Dell u3818dw Review | A Great Curved Monitor With Speakers

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Dell has always been known for its quality hardware, and Dell u3818dw curved monitor is no exception.This is a large monitor designed for photo editors, graphic designers, professional photographers, entertainment enthusiasts, or anyone else who works with high-quality images on a regular basis. Read this Dell u3818w review to determine if this monitor is the right …

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Vipre Antivirus Review | Virus and Malware Protection For Home and Business Use

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I am extremely excited to review this antivirus because it is worth your attention. It is a well-thought antivirus program that has proved itself by the tests that I conducted. It offers solutions for home and business use. It is one of the highest-rated protection and comes with basic and advanced features which I will discuss …

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McAfee Vs ESET: A Comprehensive Antivirus Comparison for 2020

Mcafee vs Eset

In this head-to-head comparison on “McAfee Vs ESET”, which antivirus is going to be declared as the “Front-runner”? It could be a hard-to-do task for you to get your head around the ins and outs of both McAfee and ESET in an attempt to make a well-informed decision. The judgment can only take place if you’re …

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What Is a Keylogger? | How to Detect and Remove a Keystroke Logger?

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Imagine losing money from your bank account or any other sensitive data because a malicious hacker monitors every stroke on your computer?Well, that is what can happen if a keylogger or keystroke logger is installed on your device. A keylogger is one of the cyber threats that date back. The use of keyloggers is to …

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How Are Cellular Devices Changing the Course of ID Verification by Using Passwords and Identification?

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In today’s tech-savvy world, approximately 5.27 billion people own cellular devices. Although their online activities vary greatly from one person to the next, each user has a unique digital identity that is linked to their actual identity. When this digital identity is not protected adequately, users are subjected to various attacks launched by cybercriminals. The …

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360 Total Security Review | Reliable Antivirus Solution for Business and Home

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If you are looking for a reliable and powerful security solution for your business and home, consider 360 Total Security, or one of the most complete anti viruses in our Spybot review.360 Total Security comes with a plethora of features to make sure that your privacy is protected on the internet, you have the best …

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Do I Need Antivirus for Mac? | Up to Date Apple Protection Tips

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    Ask 100 people whether Macs need antivirus and you’ll be looking at close to 100 different answers.  The subject of third party antivirus software and Mac security is one of heavy debate. Millions are totally convinced that the standalone Mac antivirus embedded in the operating system itself is more than enough (see this article dedicated …

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Windows Defender Vs Avast: Who Wins and Why?

who will win

The world is crowded with loads of Antivirus software and therefore, it can be a lot of work to make an informed decision for the best-fit antivirus for the data protection of their highly valuable (or sensitive) information residing on their system (devices). After all, there are dozens of choices – fortunately for you we’re …

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Is HDR Worth It? | Should You Invest in High Dynamic Range Displays for More Realistic Images?

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If you are after the best image quality your monitor or screen can produce, then HDR is worth it.  Most high-end monitors support this technology. It improves the experience of a monitor; gives the optimal gaming and viewing experience.Is HDR display worth it?  I am sure you have seen this query on social media. I …

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