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BitDefender vs Webroot – Which Antivirus Software is Better?

BitDefender or Webroot. Which antivirus is the ultimate choice for you? We created this ultimate guide on Bitdefender vs Webroot to help you make an informed decision on which is a better fit for your personal security and data protection.

Malware Attack Trends

According to this report, malware attacks spiked by 34 percent to 10.5 billion which is a huge number to consider. But that’s not even half of the story because ransomware, web app, and intrusion attacks also increased immensely.

Cyber-attacks are taking the Internet by a storm – an increasing amount of people AND devices are getting hacked. According to the latest statistics, Germany is the country that gets the most malware attacks after Bangladesh because Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to attacks.

Even China faced a nightmare because the reports state 27.15% of telnet attacks happening in China. These are the top countries that are having the worst cyber-securities.

But what about those that are highly prepared for the cyber-attacks to prevent any type of penetration?

Well, Singapore comes on the top of the list of the countries that are best prepared for the cyber-attacks. Then, we have the U.S. and after that, we have Malaysia.

So, what’s the point? No matter where you are, you’re at risk of getting hacked.

Fortunately, you’re staying on top of this subject as we look at BitDefender and Webroot in a more detailed comparison. However, if you want more comparison battles then check out the following:

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Don’t think for a moment that getting a free antivirus will help you get rid of the highly contagious viruses or ransomware. We know that you do get an introductory level of security in the free edition, but don’t take it for granted that your private information will be highly secured – it will be as defenseless as it was before.

BitDefender vs Webroot: A Short Comparison Battle

If we jump to the detailed concluding point, it’d take for you to read the whole article, therefore, let’s be familiar with the short comparison so that you could get to know who the “Winner” is if you don’t have to read the complete comparison.

We’ll also shed light on the “Best Antivirus Software for 2020”.

Let’s begin our brief comparison:

1. Features

Which antivirus do you guess is better in terms of features? Is it going to be BitDefender or Webroot? Well, speaking of better features, BitDefender gets the upper hands over Webroot offers sophisticated randomware, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, and network threat prevention.

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

2. Malware Protection

Features matter a lot, so does the malware protection. Antivirus is only worth buying if it features the out-of-the-line malware protections. Again, in this area, BitDefender beats out Webroot.

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

3. System Performance

How does the Antivirus that you’re willing to invest in performs? Put differently, how much impact does it have on the system performance while it runs in the foreground or background? The AV-test’s results state that BitDefender gets ahead of the race.

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

4. Convenience

Is the antivirus user-friendly? If it is not, it’s not worth having your attention. If you cannot understand the Bitdefender's interface, how do you think you will operate the security software?

Well, you won’t be able to. That’s why you need an antivirus that’s user-friendly and offers a dazzling theme, font, and background color.

Winner: Tie

Bitdefender antivirus logo
Webroot antivirus logo

5. Pricing

Do you wish to break the bank – i.e. purchase a highly expensive antivirus? We don’t think you do, do you?

That’s what we researched and BitDefender turned out to be less expensive.

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

6. Satisfaction

Whether you try the paid (premium) service of an antivirus company, you must get the satisfaction you crave for. In this category, customers of both Bitdefender and  Webroot are satisfied equally, with a tied score on BBB.

Winner: Tie

Bitdefender antivirus logo
Webroot antivirus logo

Short Verdict!

The short conclusion says that BitDefender has won many rounds in Webroot comparison, whether it is “Features,” “Malware Protection,” “Pricing,” or “System Performance.” Therefore, the winner is “BitDefender.”

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

BitDefender vs Webroot: A Thorough Antivirus Battle

Now that we mentioned quick and dirty, let’s now jump to the ins and outs of functionality and features of both Bitdefender and Webroot to make a final decision.

Webroot, without any doubt, is a good contestant, but is it going to be a front-runner antivirus in this head-to-head battle of antiviruses?

This thorough guide covers all of the aspects that one needs to be aware of while choosing best-in-the-world antivirus software for the ultimate protection from all types of malware, ransomware, spyware, and zero-day attacks.

Let’s dive a little deeper and see what sets BitDefender apart from Webroot or vice versa:

Which Antivirus is better in terms of Features and Plans?

Is it BitDefender or Webroot that has better features comparatively? We see that features are the top consideration that a user concerns about in the first place while comparing two products.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with each of BitDefender’s suites to allow a thorough comparison:

BitDefender Pricing Model

BitDefender’s Free Edition (Protects only 1 device)

This is BitDefender’s freemium (not a trial) that you can use for the rest of your life without – you won’t be asked to upgrade to a premium plan whatsoever.

This is more like “Windows’ Defender” that also comes as a “Free” edition and offers basic protection  for Windows users from malware attacks and real-time protection as well, not to mention the automatic updates. However, it does provide better system and network monitoring.

But, the Bitdefender free edition is not for anyone serious about digital security and protection. Therefore, this option is normally skipped by most of the customers – those who are on the lookout for high-end antivirus software.

BitDefender’s Antivirus Plus (Protects up to 3 devices)

Why choose some old-fashioned cybersecurity when you can get one step ahead by deciding on the award-winning cybersecurity?

Yes, you can rely on the world’s top security brought to life by BitDefender and fee the security all the time. Bitdefender protects approximately 500 million systems across 150 countries and territories. This is a lightweight Windows-only suite and can't be run on any other devices.

Put an end to even the most sophisticated ransomware and viruses attacks in the first place and protect your loved ones. Phishing is a serious problem that can lure you into doing something you didn’t want you in your life, thanks to BitDefender to keep you secured from that.

No more running from adware; rather confront them with BitDefender’s Plus plan and stay protected all the time.

Explore More | Buy Now

BitDefender’s Internet Security (Protects up to 3 devices)

There are times when protection from malware attacks is not sufficient – i.e. you may need advanced security suites to keep your data as protected as possible.

It’s no wonder that hackers can get into your system using the “Webcam” or “Microphone” of your system.

That’s why you need to purchase an antivirus that can have  your system a solid microphone, and webcam protection. The good news is that this suite makes it all possible for your convenience.

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BitDefender’s Total Security (Protects up to 5 devices)

This is the 3rd antivirus on this list that is capable of protecting on overall platforms – ran it like a pro on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. That’s why this suite has gained popularity among the users. Furthermore, it offers next-level security suites for protection against all types of attacks.

Since it is a level-up suite, everything you came across in the previously mentioned package has already been added to this one. This 2020’s edition won’t ever let you down for its award-winning protection. The one-of-its-kind “Anti-theft” feature will make your day, allowing you to locate your device anytime, anywhere.

Another problem that users face is the speed of the system when an antivirus runs. But this is the not case here, thanks to the one-click “Device Optimizer” made available by BitDefender that will give you super speed and ultimate performance, putting less impact on your system resources.

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BitDefender’s Family Pack (Protects up to 15 devices)

What if your requirement is not limited to 3 devices? What’d you do in that case? If you believe that you’re in need of protecting more than 5 devices, you’re not alone.

But we’re glad you asked!

There’s a special suite for those who want to protect up to 15 devices per household that you can purchase for 1, 2, or 3 years (you could also get up to 50% discount if you purchase using the link available on this page).

Take care of your loved ones via the unbeatable multi-layer ransomware protection and secure your online traffic. Need to discuss something? Get comprehensive and user-friendly support to have your issue resolved in next to no time (available 27/7/365).

Understand more about “Family Pack” via the link furnished underneath:

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We’ve enlightened you with regard to the dissimilar products that have been brought to life by BitDefender, therefore, now is the moment to shed light on the different packages offered by the “Webroot” so that we could reach the final conclusion.

pricing plans

Let’s begin with the first suite:

Webroot’s Antivirus:

Webroot is an entry-level antivirus suite that you can purchase for your PC or Mac device and put a stop to all types of threats coming to your way through your device.

Whether it is “Malware” or “Ransomware” that you’re afraid of, will you get out-of-this-world protection? We are glad that Webroot has your back, in that case, offering you award-winning protection.

Of course, you will get real-time protection from phishing and malicious websites. You will get lightning-fast protection without any interruption to become a hindrance in the end-to-end process. Though there is no smartphone protection or tablets via this suite, this package has to offer a lot.

On top of that, you will get top-notch protection from the incoming traffic to your device, all possible by the highly advanced “Firewall”. If you believe that Webroot suite doesn’t interest you, you can choose the below-mentioned ones with better, and more powerful features.

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus:

Is your willingness to connect up to more than just one device? What if you have to make use of the antivirus on other platforms than just PC/Mac?

This is where the “Internet Security Plus” suite comes in, making your day! Webroot package will allow you to use a single license on up to 3 devices (billed yearly).

You will get advanced options in this suite that you didn’t get in the previous suite. What this means is that you now have the opportunity to secure both your passwords and tablets and smartphones in the first place, taking place of traditional password manager.

This doesn’t mean that you will only get a couple of features – all of the features of the above suite (Webroot’s Antivirus) have been embedded into this bundle for your convenience.

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Webroot’s Internet Security Complete:

The “Internet Security Complete” is a full-blown antivirus suite brought to you by Webroot with your suitability in mind. Nothing is missing from this particular antivirus package.

The reason why Webroot suite is an extraordinary one is that it allows you to stay connected and protected on up to 5 devices simultaneously all at the same time for maximum antivirus protection.

Is it all that this plan has got for you?

Not really – there’s more to it than just meets the eye. While browsing or surfing the Internet, you’re highly likely to be a victim of online activity breaching. Furthermore, to store your important files and documents online so that you could access them anywhere at any time (get 25GB of secure online storage) that you can also use as backup.

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Which Antivirus offers better Malware Protection?

So far we have covered what types of features we are offered by both Bitdefender and Webroot software, let’s have a deep comparison over the “Malware Protection” and decide why you should look forward to the “Winner” for the ultimate protection.

Cybersecurity attacks are a serious problem these days. Even those people who’re aware of their security measures get trapped into the trap of hackers because the cyberpunks are now using advanced technology to inject malware, spy on a computer, etc.

This isn’t just limited to “malware” and “ransomware”, the threat is real therefore your data is highly vulnerable to theft or distortion unless, of course, you invest in one of Webroot’s high-end antivirus security packages. Digital threats, namely Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, ransomware, and malware threats are so powerful that they can ruin your life in just a matter of seconds.

That’s why you have to make sure that no hacker snoops into your system. So, to look more closely at BitDefender’s and Webroot’s malware protection, we’re relying on the AV-test’s score. AV-test and AV-comparatives are two major IT-security companies that produce unbiased reviews of the technologies, especially those that are related to IT-security.

In this nip-and-tuck comparison, we went through the performance of both the software and we don’t think you need more than the “Score” we’ve laid out beautifully below to get a clearer picture of malware protection offered by both Webroot and BitDefender.

We’ve got to say that Webroot’s performance was very poor. Don’t just take our word for it – see the scoring below.

BitDefender’s Malware Protection:

bitdfender malware protection chart

Webroot’s Malware Protection:

webroot protection chart

Winner: BitDefender wins by a HUGE margin

Bitdefender antivirus logo

Which Antivirus Software offers Optimal System Performance?

The performance of your system plays a huge role at the time of running the antivirus – i.e. in the background and foreground. Measurement of how much the software puts an impact on your system while it is running is critical because you don’t want to run into the lagging issues and face interruption in your important work because of the antivirus.

The data i.e. statistics of Webroot that we have for the measurement of system performance is of 2013. It’s a pretty old program as far as software goes. Although it’s improved along the way, it doesn’t measure up to BitDefender which received 6.0 out of 6.0 and based on the latest statistics assessment conducted in Nov/Dec 2018.

While measuring the outcome, several tasks were kept in mind like websites were visited, files were downloaded, test cases applied, files were copied and apps were installed. This is done with an intention to ensure that the honor of “Winner” goes to the right software.

BitDefender’s Performance:

Bitdefender AV Test System Performance 2020

Webroot’s Performance:

webroot performance chart

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

Which Antivirus Software is more User-friendly?

User-friendliness is what makes it easy for the user to navigate through the application software (antivirus) and reach the destination within the short steps, saving you a lot of time and effort. A good antivirus program always brings a great UI to life by offering a dark-colored (not all black) theme so that the user doesn’t have to strain his eyes while looking at the computer or hand-held device’s screen.

There must be quick buttons and call-to-action for the accessibility of the user using the application. People prefer using one-click optimizing techniques while using the software so that they can get their most favorite work done with just one click. Furthermore, an antivirus should not take much space on the screen while running the foreground.

Let’s see which of these two Antiviruses is better in terms of the user interface (UI) and offers advanced customization.

BitDefender’s UI:

Bitdefender UI

Webroot’s UI:

webroots user interface

It feels like Webroot is using the old-fashioned layout or theme which may fall into the ‘Easy’ category but doesn’t ring the bell as far as modern layout is considered. It’s not bad, but doesn’t look as clean as Bitdefender does.

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

Which Antivirus Software is more Reasonably Priced?

Do you have to break the bank while investing in an antivirus program? Believe us, you don’t have to!

Why pay more when you can get your favorite features in a reasonably-priced antivirus?

BitDefender’s plans are more reasonable or affordable for people to easily invest in different security suites as per their needs. So, it’d be like not burning a hole in your pocket while getting what you need in the first place.

What sets BitDefender apart from other antivirus program companies is that it has every type of suite to meet your specific needs. Let’s have a look at the different types of packages offered by BitDefender and Webroot to make an informed decision.

Webroot’s Pricing Model:

Webroot Antivirus SuitesPrices
Webroot Antivirus$29.99/annum
Webroot Internet Security Plus$44.99/annum
Webroot Internet Security Complete$59.99/annum
Webroot Business ProductsFull Range

BitDefender’s Pricing Model:

BitDefender Anti-virus SuitesPrice
BitDefender Anti-virus PlusLatest Price
BitDefender Internet SecurityLatest Price
BitDefender Total SecurityLatest Price
BitDefender Family PackLatest Price
BitDefender Anti-virus for MacLatest Price
BitDefender Small Office SecurityLatest Price
BitDefender GravityZone Business AVLatest Price

Winner: BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus logo

Which Antivirus Software offers Customer Satisfaction?

How are the customers satisfied with each software company? Did they post some unresolved issues or they didn’t have any issues while using the antivirus?

Knowing how people are satisfied with the product is a big deal because you could hurt yourself financially if you end up paying a company whose customers are not (or have never been) fulfilled with the services.

That’s where the top-rated websites like BBB come into play because they allow you to get a clearer picture of which antivirus gets the upper hands over another (in the comparison battle) by demonstrating the rating and reviews left by the verified customers.

Let’s figure out which antivirus gets the exceptional rating and which one gets the worst one:

While BitDefender gets a A+ rating on BBB, the Webroot has an exceptional A+ rating that makes it ahead of the race in this competitive battle.

Having been to Consumeraffairs.org, we founded out that BitDefender performs better than Webroot in terms of offering customer satisfaction.

Winner: Tie

Bitdefender antivirus logo
Webroot antivirus logo

Final Thoughts!

While Webroot is a renowned antivirus program in the antivirus market and appreciated by many computer geeks, it doesn’t even come close to surpassing BitDefender as BitDefender is the best of all antivirus programs that exist today in this highly technological era.

BitDefender features more comprehensive security features to the protection for your device to the next level. You won’t be fearful of any digital treat anymore.

The best thing about BitDefender is that it is reasonably priced and offers out-of-this-world protection from all types of cyber-attacks. Not sure whether you should continue using it after you’re almost near to 30 days (from the date of first use), you can get your money back, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Editor’s Choice!

Our recommendation: McAfee

From phishing scams to malware attacks, security threats grow increasingly by the day. Although the products we mentioned are very good, it cannot beat the likes of McAfee. With McAfee it has protection on all sorts of devices ranging from phones to even cars! It’s extensive product line-up has protected over 18.9 billion devices to this day. We are sure that you will come across a package that is perfect for you, to check out their line-up, click here!


1. Is Bitdefender better than Webroot?

There are a lot of good antiviruses on the market, but Bitdefender is by far the best. It consistently outperforms the competition in independent tests, and it has a ton of features that other antiviruses don't have. If you're looking for the best possible protection for your computer, Bitdefender is the way to go.

Webroot is a good antivirus, but it doesn't even come close to surpassing Bitdefender. It doesn't have nearly as many features, and it doesn't perform as well in independent tests. If you're looking for the best possible protection for your computer, Bitdefender is still your best bet.

2. Is Webroot better than Norton?

In independent testing, PCMag.com's software reviewers rank Webroot SecureAnywhere® AntiVirus higher than Norton AntiVirusTM Plus. Webroot's minimal impact on device performance and ability to protect against malware, including ransomware, is lauded.

3. Is Bitdefender better than Norton?

Bitdefender is nearly as good as Norton in terms of malware detection rates, phishing protection, and add-ons. However, Bitdefender's password manager is slightly inferior to Norton's, and Bitdefender's VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is limited to 200 MB per day.

4. Is Bitdefender Antivirus Free?

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a free antivirus program designed specifically to safeguard Windows computers. Bitdefender Premium Security Suites include Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Premium VPN for Unlimited Traffic, and Bitdefender Premium Support.

5. Is Webroot the best antivirus?

Webroot antivirus software is effective and performed well in our tests. Webroot's antivirus software is reasonably priced and includes e-commerce and banking protections, identity protection, theft monitoring, and password manager in its top two tiers.

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