BitDefender Vs Trend Micro – Antivirus Reviews and Comparison

Is it going to be BitDefender or Trend Micro for your final decision? Have you considered the ins and outs of both of antivirus software before you structure the idea of final purchase in your mind?

If it’s hard to make a difference between Trend Micro and BitDefender, read this through antivirus guying guide that has been designed with “Beginners” in mind.

As the hackers are getting advanced, your data is becoming more and more vulnerable and its safety can only be made sure through world-class antivirus software.

So, which one is it, BitDefender or Trend Micro?

Well, as a matter of fact, there are many. Some of them present top-notch performance and unparalleled features, while others are there just for the sake of promotion.

Deciding on the “Best” antivirus software is one of the best decisions you will remember making for the rest of your life. It’s super easy to save your vital documents and files on your PC, however, when it comes to its “Protection”, it is only possible if investment in the purchase of a one-of-its-kind and top-of-the-line antivirus is done before it is too late.

We don’t know what kind of information is residing on your PC or hand-held device, but what we do know for sure is that it is extremely significant and you won’t accept any sort of breaching in it, would you?

If not, how can you just rely on the antivirus software that doesn’t offer many features for the ultimate protection of your device from malware attacks?

Do you know that according to research done by an IT-security firm, cyber-attack happens after every 14 seconds?

We know it’s hard to swallow, but it is the truth!

Whether it is your personal photos, documents, important files, financial dealings with someone, or bank account details, all could potentially be at risk if you don’t validate the safety of the same.

Another report depicts the estimated attacks that are likely to take place in this year i.e. 2020 – the number is exceeding 12 billion malware that will put the millions of systems at risk globally.

Which Antivirus should I Invest In?

For a novice, it could be heartbreaking to hear this that it could be you (the next victim) too. And, getting the peace of mind is, therefore, what matters most, thanks to the highly skilled staff for making this detailed guide.

We have no idea what software you’ve been relying on in the past few years. But if it is something you’ve been struggling with, it is time to get rid of it and pay for a brand-new license.

Remember the coverage of the antivirus should be maximal and its impact on system’s performance should be minimal or the CPU will become idle every time you open it on your device.

Now, the real question, here, is “Who’s the winner between BitDefender & Trend Micro?” as these are the two antivirus giants in this head-to-head battle.

In order to save yourself from being a victim of the malware or malicious cyber-attacks happening around the world every 14 seconds, we’d like to have your special attention towards the category-wise comparison of BitDefender and Trend Micro antivirus so that it could be and easy-peasy decision for you.

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BitDefender Vs Trend Micro: Antivirus Comparison

Are you in a hurry? Don’t have time to read out this across-the-board and easy-to-understand guide? We know you’ve got other things to do.

So, it’s okay because this quick rundown won’t take much time of yours! Have yourself enlightened by each point that our team has put their efforts in by trying to get the word out.

We’ve discussed which company it is that you should be investing in with an intention to have the best deal. See which antivirus is unique and offers more security-related features to add advanced protection to your devices.

Features: Is the confusion taking over you? Believe us – you don’t have to come unglued! And, speaking of features, BitDefender breathes life into out-of-this-world protection features that, therefore, it leaves Trend Micro behind.

Malware Protection: In the actual test conducted by AV-test, the Trend Micro tried to surpass the BitDefender but defeated it in the first place and no second chance was given to Trend Micro for the comparison as it could hold much longer in the comparison battle.

System Performance: Though it was a narrow escape, BitDefender again outperformed Trend Micro and offered minimal impact on the system performance and save battery of the device.

Handiness: Which antivirus would you prefer, a complicated one or the one that comes pretty handy? The UI of the antivirus you pay for must breathe life into an elegant and intuitive theme or UI and offer a straightforward welcoming screen.


Is the antivirus you put your money into as reasonable as you believe it should be? In terms of choosing a reasonably priced antivirus, we’d say you should go for “BitDefender”.

Customer Satisfaction: Being satisfied with the service is more important than anything. According to the rankings statistics made available by, BitDefender effortlessly outranks Trend Micro.


Undoubtedly, BitDefender, once again, has surpassed Trend Micro as it offers more defense-related features that make the day of the person who buys the license of the antivirus.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what AV-test and AV-comparatives have to say about the final scoring based on malware detection and removal, impact on system’s performance, usability, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, unmatched features.

Our Recommendations!

We’ve reviewed and rated a huge number of antivirus giants, including BitDefender. But we couldn’t find anything better than BitDefender because it is just perfect for every person, whether it is bought for an individual person or a family (there are special suites designed for families).

Why pay more when you can get the best deal at a 50 percent discount? Yes, you read it right – you could be an eligible buyer to get up to 50percent off on the freshly-purchased products.

We’d also walk you through each suite brought to life by BitDefender so that it could be straightforward for you to pick out the best package right in keeping with your needs.

Looking for a wide-ranging comparison between Trend Micro and BitDefender? Don’t worry, to assess the features of both antiviruses in detail, we have a widespread article laid out in the section below. You’d wonder to know that BitDefender, at this moment, is protecting more than 500 million computers around the world.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, we can’t deny the fact that it is incredible!

On top of that, BitDefender, even being reasonably priced, allows you to use it on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and so on. That means there won’t be any need of buying two licenses to run the same software on more than one operating system.

However, the multi-platform suite is only imaginable if you purchase or consider subscribing to the top-of-the-line suite. Your choice could also differentiate based on how many devices you want to use the antivirus on concurrently.

Which Suite (BitDefender Vs Trend Micro) is a Perfect-Fit for Me?

Are the suites designed to meet the specific purpose?

As a matter of they are! And, therefore, in order to purchase the best-fit antivirus software package, you will first need to figure out which exactly is the perfect choice for you.

Now, you see, BitDefender is an antivirus giant, so it won’t be acceptable if there’re not much of the suites variety to satisfy the user’s need in the first place.

But guess what! BitDefender has your back!

Whether you would like to make the most out of BitDefender suites for personal use or you’d like to make your family (or each member of it) feel safer while surfing the website or using the PC or Smartphone, there’s always an opportunity for people like you because user satisfaction is the top priority of BitDefender.

To see which plan is going to meet your expectations in the first place, we’d advise you to go through the in-depth head-to-head comparison as assessed and laid out beautifully in the forthcoming segment of this article:

BitDefender Vs Trend Micro: A Comprehensive Comparison

Above was a short overview of “BitDefender vs Trend Micro” this, ladies and gentlemen will have you all enlightened!

We’ll conduct different rounds of tests based on the categories and the characteristics of each antivirus – i.e. Trend Micro and BitDefender. Furthermore, we will consider the score that each antivirus scored in each round to reach the final conclusion.

But how will we do the evaluation?

That’s a very intelligent question you’ve asked!

Well, you may have heard of “AV-test” and “AV-comparatives” – the two well-known IT-security company, having highly skilled professionals. We’ll use the score of the tests conducted by these two companies and conclude the final answer for you to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started:


First things first! There’s something that gets the #1 priority to be considered when it comes to a nip-and-tuck between products – it is “Features”.

We’ll measure which software is offering more security-related features for the ultimate protection of your devices – PC, Smartphones, Tablet, and so on.

BitDefender Pricing Model

Let’s begin with BitDefender!

BitDefender Antivirus Suites

Like many other companies, BitDefender, could help but satisfy the needs of a beginner by presenting the “Free Trial” and “Freemium”. Remember, both former and latter are poles apart as the former one comes with the full functionality of the antivirus and asks you to purchase after 30 days, while the latter one – i.e. Freemium – comes with limited features and never expires.

BitDefender’s Free Edition:

Apart from getting a Free-trial, you could get the best of Freemium i.e. the Free Edition made available by BitDefender. Though this model is a great place to start with BitDefender for free, you won’t be getting much of the top-level features in this edition.

Therefore, if you’re planning on using the software for a long span of time, what you’d do is opt for either an entry-level suite or you’d jump to a higher level i.e. Total Security or Family Pack. This free version of BitDefender is just like Windows Defender which offers a beginner’s level of protection from all types of cyber-attacks like malware, spyware, ransomware, and others.

Download Here

BitDefender’s Antivirus Plus:

This is an entry-level model for the satisfaction of user’s need and that can be accessed or used on up to 3 devices. It can be taken for granted as a “Basic Protection” for the Windows system (you cannot protect your iOS or Android as it doesn’t offer that).

Though it offers a top-level of digital safety, you won’t be getting “Microphone Monitor” with this type of package. When it comes to protection, you will only get that for Windows-based devices. Get “Advanced Threat Defense” and not to mention that “Multi-layer Protection”.

Furthermore, new technologies named as “Anti-tracker” and “Microphone Monitor”. You will also get “Password Manager” to take care of all of your passwords in a single place – the safest place to bank upon.  All of your files will be kept safe from unauthorized access.

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BitDefender’s Internet Security:

Nevertheless, the overall devices supposed by this package are 3 just like “Antivirus Plus”, you’re promised advanced protection in this suite. Unlike above-mentioned plan, this one is packed with the “Microphone Monitor” which all stop all sort of illegal access through your microphone.

While all of the characteristics of “Plus” bundle has been put together into this suite, there’s more to “Internet Security” than just meets the eye – i.e. Internet Security allows to block all types of intruders from getting access to your system through the connected network. Plus, every time an unauthorized app tries to access your Webcam, you will be informed about that activity and strict action will be taken against that for the safety of your data.

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BitDefender’s Total Security:

This is the “Daddy” of all the packages we’ve reviewed above (wait till you meet the “Family Pack”). Unlike aforesaid bundles which only allowed you to make use of them on Windows and not on other Operation Systems, this (Total Security) will have your back in that area, providing you with multi-platform antivirus software.

The Plus and Internet Security only allowed the usage of the software, whereas, with the help of this package, you could on up to 5 devices. Everything that you’re on the lookout for has been presented in this package, whether it is “Anti-theft” tool or “One-click Speed Optimizer” for the ultimate performance.

Not just that, get next-level user-friendliness packed in this suite and use on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS without any hesitation. This is a perfect choice for those who spend most of their time on hand-held devices and this is what is happening in this modern era – people are becoming more and more addictive to smartphones.

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BitDefender’s Family Package:

Is there a possibility to safeguard the private information of each member of your family? It wouldn’t be fair to just think about you – your loved ones also need to feel safe all the time.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to get their devices protected by subscribing to the premium “Family pack” offered by BitDefender. The family suite allows you to be connected on up to 15 devices at the same time.

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BitDefender for MacOS:

We know Windows is a good platform, but not everybody in the world has it or uses it which means it is replaced by some other platform like iOS, Android, or macOS.

So, if you’ve purchased a Mac device, you cannot run a Windows-based antivirus on it for you will be required to purchase a BitDefender’s Mac suite. There are many companies on the market that sell high-end products to their customers, however, we believe that this Mac-based antivirus won’t break your bank.

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Trend Micro Antivirus Suites

trend micro packages

Let’s figure out what Trend Micro adds for user’s benefits:

Be it a free tool, apps, and trials, the Trend Micro is a great place to start with. From free ransomware tools, mobile apps, to threat prevention. Trend Micro allows the download of the free edition for all of the platforms.

We’ve added a link to the “Downloads” page where you can download all types of the free edition.

Trend Micro’s Antivirus+ Security:

Ransomware is a serious crime and it could put your system at risk if you’ve not protected your system against it. What happens in the “Ransomware” case is that your system becomes infected and locked and the victim is asked to pay the money (ransom). You cannot do anything until you pay the ransom.

Stop hackers from taking your highly sensitive information or files hostage. No more running from the web threats, block them all in the first place with the help of Antivirus+ suite. The Antivirus+ enables you to browse the web out of harm’s way so that you get the peace of mind.

This can merely be used on Windows.

Buy Now

Trend Micro’s Internet Security:

Take the protection to the next level by connecting up to more than just 1 device. Yes, you read it right! The Internet Security antivirus suites give you the freedom to use it on up to 3 devices simultaneously. Get rid of ransomware in the first place and safeguard your kids’ online presence and limit the content they see on the web for their own good.

Get ahead of the race by grabbing the up-to-the-minute AI technology and feel the happiest person on earth with the highly intuitive user interface (UI), courtesy of Trend Micro. Safeguard your privacy against all types of email scams and keep your information private while using Social Media.

Buy Now

Trend Micro’s Maximum Security:

This is the ultimate or comprehensive threat protection that is capable of protecting up to 5 devices against the ransomware, malware, spyware, without having to sacrifice on your data. The good news is that Maximum Security gives you the opportunity to use the antivirus software on different types of devices – Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS.

When it comes to handling passwords, are you drawing a blank? If affirmative, now is the moment to switch to Trend Micro’s Maximum Security suite for it won’t ever let you down. Get hold of all of your passwords in a safe place and get high protection of the same. Rest of the features in this package have been included from Internet Security and Antivirus+ Security.

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Who’s the Overall Winner in BitDefender Vs Trend Micro?

There could be a situation where you may neither need an individual pack nor do you need you a family pack – that’s when you have a business.

So, for your business, an antivirus should be designed to meet its needs or requirements in the first place and that’s where you will be in need of subscribing to the Business plans right in accordance with your needs.

And, as far as the final Winner is considered based on the different tests we have conducted above, the award goes to “BitDefender” alone as it wins the maximum number of rounds in this competition.

Winner: BitDefender

Which Antivirus Software offers Better Malware Protection?

Protection from malware and other similar attacks must be your top priority if you’re willing to keep your system or device safe from being infected. That’s why ensuring no malware, spyware, ransomware, etc., lives on your devices is extremely important for you.

We compared both of the Antivirus software by evaluation their score on the basis of tests conducted by AV-test and AV-comparatives. And, the final scored surprises! Both BitDefender and Trend Micro performed exceptionally well. To see what the result has been, please take a glimpse at the following evaluations:

BitDefender’s Protection:

Bitdefender Protection chart

Trend Micro’s Protection:

trend micros performance charts

Winner: Tie

Which Software puts Minimal Impact on System Performance?

Do you want your system to lag while it is running antivirus software? You don’t want that, do you? If an antivirus slows down your system dramatically or even gradually, it is going to become a hindrance in whatever you are currently doing.

Therefore, while deciding on the best antivirus, always be mindful of the “System Performance” that is affected by the antivirus i.e. how much impact does it put on the system when it is run in the background.

Let’s reveal what AV-test evaluation through the tests conducted thoroughly:

BitDefender’s Performance:

Bitdefender Performance chart

Trend Micro’s Performance:

trend micros performance charts

Winner: BitDefender

What about User-friendliness?

Is the antivirus software (Trend Micro or BitDefender, whatever you go with) user-friendly? If it is not, how do you think you’re going to be familiar with its user interface or its design?

Are you able to take quick actions after you are presented with the “Welcoming screen”? Is it complicated to reach the destination and perform a specific action?

Over and above, the color should not be too bright or you might have to put a strain on your eyes while reading the dialogue box or menu.

Let’s see which antivirus offers a better user interface (UI):

BitDefender’s UI:

Bitdefender UI

Trend Micro’s UI:

trend Micro UI

Winner: BitDefender

Which Antivirus Software is Reasonably Priced?

Pricing is an important factor that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a product or service. If something breaks your bank, you should never buy it, whereas, if a service, on the other hand, offers the bang for your bucks, you will not find a better option.

We’ve added the table that shows the pricing table of both of the software that will give you the details which antivirus software is reasonably priced.

BitDefender’s Pricing:

Suites Price
BitDefender Antivirus Plus Latest Price
BitDefender Internet Security Latest Price
BitDefender Total Security Latest Price
BitDefender Family Pack Latest Price
BitDefender Antivirus for Mac Latest Price
BitDefender Small Office Security Latest Price
BitDefender GravityZone Business Latest Price

Trend Micro’s Pricing:

Suites Price
Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Internet Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Maximum Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Premium Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Business Products Latest Price

BitDefender Vs Trend Micro – Final Word

There’s no doubt that Trend Micro is a good antivirus, however, when it comes perfection, the BitDefender gets ahead of the race, leaving all of the antivirus software behind.

Whether you compare BitDefender vs Trend Micro in terms of features or with regard to malware protection, system performance or usability, the Trend Micro cannot get even close to BitDefender in the comparison.

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