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6 Best PC Website Monitoring Software In 2023 Reviews | To Check the Traffic & Performance

Once you have set up a website and taken lots of SEO efforts, you will have to employ a web monitoring application. Using website monitoring tools allows you to control the website's performance and its state over a certain period of time. With a web monitoring tool, you will be able to observe the uptime and detect the downtime periods of your website as well. This article will tell you more about website monitor software and the range of benefits it provides.

What is website monitor software used for?

Controlling the performance of the website is crucial because it provides all the necessary information needed for decision-making. This is possible owing to website monitoring software that keeps an eye on the website performance and forms reports based on that.

Unlike SEO tools, website monitoring software is primarily concentrated on the analysis of the technical characteristics. A web monitoring application is an online tracker that can detect periods when the website was down or not accessible to users. It also estimates the average load speed of web pages and tracks user behavior.

Website monitoring tools also ensure higher security levels for your website. They could identify any suspicious activity on the website, including unauthorized access or cyber-attacks.

There are many cases when website monitoring tools are used. For instance, once you have decided to create white hat backlinks for expanding your backlink profile, check for more details to obtain dofollow backlinks. In this case, you will also have to implement any website monitor software that will allow you to track the traffic to your website.

Another case is when you have decided to perform your website testing. This refers to SEO data analysis the benefits of which are described at pestleanalysis.com as well as to the technical characteristics check. This is possible owing to the software tools for website monitoring.

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Website monitoring tools may also come in handy when the bounce rate is rather high. This means that the majority of your website visitors leave the web page shortly after having opened it, which is certainly not expected behavior. The most common reasons for that are incredibly high page load speed and the absence of some elements on the layout. Thanks to website monitoring software, you can detect any of those and make any adjustments if needed.

Another group of monitoring tools that SEO professionals, marketers, and webmasters use to control the domain refer to SEO tracking tools. Those allow you to check the website rankings, get a backlink profile overview, and detect any SEO-related risks.

Best website monitoring tools

The market offers free website monitor software as well as paid tools based on the subscription model. Several popular tools are listed below, where some of them are completely free to use while others require some regular monthly payment. It is up to you what website monitoring tool to use depending on your business needs and budget.

1. Sematext

This application allows for monitoring your website in real time. It does not matter whether you have on-premises servers or prefer cloud solutions, Sematext tool provides everything necessary for monitoring the state of your website.

Semataxt provides the following monitoring options:

  • tracking SLAs

  • defining page load speed

  • analyzing user behavior in the Google Chrome browser

  • comparing your website’s performance with that of the competitors


Besides the website performance, Semataxt has the functionality for controlling the security levels of your website. You can monitor SSL certificates and detect whether there are any changes or issues associated with them.

With Sematext, you will be able to create a custom board where all the necessary performance indicators are placed. You may select the Sematext package depending on your requirements. The processing starts from $2 on a monthly basis and ranges up to $199 for 150 HTTP and 25 browser monitors.

2. Uptime Robot

This is a dedicated software application that serves for detecting the periods when your website functions well and when any downtime takes place. Uptime Robot is a web page monitoring tool that detects website availability and performance.

This tool offers a wide range of functions even within a free plan with no payment, though the amount of monitors is limited. Uptime Robot checks your website regularly and notifies you if things go wrong and the website experiences downtime. Also, you can set up a ping service that detects whether your server is live. Moreover, the SSL certificate check is available so that you will be warned whether there are any problems with it.

Uptime Robot

3. Sitechecker

If you want to get a comprehensive solution that not only includes website monitoring functionality but also SEO checks, consider using the Sitechecker tool. It performs the overall website audit for its technical characteristics and performance. Moreover, it detects any downtime or 503 Service Unavailable errors and sends notifications on that. Sitechecker also provides an option for rank tracking and backlink profile check, which benefits SEO strategic development analysis. This tool is also available as a Chrome extension which you can download and install right in the browser.

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To start using this tool, you should install Sitechecker software and register for a 7-day trial. You can also request a demo for getting an overview of the entire set of features this software offers.


4. Checkly

It allows you to monitor and validate transactions on your website. It also automatically gathers performance metrics for any browser. Checkly tool also automatically detects error traces and collects all the necessary information needed for further analysis and recovery.

5. Linko

This web tracking application analyses the overall website performance and its current state. Linko detects any broken links, checks SSL certificates, and verifies the website uptime in different locations. If you want to try this tool, you can use it for 14 days for free, and then you will have to select the corresponding pricing plan to be able to continue using this tool.

6. Pingdom

This is another web monitoring tool designed particularly for uptime monitoring of your website. Pingdom realizes that each minute of website downtime is critical for businesses as it may result in thousand-dollar losses. That is why Pingdom sends immediate alerts notifying you that the website is not working. Also, it allows testing the website performance from many different locations.

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