BitDefender Vs Norton: A Detailed Comparison (Suites) for 2020

We can bet that you’ve heard about “Norton” which is one of the oldest Antivirus software made available at that time, but are you familiar with the term “BitDefender”? There are dissimilar antivirus giants in the market available today which states that things are not as same as they were before – it has all changed.

However, making you a knowledgeable person so that you could understand which antivirus will be highly suitable for you based on your requirements. To reach the conclusion with an intention to deliver the fine points on “BitDefender Vs Norton Comparison in 2020”, we will be going over some major and minor features of both of the software like malware protection, the effect on system performance, price (cost), user-friendliness, satisfaction, etc.

At the end of this comprehensive article, we will be declaring a “Winner” and that will be our recommendation for you. That would be based on our experts’ suggestions. In this wide-ranging comparison, we will be comparing the ins and outs of the features based on all suites offered by each of the software.

If you don’t want to be involved in this assessment and would first like to understand the nitty-gritties of the product, we strongly suggest you read out “BitDefender versus Norton” individually with an intention to be familiar with the primary services of each antivirus software.

Each product will go through the shortlisting procedure and one of them will be a final winner in 2020. That’s what you will be meant to pay attention to for the ultimate protection of your device, data residing therein, or to put an end to the identity theft.

Why do you need an Antivirus Software?

We didn’t think that you’d ask this question, however, since you did, it’d be our primary duty to keep you fulfilled. You will need to choose a perfect-fit antivirus that lives up to your expectations in the first place.

We live in a digital world there is no running from that. It is a harsh truth that in this digital era, hackers can keep an eye on your activity if you are not being a skeptic. Yes, being skeptic can help you become more aware of how to protect your personal information, and next time, you will think twice before giving someone your personal details. It’s good to do research ahead of time – in fact, we encourage you to look at more Norton comparisons here:

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As a result, skepticism plays a huge role in the process of being safe and feel safer. But, that’s just the half of the story because it is very easy to find someone online just by typing a couple of keywords or hackers could use some algorithms to return the list of the regional IPs which could also include yours.

There’re more chances for the people to become victim today than before as different tactics are used by the cyberpunks now. Hence, it is highly necessary to have a one-of-its-kind and top-of-the-line antivirus program because trial version won’t be able to help you out for longer, and the free version is surpassed by the premium plans which means a paid suite (package) would be the first-rate option for the security of your data.

Now, we know you must be craving for the “Detailed” overview of the comparison between “BitDefender and Norton”, but before we get there, we put it to you that you should first take a brief look at the “Short Verdict” that lives right below:

BitDefender Vs Norton Brief Comparison in 2020

What are the ground rules of each antivirus software being compared on this page? How do you think we will be reaching the final result? Well, for determining the best software, we will be running different rounds of test (based on categories), and then declare the winner for each round. At the end (based on the category-wise evaluation), the final Winner will be declared. Please find Some more important Comparison Like Avast Vs AVG

Are you ready?

Let’s dive into it:

(This is a short comparison, if you’re in need of in-depth comparison, please jump to the below-settled segment on this page)

Features: Speaking of functionalities, BitDefender has the upper hands over Norton as you will get more security-related features in different packages brought to life by BitDefender.

Winner: BitDefender

Malware Protection: Protection from all types of malware needs to be the top priority of any customer, whether a beginner or not. In this area, again BitDefender beats Norton, being one step ahead of the latter option, with regard to the malware defense.

Winner: BitDefender

System Performance: Having run different tests, we found out that even here the BitDefender gets ahead of the game, leaving Norton behind. The statistics showed that BitDefender put less impact on the overall performance of the system comparatively.

Winner: BitDefender

User Interface (UI): Both Norton and BitDefender use easy-to-use and intuitive user interface which makes it super easy for the user to use the software like a pro.  Even novices do not have any problem using that software at all. The default theme used by BitDefender is dark whereas the user-interface (UI) used by Norton is a little bit lighter comparatively.

Winner: Draw

Pricing Model: Is BitDefender antivirus software is less expensive than Norton? Or it is not what everyone thinks it is? Well, to be honest, the BitDefender does offer the bang for your bucks and Norton is nowhere to be found on the list of “Inexpensive antivirus software” as far as this comparison is considered.

Winner: BitDefender

Popularity: Which program is more popular? Does popularity matter all the time?  Well, we know that something which is popular is being used by most of the people because there has to be something good about it and that’s why people are interested in it. But on the contrary, it could also be because it comes free.

Since we are only comparing the popularity on the basis of premium plans of BitDefender and Norton, there’s nothing to talk about free services. Therefore, it turns out that BitDefender is more popular than Norton which makes BitDefender a winner again.

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender vs Norton Our Short Verdict

Hope you get the picture now – it is crystal clear that BitDefender wins more rounds of the comparison which puts it on the top of the list of comparison. This isn’t only about the features, it also puts the minimal impact on the system performance. In other words, using BitDefender on your device, there will not be any lagging problem whatsoever in Norton vs Bitdefender.

If we were you, we’d choose “BitDefender” because not only it features more functionality but also it has been recognized by customers they have been very pleased with the experience so far. In the tests run by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, BitDefender easily surpasses Norton in most of the cases.

On top of that, BitDefender is protecting more than 500 million systems all around the world which is a great thing. Furthermore, you can get amazing discounts on each suite you purchase if you make your mind for the purchase of the BitDefender antivirus program.

The best thing about BitDefender is that it can be utilized on all of the platforms there are, whether it is Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and so on. If you believe that you’re not the only person who needs protection from malware, you can consider buying the “Family Pack” that will give you the opportunity to use more than 5 devices at the same time i.e. simultaneously for Norton vs Bitdefender.

BitDefender or Norton: A Thorough Antivirus Comparison

So far we’ve looked at the rudiments or the ins and outs of both of this antivirus software now is the perfect time for you to figure out the same meticulously.

At begin this thorough comparison, we will begin with the Freemium services of each software:

BitDefender’s Suites

BitDefender Pricing Model

1. 30-Day Free Trial

What freemium is that it is a suite that you will get for free in order to have some basic features of the software, however, you will need to pay for the advanced features of the software.

The freemium is considered to be a good fit for the people who are just getting started. This gives them a chance to understand the software well and helps in the long run for sure.

It is a freeware that you will get for a limited period of time: highly like to be a span of 30 days. Yes, you got it right, it is a trial version that is only valid for 30 days. After 30 days, if you have confidence in yourself to purchase the license (because the software lives up to your expectations), you should go for it.

What amazes us is that you will get to use advanced features even during the trial period like unlimited VPN traffic, platform independency, minimal impact on your device’s performance, ultimate protection from different malware, advanced parental control for the next-level safety of your kids when they go online, and a lot more.

There’s no doubt in it that BitDefender delivers award-winning security solutions. While downloading a 30-day free trial, you will need to jump to the “Downloads” page and pick up the preferred suite based on your requirements.

2. Antivirus Plus 2020

This is a fundamental package brought to life by BitDefender. It lets you make the most out of software up to 3 devices. After purchasing the license for this package, it will be accessible on your Windows computers. If you are on the lookout for a suite that offers the protection on other platforms like macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows in a single package, you should think about the “Premium Security” package.

Though, it is a cheaper suite, the features that it is equipped with include VPN (for anonymous and fast internet browsing experience), Password Manager, Safepay (to be used while you handle the sensitive transactions online), Multi-layer Ransomware Protection, Optimized Performance for an extended Battery Life of your PC, and 24/7/365 customer support, at your service. If you’re unsure about whether you should choose this package, you are always welcomed to download the 30-day free trial.

3. Internet Security

Coming on the 3rd position, we have “Bitdefender Internet Security” that is an advanced suite of previously-discussed package. It has some forward-thinking features that not only will keep safe but also your kids who have the habit to use the Internet nowadays, thanks to the “Parental Control” feature contributed to this suite. In this suite, every feature of the “Plus” package (mentioned above) comes already included.

It also offers real-time protection from threats and malware, just like you got in the Antivirus Plus plan above. Two features have been recently updated into this package: Anti-tracker and Microphone monitor. Meaning, you have full control over your device’s microphone and if there’s something strange with it, you will be instantly informed about the threat by the BitDefender’s next-level algorithms.

Just like that, hackers might get into your system via the “Webcam” which is arising nowadays. So, wherever there is an unauthorized app trying to get access to your webcam, it will be blocked at one and you will be given the complete data about the situation. To be sure of the system requirements, we suggest you log on to this link and be enlightened right away.

4. Total Security

The “Total Security” is a multi-device product that covers all of the requirements that you need for the ultimate security of your information. Either get a trial for free for 30 days or if you’re already accustomed to it, time to make your day by getting a flat 50% discount on the first purchase (i.e. for the first year).

According to AV-Comparatives, it has been rewarded as “Outstanding Product” and that wasn’t a long time ago. Nothing gets infected and nothing gets deleted when you let this antivirus run on your system’s background. No matter how sophisticated the malware you’re dealing is, its top-notch and unbeatable malware protection will always have your back.

It also boasts a “One-click Optimizer” and “Disk Cleanup” that will help you take your security to a next level without having to worry about anything. All you need to do is click once and the optimizer will take care of the rest of the process.

5. Family Pack

What if requirements are to connect more than 5 devices simultaneously? Is it possible to make use of BitDefender on beyond 5 devices? The good news is that you are concerned about the safety of your family members, don’t delay; rather subscribe to a premium package known as “Family Pack”.

This is a next-level security suite that comes bundled for the ultimate protection of your family. The number of total devices on which you can utilize this pack is 15. It is a multi-platform suite which means you can use it on any operation system, be it Windows, iOS, macOS, or Android.

What if you don’t know how to install and set up the BitDefender antivirus software? If you’re a beginner, you can also add recommended services to the final checkout for a step-by-step tutorial on installation. Choosing this service, you won’t have to do anything as the engineers at BitDefender (the company) will be doing the work via the super-secure remote function. Furthermore, you could get the best of “Premium VPN” for online anonymity.

6. BitDefender for Mac

What about those people who don’t have Windows but are running a Mac OS? Will they have to sacrifice on this highly significant antivirus software? No, they don’t either need to do that because BitDefender is also available for Mac users.

If you’re one of those who rely on Mac, we have some good news for you! You’ll be protected from all Mac-related threats and other different types of malware. The VPN will help you in anonymity and offer a secure and faster experience while browsing the web.

Say goodbye to the adware and enjoy multi-layer ransomware protection to feel safer than before when you didn’t have the BitDefender antivirus software. This suite won’t let your system down – you will get a super-fast speed when it comes to the maintaining system performance at all times.

Apart from this suite, the “Total Security” also allows the customer to use the software on the Mac system.  So, if you liked the features of that suite, you can also go with that (if you don’t prefer the suite designed for Mac user only).

Norton’s Suites

norton all packages

1. 30-Day Free Trial

There are some websites that will tell you that there is no free trial offered by Norton, but that’s NOT true because you can either utilize the free trial through “Deluxe” and “Premium” plans.

The Norton’s Premium can be downloaded and made use of on up to 10 devices that could include a Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device. All of the features of “Deluxe” package have been added to “Premium” and what sets the “Premium” suite apart from the former one is “Automatic Backup” of important documents.

In addition to that, the latter suite also provides 25 GB of free space that can be made use of for the online backup and for other specific purposes. This suite also features parental control so that the kids can feel safe while browsing the web.

If these two suites don’t have your attention in the first place, you can try the 30-Day Trial for the “Mobile Security (on Google Play)” and “Family Premier” suites.

2. Norton Security Plus

The Norton has gained popularity in the past few years. We, therefore, accept it as true that you might have already heard of “Norton”, haven’t you?

Even if you are completely new to it, you should first pay attention to the “Basic” plan that can be made use of on a single device only. The package is billed yearly and then you have to renew it once it reaches the deadline for the renewal.

It offers the ground rules for the safety of your information or data whether you are using the PC offline or you’re browsing the webpages online. It protects you from different types of malware, ransomware, viruses, and varying threats.

This is only accessible on Windows PC.

3. Norton 360 Standard

If your necessities are for an Antivirus software that can be run on both Windows and Mac systems, our suggestion is that you should be paying attention to the “Standard” suite that is an advanced version of the basic plan of Norton.

This offers a small firewall that will be useful in protecting your personal information from anyone trying to have unauthorized access to it. Furthermore, it allows the updates to be automatically installed in the software which will remove all of the hard work for you, giving you full peace of mind.

If you don’t find yourself fully satisfied with the services of the product, you can raise a request for the refund. With the help of the 100% money-back guarantee, you can get your refund if the services are not as good as they should get.

This suite can be purchased for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years and made use of on 1 PC, 1 mobile device, and 1 Mac device.

4. Norton 360 Deluxe

It includes all the features of the “Standard” plan and two brand-new features have been added to this package as follows:

  • Via a single subscription, you can get the ultimate protection for all your devices that are being used on different platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, or macOS
  • Offers an easy-to-use Web Portal

5. Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

In the aforesaid suite, you’d only get 50GB cloud back, whereas, the “LifeLock Select” won’t let you down in that area as it offers a 100-GB cloud backup. Get the best of the “Secure VPN” feature and browse the web anonymously and without any glitches in the meantime.

Nowadays, we are having the situation of identity theft because attackers are now getting smarter than they have been before. So, in order to stay one step ahead of them, you will need to take care of your “Identity” and with that in mind, Norton has added a feature called “Identity Alert™” that will protect your identity from being stolen.

We all deal with the credit and making sure that no one is keeping an eye on your activities is extremely important. With the help of “Credit Monitoring”, things will get easier and all your credit information will be private to you. There’s another never-seen-before feature added to this package i.e. “Million Dollar Protection Package”.

This suite can be used on up to 10 devices.

Winner: BitDefender

BitDefender vs. Norton: Which Antivirus offers better Malware Protection?

What do you think should be called the “Heart” of antivirus software? Yes, you got it right there! We’re talking about the “Malware Protection” which, if not available in an antivirus, could put your system or device at high risk.

However, concluding the final result won’t be that easy and to make it easy, we’d be using different tests run by the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. These are two independent security labs that conduct tests to provide real-time data or statistics on the features (like malware protection), performance, usability, etc.

These tests were run in the month of May and June which means that we are using the latest tests (statistics) because the software might get some need troubleshooting over time. Let’s find out what the AV-Test and AV-Comparative result show in the following segment for your convenience:

BitDefender Protection:

Bitdefender Protection chart

Norton Protection:

norton protection

Winner: BitDefender

BitDefender vs. Norton: Which Antivirus has minimal impact on the System?

Have you ever experienced the lagging problem while using antivirus software? If affirmative, that’s because you’ve been using either an outdated software or it doesn’t have the offering for the functionality for having the minimal impact on your system’s performance.

Since the software will be running in the background, it will require the resources to load at all times. The bad software will give you a pain in the neck in that case, however, a good antivirus, on the other hand, is going to have your back as nothing bad will happen to the system performance while the software protects you through the real-time protection.

So, how did both BitDefender and Norton performed while different tasks like browsing a website or loading an application? Well, that’s for you to find out through the results of the tests that have been made accessible to everyone, courtesy of AV-Test.

The picture is clearer now – i.e. both BitDefender and Norton get a 6.0 score out of 6 which makes it a “Tie”.

BitDefender Performance:

Bitdefender Performance chart

Norton Performance:

norton performance

Winner: Tie

BitDefender vs. Norton: Which Antivirus offers improved Usability?

How’s the service offered by each of the software or company? Do they live up to your expectations or needs? That’s an important aspect to keep in mind while picking up the perfect fit for having next-level protection for your personal information, data, etc.

Apart from AV-Test, we also considered other tests to have precise results. We found out that both BitDefender and Norton could be a great choice for you, nonetheless, if you look closely, you will notice that BitDefender gets a little bit ahead of the game.

Therefore, our experts’ recommendation would be “BitDefender 2020” as it has never let anyone down.

Winner: BitDefender

BitDefender or Norton: Which Antivirus provides Better User Interface (UI)?

The user interface (UI) is an important aspect when designing an application or website. The design of an application or website is judged by the users, and not by the website owner. To have a head-to-head comparison, we subscribed to both of the software and then use one by one.

BitDefender’s UI:

Speaking of the user interface (UI) offered by the BitDefender, we have a dark and modern interface. Also, you will be seeing some black and light grey. The design is very intuitive and easy-to-use. The menu has been given to the left-hand side which is another great thing about BD antivirus.

Bitdefender UI

When you open the software, you will be taken to a screen that will show “You’re protected” and that will only happen if everything is fine with the device you’ve installed the antivirus on. If you don’t want to get any sort of interruption and get busy while doing important tasks, you could make use “Auto-pilot Feature” that will give you peace of mind.

Norton’s UI:

Now, let’s head over to the interface brought to life by “Norton”. Again, it is very simple to use the app and comes in green (highlight color) and white color (for background). Just like BD, you will get a “You are protected” message on the front screen which will show that everything is working fine as it should.

norton user interface against windows desktop

It may not offer a feast for eyes as BitDefender does. You will find BD more catching than Norton. The black color also gives a pro look to the software that might be preferred by you if you love dark colors. To dive a little bit deeper, you could take a glimpse at the UI as shown underneath and above (for BD 2020).

Winner: BitDefender

BitDefender vs Norton: The Price Comparison

The pricing model is one of the important factors that could make you change your final decision for sure because you don’t want to purchase a product that doesn’t offer the bang for your bucks, would you?

BitDefender Suites’ Cost:

Suites Price
BitDefender Antivirus Plus Latest Price
BitDefender Internet Security Latest Price
BitDefender Total Security Latest Price
BitDefender Family Pack Latest Price
BitDefender Antivirus for Mac Latest Price
BitDefender Small Office Security Latest Price
BitDefender GravityZone Business Latest Price

Norton Suites’ Cost:

Suites Price
Norton Antivirus Basic Latest Price
Norton 360 Standard Latest Price
Norton 360 Deluxe Latest Price
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select Latest Price

Winner: BitDefender

Final Verdict

Now, you’ve got all the ins and outs of both of the software. We don’t think that it’d be a pain in the neck anymore to decide which one is going to serve you best when it comes to malware protection, performance, usability, and other factors.

Can’t you still decide which one is the best Antivirus choice for you out of the available options i.e. BitDefender and Norton? Well, BitDefender is the one that easily gets the upper hands over Norton in most of the areas and that’s the reason why it has won most of the rounds of the test conducted above.

BitDefender is currently protecting more than 500 million systems around the world and it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. What is even more surprising is that you will be able to avail yourself of the free trial for all of the suites made available by BitDefender and this is what you won’t get if you consider “Norton”.

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