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BitDefender Vs Norton: A Detailed Comparison (Suites) for 2021

We can bet that you’ve heard about “Norton” which is one of the oldest Antivirus software , but are you familiar with another antivirus software,“BitDefender”? Although these two differ from each other, they are considered top tier in the 2020 market today. Let’s see how these two antivirus programs face off in this “BitDefender vs Norton” match!

We will be going through both programs to determine which software best fits your needs by conducting insightful comparisons in major as well as minor features of the antivirus programs. Features that we will be including, but are not limited to, are malware protection, effect on your system’s performance, pricing cost, user-friendliness, satisfaction, and etc.

By the end of the article, we will determine which program comes up on top based on our expert’s suggestions. Another safety tool worth mentioning is the 360 Total Security which we reviewed.

We’ll evaluate each product and will go through the various aspects of them to declare a winner. Pay attention to the criteria and our own recommendations so that you can secure your device with identity theft protection and minimize the chance of you becoming a victim of identity theft.

If you would like to gain more insight about these products, we suggest you keep on reading!

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

Why do you need an Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is key to keeping your online, personal information safe from hackers. You will need to choose a perfect-fit antivirus that lives up to your expectations, as each program can differ in some aspects.

As there are many security software programs that are on the market, here are other program comparisons of Norton and BitDefender with other antivirus software:

Nowdays, technology has advanced in a way where personal information can be looked up easily with just a few key strokes. One cannot live on free trials, as the features will only last so long.

So now that you have a brief understanding of how important these antivirus software are, below is our short verdict of which of the two programs comes out on top.

Norton vs BitDefender Brief Comparison in 2020

What are the ground rules of each antivirus software being compared on this page? How do you think we will be reaching the final result? Well, for determining the best software, we will be running different rounds of test (based on categories), and then declare the winner for each round. At the end (based on the category-wise evaluation), the final Winner will be declared. Please find Some more important Comparison Like Avast Vs AVG

Are you ready?

Let’s dive into it:

(This is a short comparison, if you’re in need of in-depth comparison, please jump to the below-settled segment on this page. We also did Norton Antivirus review.)

Features: When it comes to functionality, Norton has the upper hand over BitDefender, as you get more security-related features.

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

Malware Protection: Protection from all types of malware needs to be the top priority of any customer, whether a beginner or not. In this area, again Norton beats BitDefender which has better malware protection.

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

System Performance: Having run different tests, we found out that even here the Norton won’t take up much power on your system as a whole. Later on, we’ll review statistics and information that show that Norton doesn’t impact performance as much as Bitdefender does.

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

User Interface (UI): Both Norton and BitDefender have an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, allowing customers to navigate their software with ease. In terms of difference, BitDefender has a dark theme, where as Norton uses a lighter color theme.

Winner: Draw

Bitdefender antivirus logo
Norton Anti Virus Logo

Pricing Model: BitDefender offers more features for your dollar.

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

Popularity: On the basis of premium plans that are offered, Norton, again offers more features.

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

Norton vs Bitdefender Our Short Verdict

With short list mentioned above, Norton beats BitDefender by most! This isn’t only about the features, it also puts the minimal impact on the system performance. In other words, using Norton on your device, there will not be any lagging problem whatsoever in Norton vs BitDefender.

In the tests run by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, Norton easily surpasses BitDefender in most of the cases.

Users are also offered discounts on Norton suites.

On top of that, Norton protects more than 500 million systems all around the world, this comes in handy as users can purchase “Norton Family”, to offer protection to up to 5 devices at the same time.

BitDefender or Norton: A Thorough Antivirus Comparison

So far we’ve looked at general perspectives of both of antivirus software, now is the perfect time to go through each points specifically.

For the beginning of this comparison, we will begin with the “Freemium” services of each software:

BitDefender’s Suites

BitDefender Pricing Model

1. 30-Day Free Trial

What is “Freemium”? “Freemium” is the package that you will get for free, and it offers the basic features needed to keep your computer safe. If you need to add more advanced features, you will have to pay more for it.

The freemium is considered to be a good fit for the people who are just getting started. This gives them a chance to understand the software well and therefore will help determine if you want to keep using it or not.

Although it is considered free, a trial period is put on the freemium which will most likely go up to 30 days. After the 30-day mark, you will have to purchase the official license to continue using its services.

BitDefender actually offers a lot of features to the users during this trial, things like unlimited VPN traffic, platform independency, minimal impact on your system’s performance, ultimate protection from different malware, advanced parental control for the next-level safety for yourself and for your kids.

There’s no doubt in it that BitDefender delivers award-winning security solutions. While downloading a 30-day free trial, you will need to jump to the “Downloads” page and pick up the preferred suite based on your requirements.

2. Antivirus Plus 2020

This is a fundamental package brought to life by BitDefender. It lets you make the most out of software up to 3 devices. After purchasing the license for this package, it will be accessible on your Windows computers. If you are on the lookout for a suite that offers the protection on other platforms simultaneously, like macOS, iOS, and Android, you should think about the “BitDefender Premium Security” package. On the other hand,  if you exclusively need an antivirus for iPhone, click here.

The Antivirus Plus 2020 is a cheaper suite, the features that it are equipped include VPN (for anonymous and fast internet browsing experience), a Password Manager, Safepay (to be used while you handle the sensitive transactions online), Multi-layer Ransomware Protection, Optimized Performance for an extended Battery Life of your PC, and 24/7/365 customer support. Again, if you’re unsure about whether you should choose this package, you are always welcomed to download the package’s 30-day free trial.

3. Internet Security

Coming on to our 3rd point, we have “Bitdefender Internet Security” which is a tier above the previous package. Additional features like the “Parental Control”, lets users monitor their kids’ internet habits. In this suite, every feature of the “Plus” package (mentioned above) comes already included.

Two features have been recently updated into this package: Anti-tracker and Microphone monitor. Meaning, you have full control over your device’s microphone and if there’s something strange  going on with it, you will be instantly informed about the threat by BitDefender’s algorithms.

Hackers might also be able to get into your system’s webcam feature, BitDefender’s algorithms can detect it and can therefore inform you through a full report. To gain more insight of this feature, we suggest you log on to this link and be enlightened right away.

4. Total Security

The “Total Security” is a multi-device product that covers all of the requirements that you need for the ultimate security of your information. This package is featured as a 30-day free trial and you can also get a 50% discount for your first year of using it.

According to AV-Comparatives, it has been recently rewarded as “Outstanding Product”. No matter how sophisticated the malware you’re dealing is, its top-notch and unbeatable malware protection will always have your back.

It also boasts a “One-click Optimizer” and “Disk Cleanup” that will help you take your security to a next level without having to worry about anything. All you need to do is click once and the optimizer will automatically take care of the rest of the process.

5. Family Pack

Need more protection on more devices? Is it possible to make use of BitDefender on beyond 5 devices?

Their “Family Pack” option is a next-level security suite that comes bundled for the ultimate protection of your family. The number of total devices on which you can utilize this pack is 15. It is a multi-platform suite which means you can use it on any operation system simultaneously, whether it be a Windows, iOS, macOS, or Android.

What if you don’t know how to install and set up the BitDefender antivirus software? If you’re a beginner, you can also add recommended services when you are on the final checkout page, for a step-by-step tutorial on installation.

6. BitDefender for Mac

If you’re one of those who rely on Mac, we have some good news for you! You’ll be protected from all Mac-related threats and other different types of malware. The VPN will help you in anonymity and offer a secure and faster experience while browsing the web.

Say goodbye to the adware and enjoy multi-layer ransomware protection to feel safer than before. This suite won’t let your system down – you will get maintain system performance on your macOS at all times.

The “Total Security” suite also allows the customer to use the software on the Mac system.  So, if you liked the features of that suite, you can also go with that (if you don’t prefer this suite designed for Mac users only).

Norton’s Suites

norton all packages

1. 30-Day Free Trial

There are some websites that will tell you that there is no free trial offered by Norton, but that’s NOT true because you can either utilize the free trial through “Deluxe” and “Premium” plans.

The Norton’s Premium can be downloaded and made use of on up to 10 devices that could include a Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device. All of the features of “Deluxe” package have been added to “Premium” and what sets the “Premium” suite apart from the former one is “Automatic Backup” of important documents.

In addition to that, this freemium suite also provides 25 GB of free space that can be made use of for the online backup and for other specific purposes. This suite also features parental control as well.

Norton also offers other freemiums services, like the 30-Day Trial for the “Mobile Security (on Google Play)” and “Family Premier” suites.

2. Norton AntiVirus Plus

This is Norton’s very basic package, only offering 2GB of Cloud Backup.

It offers the ground rules for the safety of your information or data whether you are using your system offline or you’re browsing online. It protects you from different types of malware, ransomware, viruses, and varying threats.

3. Norton 360 Standard

If you need Antivirus software spanning multiple operations systems, the standard suite is better for you which is above the “Norton 360 Standard” plan.

In addition to the previous groundwork, this package offers webcam protection, secure VPN browsing, as well as Darkweb safety. Darkweb safety scans internet markets that could be selling the user’s personal information and informs the user if their information is found.

This suite can be used for 1 PC, 1 mobile device, and 1 Mac device.

4. Norton 360 Deluxe

It includes all the features of the “Standard” plan and two brand-new features have been added to this package as follows:

  • 40 more GB of Cloud Backup
  • protection for up to 5 operating systems

5. Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

In the prior suite, you’d only get 50GB of Cloud Backup, whereas, the “LifeLock Select” offers a 100-GB cloud backup. Other perks include things like “Identity Alert”, “Credit Monitoring”, and the “Million Dollar Protection Package”.

The  “Identity Alert™” that will protect your identity from being stolen and updates via text or mobile app, as well as Identity Restoration customer specialists.

The  “Credit Monitoring”, which monitors personal information pertaining to your credit information.

The “Million Dollar Protection Package” is newer feature that recovers personal expenses being stolen, as well as lawyers that will help cover up to 1 million dollars in financial loss due to identity theft.

This suite can be used on up to 10 devices.

BitDefender vs Norton: Which Antivirus offers better Malware Protection?

Malware Protection is they key to what makes an antivirus software credible.

We’ve run AV-Test and AV-Comparisons to determine the credibility of both Norton and BitDefender. These AV companies are two indepdennt security labs that provide real-time results and offer detailed reports on Antivirus software.

These tests were run in the month of July and August of 2020 which means that we are using the latest tests (statistics) because the software might require some updating over time.

BitDefender Protection:

BitDefender Protection against malware infections scores

Norton Protection:

Norton Protection against malware infections results

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

Norton vs BitDefender: Which Antivirus has minimal impact on the System?

Have you ever experienced the lagging problem while using antivirus software? Check and make sure you are using the latest software, if not, the antivirus program itself has impacted your system’s performance.

Since the software will be running in the background, it will require the resources to load at all times.

So, how did both BitDefender and Norton perform while different tasks like browsing a website or loading an application? Check out the AV tests performed below!

BitDefender Performance:

BitDefender performance score update

Norton Performance:

Norton performance score update

Winner: Tie

Bitdefender antivirus logo
Norton Anti Virus Logo

Norton vs BitDefender: Which Antivirus offers improved Usability?

How’s the service offered by each of the software or company? Do they live up to your expectations or needs? These aspects are important to keep in mind while picking up the perfect fit for having next-level protection for your personal information, data, etc.

Apart from AV-Test, we also considered other tests to have precise results. We found out that both BitDefender and Norton could be a great choice for you, but, if you look closely, Norton gets beats BitDefender by a margin.

Therefore, our experts’ recommendation would be “Norton 2020” as it has never let anyone down.

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

BitDefender or Norton: Which Antivirus provides Better User Interface (UI)?

The user interface (UI) is an important aspect when designing an application or website. The design of an application or website is judged by the users, and not by the website owner. To have a head-to-head comparison, we subscribed to both of the software and then use one by one.

BitDefender’s UI:

Speaking of the user interface (UI) offered by the BitDefender, we have a dark and modern interface. The design is very intuitive and easy-to-use as each feature is separated by their own box.

Bitdefender UI

When you open the software, you will be taken to a screen that will show “You’re protected” and that will only happen if everything is fine with the device you’ve installed the antivirus on. If you don’t want to get any sort of interruption while working on your system, use the “Auto-pilot Feature” to allow the antivirus program to run in the background of your tasks.

Norton’s UI:

Now, let’s head over to the interface brought to life by “Norton”. Again, it is very simple to use the app and comes in green (highlight color) and white color (for background). Just like BitDefender, you will get a “You are protected” message on the front screen which will show that everything is working fine as it should.

norton user interface against windows desktop

You will find BD more catching than Norton. The black color also gives a pro look to the software that might be preferred by you if you love dark colors. To dive a little bit deeper, you could take a glimpse at the UI as shown underneath and above (for BitDefender 2020).

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

Norton vs BitDefender: The Price Comparison

The pricing model is one of the important factors that could make you change your final decision for sure because you don’t want to purchase a product that doesn’t offer the bang for your bucks.

BitDefender Suites’ Cost:

BitDefender Antivirus PlusLatest Price
BitDefender Internet SecurityLatest Price
BitDefender Total SecurityLatest Price
BitDefender Family PackLatest Price
BitDefender Antivirus for MacLatest Price
BitDefender Small Office SecurityLatest Price
BitDefender GravityZone BusinessLatest Price

Norton Suites’ Cost:

Norton Antivirus BasicLatest Price
Norton 360 StandardLatest Price
Norton 360 DeluxeLatest Price
Norton 360 with LifeLock SelectLatest Price

Winner: Norton

Norton Anti Virus Logo

Final Verdict

Now, you’ve got all the ins and outs of both of the software’s features, it’s very easy to determine which of the two come out on top.

Still can’t decide which one is the best Antivirus choice for you out of the available options between both BitDefender and Norton? Well, Norton is the one that easily gets the upper hands over BitDefender in most of the areas and that’s the reason why it has won most of the rounds of the test conducted above.

Our recommendation: McAfee

From phishing scams to malware attacks, security threats grow increasingly by the day. Although the products we mentioned are very good, it cannot beat the likes of McAfee. With McAfee it has protection on all sorts of devices ranging from phones to even cars! It’s extensive product line-up has protected over 18.9 billion devices to this day. We are sure that you will come across a package that is perfect for you, to check out their line-up, click here!


1. Is Bitdefender better than Norton?

Norton and Bitdefender are both great antivirus software options, but when it comes down to it, Norton is the clear winner. Bitdefender is a good choice if you’re looking for something that is affordable and has some good features, but Norton offers more comprehensive protection and has a longer track record of success.

2. Is Bitdefender really the best?

Bitdefender is a well-known and respected name in the world of antivirus software. However, there are many excellent antivirus programs on the market, so it's ultimately up to the individual to decide which one is best for them.

3. Can Norton stop hackers?

Norton Antivirus provides some protection against hackers, but it does not provide complete protection. While Norton Antivirus is capable of protecting your computer against a large number of the tools hackers use to infiltrate your computer, the program that prevents hackers from directly infiltrating your computer is referred to as a firewall.

4. Can Bitdefender be trusted?

Bitdefender is a well-known and highly trusted security software company. Their products have been consistently ranked among one ofthe the best in the industry, and they have a long history of providing quality security solutions. Bitdefender is also known for their strong customer support, so you can be confident that you're in good hands if you choose to use their products.

5. What antivirus is better than Norton?

Norton is superior in terms of general security, performance, and additional features. If you're willing to pay a little more for the best protection in 2021, opt for Norton. McAfee is slightly less expensive than Norton. If you're looking for a secure, feature-rich, and reasonably priced internet security suite, look no further than McAfee.

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