW brings the best of both worlds!

In detail, the case is designed with smooth curved edges, and a Corsair logo at the front, so that it will look fantastic next to your playing screen! 

Especially, because the Corsair logo can glow thanks to the RGB fan backlit, your PC will definitely look more modern and eye-catching than ever!

How about the function of the case? How great does it perform? In fact, this item can support up to six 4.7 inches (or four 5.5 inches) fans at one time. 

As a combination, the best PC fan will create powerful airflows in order to prevent the computer from getting hot. On the other hand, this case is compatible with many different motherboards such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, etc. So, feel free to customize and build your PC!

About the drawback, this case does not have a Restart button (only Power button). Therefore, every time you want to relaunch the computer, you will have to use it on-screen, instead of easy clicking the button. That may be a little bit annoying when you are in a hurry.


  • Smooth curved edges
  • Front backlit logo
  • RGB fans
  • Six 4.7 inches or four 5.5 inches fans supported.
  • Asus, Gigabyte, MSI motherboards supported.


  • No restart button

[Best For Durability]


“Small but strong” is how we describe this Cooler Master Q300L Micro ATX MCB Q300L KANN S00! 

With a 15.2 x 9.1 x 14.9 inches dimension, the case is suitable for any small room gamer. Also, the case is just 1.06 pounds heavy, so you can hold and carry it around without a problem!

Plus, even though the case is compact, it is very durable. As the materials used for constructing this item are steel and high-quality plastic, it can protect your computer system for a very long time.

Moreover, this Masterbox Q300L also features many magnetic dust and air filters. These tools will operate to keep your system clean and cool for hours! So, if you need to build a PC for long-hour tasks, this case will be the best choice!

Of course, due to the case's small size, there is also a disadvantage that may annoy you. Specifically, its holes for mounting the fans are relatively small compared to other standard hole size cases.

Therefore, you may encounter some difficulties while mounting the cable from the power source to the fans. In this situation, drilling the holes to be bigger is our recommendation.


  • Compact style with a dimension of 15.2 x 9.1 x 14.9 inches
  • Lightweight of 1.06 pounds
  • Steel and plastic as materials
  • Magnetic dust and air filters


  • Small holes for mounting the fans

In case you want easy cable management, put trust in the Cooler Master MB320L ARGB Micro-ATX ! 

Constructed with a big dimension of 17.15 x 8.56 x 16.14 inches, the case can provide much space inside for you to connect and control the cables.

Also, this product has a super large mesh that works to intake air. As a result, the dual ARGB fans will receive enough air to release strong flows, preventing the system from getting hot. 

Even when you feel the airflow is not powerful enough, you get no problem in installing more fans to the case. Its spacious interior will permit you to do that!

And now is the downside of the case. As the advertisement says, you can change the ARGB fans' color with the help of either your motherboard lighting software or an ARGB controller included in the product. 

However, if your mainboard does not have an ARGB header, you cannot connect the case to it. As a consequence, you can only change the fan’s color by using the controller.


  • Many space inside
  • Easy cable management
  • ARGB fans
  • High air intakes


  • The radiator is challenging to be mounted on the top

When it comes to a PC case that is easy to install, the Lian Li LANCOOL 205 will show all its advantages! 

In detail, the brackets inside the case can be taken out quickly. Thanks to this feature, you can connect all the cables on the bracket at first, and then assemble it to the case later. This will save a lot of time for you in the mounting job.

On another side, the interior of this product is roomy.

 Believe it or not, after assembling the mainboard to the case, you still have plenty of space behind to hide the wires.

Moreover, what you would get from this case are:

  • 1x Input/Output essentials
  • 2x USB ports 3.0
  • 1x Power button
  • 1 Audio In and Out on the top

With these ports, you can connect all your pieces of equipment such as controllers, speakers, headphones, etc. for the best gaming experience.

If you are looking for a Hard Disk Drive light connector, then you should buy another case. Unfortunately, the Lian Li manufacturer does not equip a HDD light connector in this product. Instead, there are only LED connectors and a power switch included.


  • Removable brackets
  • Big size case
  • Cables can be hidden
  • Many ports


  • No HDD light connector

The next product on our list has arrived - the Thermaltake S100 CA-1Q9-00S6WN-00! One more time, we have a compact but super durable PC case. Let’s see what it has!

With a 16.18 x 8.66 x 17.36 inches dimension, the case is ideal for any PC builder to place on their table. Our advice: never underestimate this compact size. Although this computer case may look small, it can still support any mainboards used for big PC boxes such as uATX, or ITX.

In addition, because this product is constructed of 100% metal, it will protect your computer for a very, very long time. The glass panel, which allows you to see inside the box, is also tempered with 1/8 inches thickness for added durability.

For the installation, we want you to remember one thing! While installing, make sure that you choose the right position for the fans so that they have much space to spin. Otherwise, they may make a very annoying buzzing noise.


  • Compact size
  • uATX, ITX compatible
  • 100% metal constructed
  • Thick tempered glass panel


  • Fans create loud noise if not exhaust

No matter if you want an air cooling or a liquid cooling system, this Bgears b-Voguish BG01893 functions in both ways!

PC case

Providing a height of 6.3 inches inside for a CPU cooler, this case allows you to mount to it three 4.7 inches fans or three 5.5 inches fans at the front, one 4.7 inches fan at its rear side, three 4.7 inches fans on its PSU cover, and two 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches fans on its top. Hence, your PC system will be able to receive the strongest airflow from all directions to stay cold for a long time of operation.

And for the liquid cooling system, you also have three places to install the water pumps. Specifically, you can assemble a 9.4 inches pump at both the front and top sides of the case, and a 4.7 inches one at its rear side. Thus, the cooling liquid will be able to reach all the hot spots inside your computer and prevent them from overheating.

However, no fan is included in this PC case set. So, if you decide to buy this product, better purchase some extra fans! Also, don’t forget to buy the right fan size that is suitable for the case!


  • Nine fans in the case allowed
  • Three cooling water pumps allowed
  • E-ATX, ATX, MicroATX/ITX motherboards compatible


  • No fan included

Cleaning a PC can be a difficult task, but it is nothing with this Montech Flyer! 

Computer Gaming Case

Featuring a dust-prevention net at the power supply unit, the case will keep your computer system clean at all times! Besides, This net can be taken out quickly so that you can clean it with less effort.

Additionally, the PC box also has many ventilation holes that work to increase the air intake. As a result, the cooling fans will always be able to release strong airflow to both cool down the system and take out the dust inside the case.

With all these advantages, the Montech Flyer would be perfect if it supported all the motherboard types. Unfortunately, this box is only compatible with Micro ATX and ITX mainboards. So if you have an ATX one, then this Flyer may not serve you.


  • Removable dust filter
  • Many ventilation holes
  • Eight fans supported


  • Not compatible with the ATX mainboard

In case you like modern computer boxes, you should consider buying this darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower MicroATX. Why should you do that? Just have a look at its design!

darkFlash PC case

The first great thing about the design is its door opening. Because this door functions magnetically, you can easily detach it from the case or install it without the help of any tool.  

In addition, the case is constructed of two black glasses on two sides and a tempered invisible glass. While the black glasses can give the case a cool appearance with low-profile light effects, the tempered invisible one will allow you to see all the machine parts inside the box. In other words, the product is both beautiful and convenient to use.

Despite all the advantages, this PC box still has a point that makes us disappointed. In detail, the fans that come along with the product can not release strong airflow. Due to this reason, the system can easily get hot after a time of operation. As a solution to this situation, you should replace these fans with other items that have better quality.


  • Magnetic door opening
  • Black glasses on two sides
  • Tempered invisible glass


  • Low airflow

Additional PC Case Info


When the PC arrives, you can not simply take it out and use it immediately. Instead, you have to mount the case with many pieces of equipment such as PC fans, water pumps, motherboards, graphics cards, LED lights, memory, etc. Of course, this mounting job is not easy at all!

If the edges or the panels of the case can be detached, then it is much better! You can wire all the machine parts on a single panel. When everything is completed, the rest is to assemble the panels together.

There are many modern PC cases today that have magnetic panels. With this feature, the installation process can be even much more simple!


The cooling system is one of the most important factors that tell whether a PC box is good or not. Without this system, the computer may overheat and suddenly shut down. If this situation happens many times, the computer will then break down.

Normally, there are two types of methods that can be applied to cool down the computer. They are:

  • Liquid cooling
  • Air cooling.

In case you use the liquid cooling method, you will install a cooling water pump to the case. This pump will deliver the liquid to all hot spots of the computer and reduce the temperature.

On the other hand, if you choose the air method, you will mount some fans inside the box. The fans will release airflow to cool down the machine.


You often hear the saying that you get what you pay for, right? In fact, a pc case with a high price will also provide better quality and more durability. 

However, you should think about whether you really need a case that is too expensive? In fact, a computer case under 100$ is already enough to support your gaming PC for a long period.

The Aesthetics

In addition to being used for the purpose, you will also certainly expect a well-looking case. A beautiful and aesthetically pc case will make you want to use it for many years and preserve it well. 

On the nowadays market, the PC boxes come in many different colors, styles, and shapes. Just choose the product that pleases you at best. On another side, you can decorate your case by sticking some cute stickers to it as well!


Here are some common questions about the best PC cases under 100 that we have summed up and answered.

Is a big computer case better than a small one?

Our answer is yes. If the case is large, you can mount more fans to it to release strong airflow. As a result, you can prevent the computer from overheating. 

Also, the large size gives you more choices when buying motherboards. Because each mainboard has a specific size, a big case will be able to support all, while the small one can not.

Should I leave my computer box open?

You should not leave your PC case open! Doing this will not only put your health, but also the computer at risk. Probably, you have not known, the cooling fans can only release strong wind in a small area. Due to this reason, if you open the case, the airflow would not be strong enough to cool down your computer.

What temperature is bad for your computer?

There is a limitation to the heat of your computer. If the temperature gets over 110°C, the computer may be overloaded and break down at any time. In this case, you should shut down the power source immediately and try to cool down the device. 

Are big or small fans better for the PC box?

In fact, big and small fans can release the same amount of air. So there is no exact answer to this question. 

If you are talking about the cooling ability of the fans, then you must notify the intake area of the case. A good case often has many ventilation holes for more air intake. Thanks to this feature, the fans can make strong wind to cool down the machine.

PC Case under $100 Closing Thoughts

Have our nine products impressed you? They are the best PC cases under $100 on the market that we have picked! With all the cool features, they definitely will serve you at best!

Also, make sure that you follow our guidance when looking for a computer box! Based on those criteria, you will be able to get the most suitable item!

For more questions about this topic, please get in touch with us. We will answer you in the fastest time.

And now, we will end our article. Many thanks for having read!

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