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7 Best VPN for Gaming Services Reviews in 2023 | For Anonymous & Safe Gameplay

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To avoid lag, ISP throttling, and to keep your connection secure while gaming, choose the best gaming VPN.

I did several tests to determine which the best gaming VPN is. I did deep research and committed countless hours of testing to find the right solution for gamers like you.

3 Top VPNs for Gaming 

check out express vpn

1. [Best VPN for Gaming Overall] Express VPN

 ExpressVPN Express VPN


Express VPN is the one I use for all of my gaming devices. This is because it secures my connection, does interfere with my connectivity and my games never lag.

I get the privacy that I need hence I don’t have to worry about hackers snooping in my network while playing games

  • Offers faster speeds which makes it a great option for gaming. No video gaming lagging
  • No data leaks with this VPN hence your data will be safe when using it
  • It hides your IP address hence you can play your video games anonymously
check out nord vpn

2. [Best For The Money] Nord VPN


Protects all your Devices

With a single subscription, you can connect up to 6 devices such as your PC, mobile phones, laptop, router, and even your smart TV. 

It is an ideal choice for a family since you will not need to buy multiple accounts.

  • Offers a stable and fast connection for a smooth gameplay
  • It unblocks all restricted content hence you can get new games
  • Has 24/7 customer support to answer all of your questions
check out ip vanish

3. [Best For The Safe Streaming] IP Vanish VPN


Fast Online Game Connection

You can safely and anonymously stream content with an unlimited P2P connection without a slight drop in download speeds. The company owns and manages an impressive collection of servers which is something you won’t see with most VPN companies.

  •  It very easy to download and install

  • Unblocks games from other geographical restricted areas
  • It makes your internet connection secure and safe from hackers, internet providers, and advertisers

If you are not a Windows user check out the best Mac VPN in the market.

In this review we've put together a list of some of the best VPNs for gaming for you! If you still have not decided on your favorite software after reading it, we also reviewed Norton VPN for you, and we compared Avast VPN and ExpressVPN as well, for more detailed insight.

The Top VPN for Games Buying Guide

The most crucial features that the best gaming VPN should have are fast upload speeds, strong security, able to hide your identity, unblock restricted websites, etc. Some users also prefer VPN-Antivirus combo, as reviewed here. 

Great Speeds

Most VPNs cause horrifying lag when playing games and that’s why it is crucial to find one that delivers fast internet speeds.

Maintain your Privacy online

This is another feature that you should consider when looking for the best gaming VPN. A good VPN should hide your identity online; it should never show your location and your competitive gaming activities. Also, check out our best VPN for Windows 10 review if you prefer that system.

More and more people are now aware of the importance of their privacy online and want a good solution that can guarantee that. If it is possible, it should use a military-grade encryption system to offer online security and hide your IP address.

Best VPN for Gaming Reviews

[Best VPN For Gaming Overall]


Express VPN is the one I use for all of my Devices. This is because it secures my standard connection, does interfere with my connectivity and my games never lag.

 I get the digitial privacy that I need hence I don’t have to worry about hackers snooping in my network while playing games.

check out express vpn

Is it Worth the Price?

I recommend Express VPN as an excellent choice for novice and professional gamers because you will not experience any video game lag, ISP throttle will unblock restricted sites hence you can access new online games.

What’s more, it will help you browse anonymously, and stream on your popular sites such as Netflix, Hulu, download torrents, and play video games.  

Faster Speeds

It delivers faster internet speeds that are needed when playing your games online. 

Most VPNs are known to have a bad effect on regular connection speeds but not this one. Instead, it will help you stabilize your connection by hiding your gaming activity, and it also provides private internet access.

If you experience your internet speed fluctuating a lot, this could be your ISP cutting your speed because of your internet usage when gaming. This gaming VPN will hide your activities meaning your ISP will not be able to tell what you are doing hence no more network throttling.

Get Express VPN on all your Devices

All of your devices will be protected with a single subscription. There is an Express VPN for Mac, iPhone, Linux, Windows, Android, iPad, and even for your routers. The company also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

If you would wish to try it before purchasing, they have 30 days free version where you can check if it’s the right VPN for your gaming needs or not. One thing to note is that they have a large server network of 3000+ servers over 160 server locations in 94 countries. And if you are looking for a totally free VPN for Firefox users specifically, check here.

Express VPN Pros

  • Offers faster download and upload speeds which makes it a great option for gaming. No video gaming lagging
  • Has a free trial so you can have an idea of how it works. Its pricing is affordable
  • Comes with live chat support to answer all your queries
  • Offers powerful online protection against malicious people
  • It covers all of your devices and comes with Firefox and Chrome extension
  •  It hides your IP hence you can play your video games anonymously
  •  It unblocks restricted websites so you can access new video games and stream in your favorite websites
  • No data leaks with this VPN hence your data will be safe when using it

Express VPN Cons

  • They are expensive for some people though you will get exceptional value for your money

[Best For The Money]


Nord VPN has features that you will love. It has a fast and stable internet connection quality that is ideal for gaming. Also, it is great for unblocking streaming sites, offers online privacy and its security is strong.

check out nord vpn

Protects all your Devices

With a single subscription, you can connect up to 6 devices such as your PC, laptop, router, even for your smart TV and mobile devices for mobile games. It is an ideal choice for a family since you will not need to buy multiple servers.

Great for Gaming

It offers a fast and stable VPN connection that is suitable for a PC gamer that uses video streaming services. Though many people are against using a VPN while gaming online because it might impact their standard connection, this is not the case with Nord VPN.

Instead, it will improve your ping results. No wonder they have a great rating in the play and apple store. The company has over 5,300+ servers for faster loads.

Nord VPN Pros

  • It is a great choice for privacy concerned gamers since it does not keep any logs. It is located in Panama and this country is not a member of international surveillance alliances that requires its members to keep logs
  • It unblocks all restricted content hence you can get new games
  • It has strong encryption. The company uses IKEv2 and IPSec to offer strong security
  • Offers a stable and fast connection for a smooth gameplay
  • Has a free trial so you can check it out before purchasing one of its plans
  •  Hides your identity online while playing your games. This makes it hard to be tracked
  • Has 24/7 customer support to answer all of your questions

Nord VPN Cons

  • I did not find any

[Best For The Safe Streaming]


As its name suggests, IPvanish makes your IP address disappear so you can shop, play games anonymously. Uses 256 bit AES encryption to keep your data secure, keep your internet secure from hackers, safeguard your documents, and many more.

check out ip vanish

Fast Online Game Connection

You can safely and anonymously stream content with unlimited connections without a slight drop in download and upload speeds. This VPN company offers and manages an impressive collection of servers which is something you won’t see with most VPN companies.

IPvanish is capable of streaming content at great download and upload speeds. That’s why it’s one of the best gaming VPNs on the market. However, its performance speed will be reliant on your location and that of the VPN server.

Protection against Denial of Service Attacks

This gaming VPN can bypass geo-restrictions allowing you to have worldwide private internet access to games only available in other geographical regions.

Also, using IPvanish VPN will increase your protection against denial of service attacks which is a common weapon used against opponent gamers.

Not only does IPvanish unlock games but also streaming sites like HBO Go, Netflix, YouTube, and many more.


When you are out there enjoying your gaming session, you don't want someone to steal your data. IPvanish will keep your online files encrypted with their rock-solid AES 256 encryption.

It is not a security threat to gamers or non-gamers. They don’t store any user logs or preserve data relating to your identity.

Supported Client Devices

It can be installed on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, and windows. The setup is easy for the windows or Mac users, just a quick download and installation.

Secure Connection

There are many reasons why gamers need IPvanish VPN when gaming online, not only to break free from regional restrictions but also for their privacy. With their large collection of private anonymous VPN's  servers, IPvanish manages their network leaving little room for middlemen.

This self-reliance is further reinforced by IPvanish’s partnership with SugarSync secure cloud storage provider to safeguards your data and offers an encrypted backup service up to five devices and more.

IP Vanish VPN Pros

  •  It very easy to download and install
  • It makes your internet connection secure and safe from hackers, internet service providers, and advertisers
  • It has a fast connection speed which is needed for gaming
  • It has an automatic kill switch to prevent exposure in case of a connection drop
  • Comes with 250GB online storage via SugarSync
  • Unblocks games from other geographical restricted areas

IP Vanish VPN Cons

  • The interface may seem cluttered at first but when you get used to it, you will love it


Surfshark VPN offers all the benefits of a great VPN. This is software that will let you play games or browse the web without being detected.

 It has got everything you need including unblocking features, torrenting capability, fast connection speeds, and much more.

check out surfshark

Improved Online Gaming Experience

Surfshark will improve your online gaming experience with its reliable high-speed servers. You will be able to stream in high definition without any lag and its quick-connect system will automatically select the server that will be the fastest for you.

Simple Interface and Controls

After signing up, you’ll see a simple interface for desktop and mobile. The first button connects you to a virtual private internet access. It will automatically connect you to the fastest VPN server at the time.

The application is straightforward. At the top, you will find the location option where you can choose from over 1000 servers in over 50 different countries. 

There is also an option for clean-web that is an efficient ad blocker and many more such as whitelister.

Unblocking Content

This pretty impressive feature will help you to bypass firewalls quicker than the average gaming VPNs. In case you encounter a problem, Surfshark will automatically present a special list of alternatives servers you can connect to.

Surfshark gets around all blockages to allow you to access best services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, gaming apps, and also regular browsing.


Security is another positive aspect of Surfshark.  It hides your IP address so you can browse anonymously, and protect your devices from data thieves. Multi-hop protocol divides your traffic between two VPN servers which guarantee maximum security.

It has strong security to prevent malware attacks, to escape ad manipulation, and also has a kill switch feature that prevents IP address and data leakage in case you lose internet connection.

Customer Satisfaction

Their customer satisfaction is great. Their strict zero-logs policy prohibits them from storing your information when you sign up or when using their products, and they offer top notch protection.

If you have any problem installing or using Surfshark, the customer support section has a lot of installation tutorials, frequently asked questions, problem-solving guides, and other information.

Surfshark VPN Pros

  • Surfshark has impressive speed and strong encryption needed for your gameplay
  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections in one account 
  • It has one of the best ping performance
  • The company has got well-trained and polite customer  service 24/7 to answer all of your queries
  • It’s great for streaming  with over 1500 server in over 50 different countries

Surfshark VPN Cons

  • The GUI interface for Linux may prove a bit frustrating for a novice

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular and fastest gaming VPN service providers in the market.

Millions of gamers are already using hotspot shield to boost their online game performance, surf the web without a trace, to bypass geo-locked games, and many other functions.

shield logo

It is great for Gaming

Their free VPNs and paid versions provide you with an uninterrupted internet connection while playing your games. Its rerouting ability keeps you connected to any gaming server.

Do not forget that it can secure browsing up to 5 devices simultaneously with 1 subscription.

You can connect to your smart TV, android phone, MacOS devices, Linux, and many more.

If you are tired of your game ISP provider interfering with your internet connectivity, leading to a slow gaming PC, or to the point where your online game becomes unplayable, try Hotspot shield for a better experience.

Privacy and Security Features

Their privacy and security features are one of the best in the market. Hotspot shield uses AES-256 encryption and its VPN protocol called the catapult hydra protocol that hides your identity online and gaming activities from hackers.

They also have an effective kill switch that prevents IP address leakage and DNS queries. When it comes to their logging policy, they admit that they log minimal data and they don’t collect any identifiable data.

Torrenting and Unblocking

If you are looking for a VPN that is ideal for streaming, the Hotspot Shield is a great choice for you. Based on my test, Hotspot shield was able to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many others.

But if you are more into torrenting, consider their premium plans because it offers unlimited bandwidth and you get to enjoy less VPN server congestion.

Hotspot Shield Pros

  • It has high speeds to improve your gaming and streaming experience online
  • Has military-grade encryption to protect your online presence
  • You can connect up to 5 devices at once with 1 subscription. No need to buy multiple accounts for your friends and family
  • They have a 7-day trial period if you want to try their premium plans
  • It is able to unblock restricted websites and apps hence get more games to play
  • They have a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Has 24/7 live tech support to answer all of your queries

Hotspot Shield Cons

  • They don’t provide anonymous payment for crypto-clients


Hide me VPN is a little newer compared to its competitors but it has made a big name for itself for improving the gaming experience. The company offers high speeds, hides your identity online hence you will continue to play your games without being detected.

It will render you undetectable to censored sites without compromising your security, speed, and data.

check out hide me

Security and Privacy

This best VPN doesn’t keep track of any information about you or your browsing activities.

So I would highly recommend it to those people who are sensitive about their privacy and safety of their data.

It makes it hard for web criminals to steal your information through their use of the 256 encryption.

The company lets you use different VPN routes to improve your security.

Protect yourself from DDoS Attacks

Hide.me hides your real IP address which is a good way to avoid DDoS attacks.

So when someone pulls your IP address, they will just get the one provided by this VPN hence not be able to attack you.

Unblock any Content

Unblock any content plus get new titles with this gaming VPN. You will be able to watch your favorite shows around the world without worrying about restrictions or low speeds.

Hide Me VPN Pros

  • Has fast download speeds and upload speeds best for torrenting and gaming
  • Its advanced security will encrypt your data so you can surf or play your games anonymously
  • This VPN gaming unblocks geo-restrictions for you to connect with gamers around the world
  • The company has professional customer service with a great reputation

Hide Me VPN Cons

  • Users on other platforms such as Linux will experience a lengthy setup compared to windows or android

Tunnelbear is safe to use VPN. It does not only protect your online privacy but unblocks content that is offered in certain regions. The VPN is engineered to offer fast internet speeds hence no buffering and throttling when playing games.

check out tunnel bear

Strong Encryption

It uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data and hide your location.

 Your opponent will not be able to know where you live nor hackers be able to steal your data.

It has a strict no-logging policy where it does not store IP addresses visiting the site, websites and apps visited by their users, DNS queries, just to mention a few.

Delivers Great Speeds

I ran Tunnel Bears internet speed tests in 2 server locations and I was impressed by it. Its speeds have improved over the years and that’s why it is in the list of the best VPNs that I consider great for gaming.

Tunnel Bear VPN Pros

  • Has a free and paid service. You can try out the free VPN services to determine if its the right one for your gaming needs
  •  Has advanced security to protect your data and hide your identity
  • Has fast speeds that are needed for playing games and streaming
  •  It has a strict no-logging policy hence do not keep information of their users

Tunnel Bear VPN Cons

  • The company does not say how many servers they have. Not to worry about this as its speed is fast and its network performance is great

Gaming VPN? - Why Do I Need a One?

A VPN is a powerful tool that will prevent DDoS attacks, avoid ISP throttling, it can  protect you from hackers, help you get new online games, etc. It will improve your overall online experience, even giving you a private internet access so you have privacy while playing your games.

Unblock Restricted Sites

A best gaming VPN will enable you to play games that are blocked in your country. It unblocks restricted sites hence making it easy for you to get new games.

Maintain your Privacy

The best gaming VPNs will hide your identity online and won't share details without your permission. It achieves this by hiding your IP and the data that you receive or send. It will also ensure that your data is secure, and protect you from attacks of malicious people.

best vpn for firefox

What Should a Gaming VPN Have?

Multiple Device Support

If you have a family or friends that you would like to use your accountsubscribe,  to the best gaming VPN that supports multiple devices. With a single subscription, you can use one account for any device such as a smart TV, router, PC, and even mobile phones for mobile gaming.

Word Wide Servers

Choose the best gaming VPN that has lots and lots of gaming servers located in various countries worldwide. The more you can connect to a nearby server, the faster the speeds will be. Also, you don’t want to connect to the same server every day.

How Many Servers Should My VPN Have?

There is no set number of servers that make one VPN better than another. While VPN providers will often advertise the number of servers they have, this is largely a marketing gimmick and doesn’t really equate to the quality of the gaming VPN services themselves. Things such as server location spread and server quality are as important if not more so than the quantity of available servers.

That being said, most of the major VPN providers offer between 3,000 to 5,000 or more servers. We recommend that you avoid any paid VPN services under 1,000 servers as this may be an indication that the company is not yet well established, which could lead to reliability issues.

Will a VPN Increase My Ping?

No, instead it will lower it. Paid or free VPNs can indeed lower your ping. There is a misconception that a VPN will always slow down your regular connection but that is not the case.

The best VPN for gaming will actually improve your ping.  Let’s say you are in the UK and you are connected to a game server in Sweden with your internet. The route of your connection is longer compared to when you connect to a server directly in Sweden using a VPN.

Will a VPN Affect My Internet Speeds?

VPN can have an effect on your internet speeds. But nowadays it’s the exception rather than the norm. When you connect to a VPN, it re-routes your internet traffic through its own servers. Depending on where these servers are located, it can add extra distance for your traffic to travel to and from, leading to a higher ping. 

Also, VPNs encrypt your data, which can lead to slower download speeds and upload speeds due to the time it takes to encrypt and decrypt your data—this can affect everything from page load times to video buffering speeds.

Thankfully, advances in encryption technology and server optimization by modern VPN providers have lessened these impacts significantly.

But What About My Sick Frags?

Like I mentioned before, many people worry that they will have a weak VPN connection when they use the best gaming VPN. This is not the case because most VPNs have servers in various countries worldwide hence you will not lack one near you.

When connecting to a nearby server, upload and download internet speeds will not be affected. Only over longer distances speeds are affected. Speed is a major concern when playing video games particularly fighting games where a slight delay can mean defeat. 

Is It Legal to Use a Gaming VPN?

The use of gaming VPN apps is perfectly legal. Protecting your privacy is crucial, whether you are gaming, surfing, or banking. Your IP is your digital fingerprint that identifies your location.

For different reasons, gaming, financial and streaming services display content depending on your location.  That is why it is crucial to use a VPN to prevent tracking of your online activities.

You have a right to use a VPN for gaming to stay secure. Just make sure you are not using it to conduct illegal activities.

Gaming VPN FAQ

1. Is VPN good for gaming?

Yes. When you use a gaming VPN, you can enjoy gaming, streaming, torrenting, and surfing while remaining completely secure with your information, data, and activity.

2. How do I choose a Gaming VPN?

Select a gaming VPN provider with a large number of servers located throughout the world for gaming. You're less likely to encounter slow internet speeds or servers that are overloaded with users when there are more servers. Additionally, if a game is not available in your country, you can bypass those restrictions by connecting to a server in another country.

3. Is ExpressVPN faster than NordVPN?

NordVPN is the winner.

It's nearly as fast, has a larger server selection, and gives you more control over your security configuration than ExpressVPN does. It's also an excellent choice for streaming, owing to its robust unblocking capabilities and dedicated IP address option.

4. Can VPN reduce ping?

A gaming VPN can significantly reduce the ping in your online games. In general, VPN packets take a more direct route than standard ISP packets. Good VPN services should allow information to flow more freely between your computer and the game's server.

5. Do pro gamers use VPN?

Yes. Whether you play Fortnite, PUBG, or another game, when it comes to gaming, using a VPN is a good idea. VPNs are not exclusively used to download and stream media content. Using a VPN as a gamer is entirely dependent on the various use cases, such as becoming a boss in the game.

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