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BQE Core Reviews | All-in-one Tool for Tracking Time, Accounting & Project Management

Productivity is an important part of the workplace. As much as you might not want to feel like Big Brother watching over your employees, it makes sense to have a great time tracking program both for your sake and the sake of your all employees. 

Programs like BQE Core ensure that you’re able to record all billable hours and that your employees get paid fairly, but the real question is whether BQE will work for you. Before you make your purchase, check out this BQE core review to learn more about what you might expect in terms of features, pricing, and usability.

BQE Core Reviews

Time Tracking Feature

Let’s talk about one of the main reasons why you might pick up BQE Core: the time and expense tracking software. First off, know that BQE’s pricing for their time tracking can be slightly more expensive than some other options, but it might be worth considering how easy the BQE core user interface is and with ease of use.

Similarly to another great tool we covered in the Wrike Review, with BQE Core you’ll be able to work on billing and accounting and process invoices, and can manage your timesheets all in one place. You can even do so online, which will help you calculate overtime, and even work when people have multiple billing rates. You can manage your money and how it is distributed with a click on your computer. Considering how easy the user interface is to figure out, you’ll be able to access all of these time tracking features right from your BQE core dashboard and user-friendly interface.

If you’re looking to learn more about the time tracking features then, you’ll be able to check under the dashboard and add in a Time Performance widget. With this little feature, you’ll be able to see the number of billable hours and paid time off for all the employees. Right under the Actions tab, manage and customize all of your options. Honestly, you only have to customize your dashboard to see all of your time tracking features in one place.

Record time just by creating your own projects, subtasks, and timesheets, all of which will help you manage the overarching project. You can check out the pre-installed task templates, or you can make new ones that allow you to customize your fees, payment amounts, payment schedule, and vacation times.


  • Easily customizable
  • Perfect for project management
  • Easy to use


  • It takes time to master the tool
  • Too many options

BQE Core Features and User Interface

Like al the best time tracking software products, BQE Core is all about making time and expense tracking simple and fast so that you and your staff don’t have any problems anymore. It’s perfect for everything from project performance to billing to accounting and can be used for companies and businesses of all sizes.

You have a lot of features that are part of BQE, ranging from time tracking to accounting, but don’t let the options intimidate you. This program is made to be used by everyone, including administrators, employees, and outside vendors. 

It’s simple to just log into the home screen that lets you know about time-off requests, workflow submissions, and payment options. Take a look at all the other messages that are immediately available to you. You can also see the reports on your dashboard—which is completely customizable—and up to four different charts that are readily available.

BQE Core has a large set of features that make it unique. This includes expense tracking, billing and invoicing, and accounting features, although if you’re looking for more specific features, you will need to possibly pay for the modules to help you do that with more ease. It’ll likely be worth it in the end, however, especially since this program is easy to use, with features that make it comparable to other time tracking programs out there.

Custom Tracking & Reporting

To run your business, you’ll need to ensure that you track and report everyone that is a part of your business management. This means that you might have people who are doing different things—meaning that you need a feature that allows you to track and report everyone individually.

With BQE Core, you can enter time in several different ways. Use the Time Card, which is like using a spreadsheet. It will automatically check out your project to cut down on all the data entry you need to manually enter on your own. 

You can also use the stopwatch feature to manually save your time, but as a benefit, you’ll be able to attach files and write memos. On your mobile app, all you have to do is click the clock icon, which will let you save all of your time entries with ease.

If you’d like to do custom tracks as well, you can make your custom tabs just by typing them in. This will let you specify the project, activity, and the number of hours with a click of your mouse. Should any problems arise, it’s easy to check out the BQE Core Help Center to answer more of your specific questions.

BQE Core

Robust Software Program

BQE Core is a robust software program. Some people had a little bit of trouble figuring it out at first, but it doesn’t take long to figure out what you still need to learn and to begin using the software.

What makes BQE unique, however, is that it’s able to do most of your tasks without much of a problem. This includes invoicing as well, with timers that will let you know who has worked for how many hours. 

The pop-up timers will let you know how much you should be paying to each person depending on how much time they have worked. This lets you track their work, their productivity, and the overall completion of certain projects.

You can even set up multiple sales taxes if you happen to do business in multiple tax jurisdictions. This is a little bit more complicated though since you do need to input the taxes manually.

Either way though, this is a robust option that will do everything you need it to do when it comes to a time management tool. You may notice that you are unfortunately missing certain features, like the ability to check IP addresses so that you know where people are working from, or the ability for people to call in about their time working. If you don’t need these though, there’s a lot to BQE Core that you’ll love.

It’s a whole software suite, after all, with a collection of modules that makes it dynamic as a time tracking tool.

BQE Core software

The Logic/Uses Process Flow Very Well

Everything within BQE Core is made to flow well, meaning that you should not have any problems figuring out where to click to progress. Use your program from any browser or device to choose any of the 200 included customizable report and invoice templates, but what you’re interested in is how well all of these processes flow together.

There’s no need to worry since you can simply move through different applications and widgets without much of a struggle. Everything is readily available for you to customize and click through so that you can see in real-time if you’re losing money on one of your projects.

Don’t let the comprehensiveness of this program fool you either, since, even though there’s a lot to it, your project lists, content lists, time records, billings, and calendars are all readily available. You can move from there to trace specific jobs and check out dozens of shared and run reports from anywhere in the field as long as you have an internet connection.

In terms of the logic and the flow, you can quickly move from place to place in BQE Core and can perform all basic functions right away. There isn’t much you need to learn if you’re just using it for basic purposes, but even if you’d like to get into some of the more advanced features, it shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust to the layout of the program.

BQE Training and Support

One thing people are most consistently concerned about BQE software is how to get their staff to learn a new program. It’s no surprise that you might be worried about how to learn BQE yourself and that you don’t want to spend a whole mess of time trying to figure it out. 

The whole point of the program is to save time, after all, which is why you’ll appreciate the level of support the BQE team provides to you when you call in asking for help.

First off, know that there are different levels of support available to you. If you have a big problem, you don’t need to sit through the easy questions until you get someone to has the information that will help you.

Talk to customer support to learn more about how to implement the full power of Core. This includes them helping you to figure out which version of Core will work with you and your small business depending on your budget, time frame, and skillset.

You can also call in to ask about training. You might be nervous about introducing an entirely new system to your workers, but there’s no need to be concerned when you can call in. This included calling in about more custom services. If you have more specific programming needs, let BQE Core talk you through it.

You might also want something more personal in terms of learning the program, and that’s where the instructor-led courses will come in handy. Get someone down there with you to help you learn how to use the program, with everything from program settings to more customizable options. 

The training will help you understand the basics in only a couple of hours. The best part? You can choose whichever training course will work best for you since you have a few possible options.

BQE Core- Time and Billing Pricing Overview

You can get a short free trial with BQE Core, but for the most part, the price will be $8 per person per month. If you’re looking to combine it with part of the larger software platform, it will be $10 per month per person.

Don’t think that’s the only price though. There is a required base model that you need to use the program, and that will cost you an additional $20 per month per person. This will add a little more than the bare-bones package of only time and expense tracking, and will instead add billing and invoicing tools. 

You can also add PM and accounting, which will be an additional $25 per user per month and which will add automatic scheduled reports. This can be slightly more expensive than other options in terms of programming but has some of the more specific features that you’ve been looking for.


  • Control

    The best thing about BQE might just be that you have full control over everything that you’re doing. You’re able to completely customize it, so you have the complete ability to change up the whole program depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Project Management

    BQE is perfect for project management. It manages everything that you have right in front of you. All you need to do is click on what you want since you’ll be able to see the calendar and options directly from your screen. The program is excellent for project administration, from time and expense tracking to document management.
  • Options

    Having too many options may be problematic, but having a lot of options can also be a good thing. You have lots of templates and accounting modules that you can easily add to the program, and while there aren’t any GPS restrictions, you do have the ability to use this program in the exact way you want to.


  • Options

    It might be difficult for you to learn everything you can do with BQE since there are so many things available to you. You may end up taking more time to figure out what you’re looking for, so you might struggle with what to do next.
  • Power

    You might find that BQE Core is just too much for your company. There’s so much to do with it that you may struggle with what to do for a smaller company or other company size. 


1. What is BQE core?

BQE Core Legal is a cloud-based solution project management software that combines accounting, time and expense tracking, billing, and invoicing functionality. It can assist a range of law firms with their operations, including litigation, corporate, family, tax, and immigration. It was designed by architects, engineers, and certified public accountants to satisfy the unique demands of professional services firms.

2. How much does BQE core cost?

BQE Core is available for a monthly membership fee of $7.95 per user for time and expense management. Subscriptions to accounting software begin at $22.95 per person per month. These data are for five years. A free trial is available.

3. What is core accounting?

BQE Core accounting refers to the fundamental accounting functions that provide critical information about an organization's operations. To participate in this query, you must be the querist or an authorised CAclub expert.

4. What is the purpose of a time sheet?

A timesheet is a data table that an employer can use to keep track of time and how many hours an employee worked during a specified period of time. Timesheets are used by businesses to trace time spent on tasks, projects, and clients.  To track time, you'll need to create projects, subtasks, and time-sheets within your BQE core account that reflect the overarching project.

5. Can I integrate BQE core to Quickbooks online?

Yes, you can. BQE Core has an established trace record of seamless interaction with QuickBooks. The easy core settings allow you to define sync rules, default income and expense accounts, and tax code associations, among other things. In addition, you can either manually submit data to QuickBooks or allow the two programs to sync automatically. 

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