Wired vs Wireless Gaming Headset | Use Our Detailed Guide To Make The Right Choice

black headphones

The debate about wired vs wireless gaming headset never ends, mainly because newer and better versions of both types of headsets continuously appear in the market. If you’re new to the gaming world and you’re just investing in components to make your gaming experience totally awesome, take a look at our best PC gaming headset for your …

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RAM DDR3 vs DDR4 | Memory Speed, Performance & Power Consumption Compared

a stack of RAM sticks

When you are choosing your next computer, you might wonder what would be better, ram ddr3 or ram ddr4.Sometimes people tend to think that they are identical, that is not entirely right. They have major differences that might have a dramatic impact on how your pc runs.If you have decided to build your pc, this …

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How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last? | Tips to Enhance Their Lifespan 

laptop for gaming

If you have purchased a new gaming laptop recently, you may be wondering how long the gaming laptop will last.Gaming laptops are an expensive investment. The high price of gaming laptops is due to the enhanced cooling system and powerful components.The assumption is that the higher the price tag, the better the gaming laptop. But …

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Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? | Pros and Cons of Buying One

Closeup of gaming headphones over the laptop keyboard

Although a gaming PC is the most viable option, gaming laptops come with some benefits, with the major one being portability. Its ability to withstand heat and deliver a similar gaming experience to consoles and desktop gaming PCs makes it outstanding. But is a gaming laptop worth it? Key TakeawaysA gaming laptop is the only, …

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How to Move Game to Other Monitor | Ways to Do It in Simple Steps

a gamer playing on two monitors

As an avid gamer, you probably want to view your games and multiple files simultaneously. The solution is simple- second monitor. You can move your game from your primary display to second monitor to enhance your gaming experience. Purchase a second screen and plug it into your laptop for display purposes. Or, if you’re feeling more …

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2560 X 1440 Resolution | What the Future of Gaming Holds

two gamers palying

After years of 1080p as the go-to standard for PC gaming, the sector has taken big strides in making higher resolutions much more viable. The first was AMD Eyefinity, a proprietary technology that allowed you to use multiple monitors for gaming. But what if, instead of using three smaller monitors, or even a giant 27-inch beast, …

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