Bullet Proof Hosting

We might want to host your own server for various reasons such as to store data, running mail servers, to use for SSH tunneling, HTTP or HTTPS tunneling or maybe even as an open VPN server and so on the list is pretty endless for why you might want a server in the cloud for security, privacy and anonymity. It may be prudent that the server is out of the sphere of influence of your adversaries. This could be done by using a server that is hosted in a location that is hostile to your adversaries so if you’re concerned about the Iranian government for example maybe you would look at a server that is hosted in the United States. There are servers that are especially resistant to influence and or lenient on what the servers are used for and for this reason they are called Bulletproof hosting services or BPHS and another term similar to be Bullet proof hosting is offshore hosting and they are pretty much a similar sort of service.

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In theory bullet proof hosting and offshore hosting should be more resistant to pressure from your adversary however the owners of the services though are potentially untrustworthy and most of the servers are used for illegal activity but what is illegal in one place may not be in another. And that’s why people sometimes use these servers in different locations which is why for example Chinese bullet proof hosting services host copyright content because China doesn’t really consider copyright as a real thing. One country’s law is no country’s profit.

This Web site here has a long list of offshore or what claimed to be offshore hosting services so if you want somewhere as a little start for finding offshore services and bullet proof hosting services then have a look there. I have no knowledge whether any of these are any good, this is just a place to start. You can also search the hacker and blackhat forums and the dark web to find their providers. Many advertise on Russian and Chinese speaking forums only which makes them difficult to access for English speaking people.

Bullet Proof Hosting Prices

Bulletproof hosting prices depend on the risk involved in hosting certain content or the perceived risk by the providers. Those that allow what would be considered low-risk content hosting rent out their servers for as low as $2 per month. This kind of offers are available in several countries and for any customer found guilty of engaging in malicious or fraudulent activity at this low-risk level will be refused the service. And then you have what might be considered the middle tier of bulletproof hosting predominantly based in Russia and Lebanon. These servers can host both medium and high-risk content for around $70 for a dedicated server and around maybe $20 for a virtual private server or VPS per month. Next, you have the high-risk servers where you’re looking at around $300 per month. A customer can host critical infrastructure projects or high-risk content in servers and mostly they’ll be hosted in China, Bolivia, Iran and Ukraine.

Connecting To Bullet Proof Hosting

I recommend caution and never connect to them from your real IP address or leave a money trail otherwise there’s little point in using them but using offshore and bulletproof hosting is viable mitigation against an adversary or adversaries of significant influence. You’ll want to hide your IP address by using a proxy or VPN. Don’t use your cell phone as it the data is never anonymized.


¬†They could work well as part of a complete privacy and anonymity solution. Storing data, running a web or mail server running a hidden service, to use for SSH tunneling HTTP tunneling or to run your own open VPN server out of the influence of your adversary. So that’s bulletproof hosting.

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