EKSA E910 5.8G Wireless Gaming Headset Review | Gameplay Audio at Its Best

Eksa headphones

If you’re like me, you really got into gaming recently, and the original headset you purchased as you first got started, isn’t quite cutting it any more. Maybe your audio connection speeds have too much lag, or your headset’s battery life has degraded so much that you’re considering getting replacement batteries.  Whatever the reason you have, …

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Acer Aspire e15 Review | An Affordable but High-Performing i3 Laptop

Acer laptop

Laptop Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM is one of the best laptop under 500 dollars that will suit the needs of an everyday user who engages in multiple tasks such as watching YouTube, surfing the web, Skyping, Matlab as well as office work that involves PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel sheets, drawing etc. Besides having all the typical features …

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Zillow Scraper | To Extract Real Estate Figures and Information

a person in front of the monitor

Zillow is a thriving real estate firm in the U.S. that targets reinventing the real estate business. It is the most visited real estate website, providing buying, selling, financing, and renting services and data. The organization offers real-time solutions to real estate investment concerns, a crucial factor when investing in real property.However, extracting figures and …

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INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor Review | More Screen Space With Great Performance!

monitor and keyboard on the table

Are you looking for a multipurpose monitor that can switch between gaming and work? The INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor is an excellent pick.When I thought of changing my monitor and getting an ultrawide one, my mind was on the standard 34-inch screens. Until I came across the INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor, with a 40-inch screen real estate …

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XSplit Gamecaster Review | Video Recording & Streaming for Laptops or Desktop PCs


If you are a game lover, then you’ve been tracking the classic game ball passed directly from the championship game in the world or Empire games with interesting narration. If so then this is certainly interesting news for many gamers and you anymore, because with the support of XSplit Gamecaster, you absolutely can record, play …

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HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM Review | A Solid Laptop for the Price!

HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM laptop

You are wondering if HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM is a good laptop? Is it suitable for programmers, designers, producers, or students? You are still in the dark about this product, aren’t you? Don’t worry. All answers you are searching for lie right here in this article. With the advent of portable laptops, it has been much easier …

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Asus Vivobook Review | The K570ZD Is an Affordable Yet Powerful Laptop!

Asus Vivobook K570ZD

Is Asus Vivobook K570ZD a good laptop? Is it ideal for official workers, designers, or students? All answers you want will lie here. The development of information technology allows people to have more and more modern and convenient electronic products. With portability, safety, and convenience, laptop computers are such fitting devices. However, picking a suitable laptop is …

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HP Pavilion 15 Review | Will This Touchscreen Notebook Meet Your Needs?

HP Notebook 15.6” Touchscreen Premium Laptop PC

The HP Notebook 15.6 is a user-friendly device that comes integrated with superior features, including a high-resolution display, the latest Intel Core i7-7100 processor and an intuitive detailing that makes it one of the best HP laptops for various purposes that require power, efficiency and reliability. For its price, it’s a very affordable piece of hardware …

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Humanscale Monitor Arm Review | A Sleek, Modern, and Compact Design

a monitor fixed with an arm

The Humanscale Monitor arm line is designed to match the speed and flexibility required in a modern ergonomic workstation. Key TakeawaysHumanscale’s ergonomic monitor arms enable instant personalization of the workspace for improved comfort, health, and productivity.Users are encouraged to align the monitor at the correct height for them, which helps prevent eye and neck strainWhen …

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