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Booking Scraper | Step by Step Guide Using Recommended Tools!

Most travelers and tourists rely on the Booking.com website to book accommodation, flights, or a ride. There are several options available, ensuring your convenience. But, what exactly can customers extract from the Booking.com website? Well, there are several hotel information you can extract from this website. This data may include vehicle rental services, accommodations, flight fares, and related pricing modules.

Despite the numerous available data, scraping data from the website may present challenges. The website does not have an official API to extract data. Therefore, you'll need to devise your mechanism to extract data. In such a case, you'll need a booking scraper software to scrape the websites to extract data.

Fortunately, there are several web scrapers you can use to scrape hotel data from the Bookings.com website. Also, you can use crawlers and browser extensions to scrape data. Read through to learn the best web scrapers and how to use them.

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How to Extract Hotel Data From Booking Websites Using Booking Scraper

Use the guide below to extract data from booking websites using the Botster booking Scraper.

  1. Login in to your botster.io account if you have one or register if you don't have an account. You need an email address and a password to register or log in to the account.

  2. Select the Start bot tab to access the Booking hotel scraper's form. This tab is found at the right-end side of the interface.

  3. Go to the Name your job section and input your preferred name. This step is optional as you may skip it.

  4. Select the number of hotels you would like to scrape. Choose from the given list.

  5. Open the Booking.com website and choose a destination.

  6. Apply the necessary filters and click on the blue Search bar at the right.

  7. Copy the search results URL. Be sure not to copy the hotel URL.

  8. On the Listing URL section, paste your search result URL. The free tool allows you to enter only one URL at a time, but the number of requests is unlimited.

  9. On the time settings, check the run this bot periodically box. Doing so will command the hotel scraper to scrape booking hotels regularly.

  10. The on-screen instructions will prompt you to determine how frequently the bot should run. You can configure it to run daily, once a week, or any other way you'll like.

  11. Configure notification settings if you want to get notifications upon completing the scraping process.

  12. Click on the Start this bot tab to set off the scraping process. This tab is at the right end of the interface.

  13. Give the bot some time to finish the process. You'll get a notification when the process is complete.

  14. You can access the output data online or download it. The supported file formats are Excel, CSV, and JSON files.

screen with code under magnifying glass

How to Scrape Booking. com Website Using Python and Beautifulsoup

Follow the steps below to extract data from the booking website using Python script and BeautifulSoup.

  1. Get the code below to the Booking.com search page.

    • # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requestsheaders = {'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_2) AppleWebKit/601.3.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0.2 Safari/601.3.9'} url = 'https://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaGyIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQHoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4AvTIm_IFwAIB;sid=7101b3fb6caa095b7b974488df1521d2;city=-2109472;from_idr=1&;dr_ps=IDR;ilp=1;d_dcp=1'response=requests.get(url,headers=headers) soup=BeautifulSoup(response.content,'lxml')

  2. Configure BeautifulSoup to allow the CSS selectors to scrape the page for key data.

  3. Pass the user agent headers to avoid getting blocked.

  4. The search results display items HTML with the class sr_property_block tag. Break the HTML document to show cards with individual item data. This is how it should look.

    • # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requestsheaders = {'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_2) AppleWebKit/601.3.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0.2 Safari/601.3.9'} url = 'https://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaGyIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQHoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4AvTIm_IFwAIB&sid=eae1a774e77c394c5e69703d37e033a3&sb=1&src=searchresults&src_elem=sb&error_url=https://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaGyIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQHoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4AvTIm_IFwAIB;sid=eae1a774e77c394c5e69703d37e033a3;tmpl=searchresults;city=-2109472;class_interval=1;dest_id=-2109472;dest_type=city;dr_ps=IDR;dtdisc=0;from_idr=1;ilp=1;inac=0;index_postcard=0;label_click=undef;offset=0;postcard=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;shw_aparth=1;slp_r_match=0;srpvid=7df1609ef03a0103;ss_all=0;ssb=empty;sshis=0;top_ufis=1&;&sr_autoscroll=1&ss=Rishīkesh&is_ski_area=0&ssne=Rishīkesh&ssne_untouched=Rishīkesh&city=-2109472&checkin_year=2020&checkin_month=3&checkin_monthday=4&checkout_year=2020&checkout_month=3&checkout_monthday=5&group_adults=2&group_children=0&no_rooms=1&from_sf=1'response=requests.get(url,headers=headers) soup=BeautifulSoup(response.content,'lxml')#print(soup.select('.a-carousel-card')[0].get_text())for item in soup.select('.sr_property_block'): try: print('----------------------------------------')print('----------------------------------------') except Exception as e: #raise e print('')

  5. Run it through the code below to isolate the card HTML.

  6. Inspect to ascertain that the hotel name has an sr-hotel__name class…

  7. Proceed to determine pricing, ratings, and the number of reviews.

    • for item in soup.select('.sr_property_block'):try:print('----------------------------------------')print(item.select('.sr-hotel__name')[0].get_text().strip())print(item.select('.hotel_name_ link ')[0]['href'])print(item.select('.bui-review-score__badge')[0].get_text().strip())print(item.select('.bui-review-score__text')[0].get_text().strip())print(item.select('.bui-review-score__title')[0].get_text().strip())print(item.select('.hotel_image')[0]['data-highres'])print(item.select('.bui-price-display__value')[0].get_text().strip())

  8. Also, make sure to inspect the hotel link, photos, and other essential data. Your code should be as follows.

    • # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requestsheaders = {'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_2) AppleWebKit/601.3.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0.2 Safari/601.3.9'} url = 'https://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaGyIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQHoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4AvTIm_IFwAIB&sid=eae1a774e77c394c5e69703d37e033a3&sb=1&src=searchresults&src_elem=sb&error_url=https://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaGyIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQHoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4AvTIm_IFwAIB;sid=eae1a774e77c394c5e69703d37e033a3;tmpl=searchresults;city=-2109472;class_interval=1;dest_id=-2109472;dest_type=city;dr_ps=IDR;dtdisc=0;from_idr=1;ilp=1;inac=0;index_postcard=0;label_click=undef;offset=0;postcard=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;shw_aparth=1;slp_r_match=0;srpvid=7df1609ef03a0103;ss_all=0;ssb=empty;sshis=0;top_ufis=1&;&sr_autoscroll=1&ss=Rishīkesh&is_ski_area=0&ssne=Rishīkesh&ssne_untouched=Rishīkesh&city=-2109472&checkin_year=2020&checkin_month=3&checkin_monthday=4&checkout_year=2020&checkout_month=3&checkout_monthday=5&group_adults=2&group_children=0&no_rooms=1&from_sf=1'response=requests.get(url,headers=headers) soup=BeautifulSoup(response.content,'lxml')#print(soup.select('.a-carousel-card')[0].get_text())for item in soup.select('.sr_property_block'): try: print('----------------------------------------') print(item.select('.sr-hotel__name')[0].get_text().strip()) print(item.select('.hotel_name_link')[0]['href']) print(item.select('.bui-review-score__badge')[0].get_text().strip()) print(item.select('.bui-review-score__text')[0].get_text().strip()) print(item.select('.bui-review-score__title')[0].get_text().strip()) print(item.select('.hotel_image')[0]['data-highres']) print(item.select('.bui-prices-display__value')[0].get_text().strip())print('----------------------------------------') except Exception as e: #raise e print('')

    • Give it time to finish the process, after which you'll get all your data. Note that Bookings.com may block you. To avoid getting blocked, you may consider rotating the User-Agent string.

When learning how to scrape the Booking website, video instruction on how to scrape booking.com can be helpful.

What Type of Data Can You Extract by Web Scraping the Booking Website?

Scraping a booking website lets you extract numerous data. You can collect the following data from the site.

  • Hotel name

  • Popular facilities

  • Image URLs

  • Physical address

  • Price for the selected period

  • Apartment or hotel type

  • Hotel URL

  • Reviews count

  • Maximum room capacity.

  • Specific grades such as location, WiFi, and so on.

How to Avoid Getting Blocked

The booking website can easily block you. Luckily, there are several ways you can employ to ensure you scrape data anonymously without being noticed, therefore, avoiding getting blocked. One way is to use a private rotating proxy when performing web scraping processes.

Rotating proxies rotate the IP address every time it is sent to the website. This feature causes the IP address to replicate normal browser traffic, thus avoiding getting caught.

Which Web Scraper Can You Use to Scrape Data From the Booking Website?

There are several web scrapers, crawlers, and chrome extensions you can use to scrape data from the Bookings website. However, the best ones are listed below.

  • Booking Data Collector

  • Octoparse

  • ParseHub

  • ScrapeStorm

  • WebScraper.io Extension

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Can I Scrape Data From Booking Com?

Yes, you can extract data from Booking.com. Web scraping software lets you scrape the booking.com website to extract data. Examples of data you can extract from the website include the Hotel name, URL, Cover image URL, Price, and product details.

How Do I Get Data From Booking Com?

You can get data from booking.com by using a web scraper. You can employ several web scraping software to extract data from the booking website. However, you should consider using proxies to avoid getting blocked by booking.com.

How Does the Scraper Work?

The scraper uses bots to extract data from a website. This process involves accessing and extracting data from the databases and underlying HTML code. The scraper then transfers these data to a different application in a certain file format.

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